One would think that John McCain would take his Democrat style politics and make it official by joining with his buddy, Joe Liberman, and become a legitimate member of the Democrat Party!

In hindsight, McCain is probably thinking, why should he do that. Heck, he can cause more damage by pretending to be a, “Republican-Conservative.” Folks, I hate to be the bearer of bad news but, John McCain is not going anywhere.  As a matter of fact, McCain looks to be setting himself up as the final arbiter who will drive the last nail into “The Coffin Of The GOP.”

McCain apparently fancies himself as still the defacto leader of the GOP. Why else would he have the nerve to register a political action committee with the Federal Election Commission? McCain’s PAC is sending out emails, asking for money.

The emails are labeled, “Country First PAC.” If you will recall, “Country First” is the same slogan that McCain used during the election. He is apparently looking for “Patriots.” Now, I will be the first to salute McCain for his patriotism during the Vietnam War. However, I would do this for, “Every Marine, Soldier, Airman and Sailor” who served in that “Political War.”

None of us who stared death in the face, and saw our dead comrades shot up; or blown up during this war, will ever be the same!

Therefore, while I respect John McCain and his service, “I Will Not Give Him A Pass.”

McCain has a healthy ego. Something that was not broached during the campaign. Think not? He has the nerve to say in his emails that his PAC group:

“Will allow us to strengthen our Party, better define the Republican ideals and message, recruit and back strong, dedicated candidates and continue our efforts to bring real reform to government by always putting our country and the noble ideals she stands for first”

Hey John, I’ve got an idea. How about telling your new buddy, “The Messiah,” to tell Felipe Calderon, the president of Mexico, “To Go Fly A Kite.” Hussein-Obama met with this “Al Sharpton” of Mexico on Monday. I wonder what they talked about? Let’s see, how about “Illegal Aliens?”

Of course, Senor Calderon didn’t call his compatriots who have crashed our borders, “Illegal Aliens,” but you can bet that he and “The Chosen One” talked about putting these 10-20 million lawbreakers on a fast track to becoming United States citizens. If McCain wants to put America first, he will back off from making, “God’s Children As He Calls Them–Citizens Of This Country.” But, don’t hold your breath!

Another thing that McCain can do is “Pull Governor Palin From Under The Bus.” This is the same guy who just a few months ago said that Governor Palin was “Ready To Be President–Should The Need Arise.” A scant few weeks ago, McCain had a change of heart. When Asked if he would back Governor Palin if she sought the GOP nomination for president in 2012, McCain mumbled something about, it’s too early, and there are other candidates to look at.

This from a man who wasn’t thinking of “Putting Country First When He Selected, An Unknown, Govenor Palin To Be His Running Mate Last Summer.” John McCain was thinking of his favorite person, “Himself.”

Before McCain starts describing the criteria that “He Is Looking For” in people who can help the GOP, he must first tell us what does he stand for. The socialists press calls him a, “Maverick.” McCain likes the sound of that. Those so-called conservative and republicans who believe in crossing the political aisle and voting with Democrats need to explain to the American people, why they are that damn dumb. “No Democrat” ever breaks rank with his/her party!

Nada: Not a single one will cozy up and vote with Republicans. It is political suicide for someone calling themselves a Republican or Conservative to sidle up next to a socialist Democrat and vote on issues that are antithetical to those of us on the right!

Here we have McCain operating under the guise that he “Cares About The Future Of The Republican Party.”

There is at least one “Brave Conservative” who is willing to call a spade a spade. Richard Viguerie told WWW.CNSNEWS.COM, that McCain, “never found his voice during the campaign, and he’s not likely to find it with his PAC.

Next, Viguerie hit the nail on the head. He said that the “maverick’s” embracing such liberal positions as carbon caps, comprehensive immigration reform, and campaign finance reform,” are the things that have virtually killed the Republican Party.

Yet, McCain “Still Doesn’t Get It.” You can fool some of the people some of the time, but you most certainly can’t fool all of the people all of the time.

The way that I see it: McCain has had his fifteen minutes. I would suggest that he just quietly disappear from the world stage.

A final thought: While McCain is pretending to be a “Conservative Republican,” he has let the cat out of the bag. This guy plans on working very closely with the man who defeated him for the presidency; Barack Hussein-Obama.

And he wants people who truly puts “Country First,” to follow him? Don’t make me laugh!


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