By: Dr. Forest Lewis

I don’t know about you, but I and sick and tired of hearing liberals say, “We Need To Find Out Why So And So Did What He Did.” Who the hell cares if the person came from a bad family. The fact of the matter is that we have lost our way over two little words, which used to pack tremendous power in our society. Those words are, “Right And Wrong.”

Once upon a time in America, our elders just saying, “You Know That You’ve Done Wrong,” would convict us. Today, the left tells us there is “No Right, Or Wrong.” These words are only semantics to the socialists on the left.

Recently, four people were gunned down in this upstate city. I reported this to you as soon as it happened.  Thanks to excellent police work, authorities have the piece of scum who shot and killed, and bludgeoned these people to death.  He is a seventeen year old punk!

Three of his victims were shot, stabbed and beaten to death with a blunt instrument. The other victim was shot to death outside of his home. At this writing, police are unsure of a motive for the savage killings!

Rochester is a very liberal city. So, to the surprise of “No One,” most of these limp wrists, spineless cowards, are focuing on the sewage who took it upon himself to snuff out the lives of these innocent people. The Mayor is looking at etiology and causation. He is treating this as if he is doing a research paper on abnormal psychology!

Meantime, very little attention is being paid to the victims. Let me add that the Assistant District Attorney who will prosecute this worthless Neanderthal,  is also transfixed on his age. If I were a member of one of the affected families, this would give me  pause for concern.

I would be worried if this woman’s maternal instincts will kick in at some point during the trial, and as a result, she will not present a vigorous/feisty case!

What all of these people are missing is that, “America Will Never Be The Same–Thanks To Liberalism.”

                                     CHILD REARING

Because of liberalism, parents today can not raise their children the way that you and I were raised. There is this dangerous group in America called, “Child Protective Services.” Let’s say that you happen to make enemies with your neighbor because he wants you to maintain your lawn the way that he does. So, you refuse. This moron decides to get even with you by calling CPS and saying that, “You Are Abusing Your Children.”

Welcome to your new nightmare!

This person doesn’t have to have his name revealed. This is, “His Legal Right.” However, Your life has now been turned upside down, because the people from CPS will be at your home, interviewing your children, your wife, and your children’s teachers. They will be looking for “Any Type Of Evidence That Would Support The Lie Of This Anonymous Person.”

If a mark is found on your child, and that mark could have come from a case of rough housing with other kids, the plot will thicken. You may be threatened with comments like, “Mr. Jones We Can Take Your Children Away From You.”

Or, you need to take an, “Anger Management Class.”

It can’t happen you say. Well, tell that to the people of the Mormon sect in Texas whose lives were turned into a living hell because some nutty Black woman from Colorado called CPS last year, and told them that young girls at the Mormon compound were being abused sexually; and were also being forced to marry older men. CPS, with the aid of hundreds of police swooped down on this compound and took away hundreds of children. Gusss what? There was not “One Case Of Abuse Uncovered. Not One”

The kids were returned to their parents–and the “Hit And Run Media” which did a hatchet job on these people, went on to their next victims. Never once did CPS publicly ask, “Where Did We Go Wrong?” Never once did the Texas CPS Department say, “I’m SorryTo This Mormon Sect.”

You think the kids will need therapy, which the state will not pay for? I think so, and so will the parents. But, that is liberalism for you!

Parents have been intimidated to the point of not wanting to scold their children. I have had patients tell me that their children have said, “Touch Me, And I Will Call CPS.”

And, we wonder why children are the way they are. Our old ways of rearing children was not good enough for liberals. Why? They weren’t in charge!

                                         COCAINE POSITIVE BABIES

Some twenty years ago, I was working in a chemical dependency agency as a Program Coordinator. A colleague warned that all hell would break loose as soon as female crack addicts started giving birth to cocaine positive babies. Those in government know this, yet they have the unmitigated gall to say how could a seventeen year old commit such a heinous crime? Now, I’m not saying that this criminal mentioned earlier in this write-up was born cocaine positive, but for the sake of argument, let’s say that he was.

A person who is born cocaine positive, comes into this world with two strikes again him/her. They have scumbags for parents; and they more than likely will have a host of learning disabilities.  These learning disabiities will lead the child to not only act out in school, he will more than likely go on to commit a criminal act before age ten. Many of these kids will start fires, or kill animals. They are on the road to becoming a full fledged, “Sociopath.” They are angry at the world. As a way of assuaging their anger, they also turn to drugs.  Are you getting the picturre?

You have a kid who is raised in the inner city where all that he sees are criminals. What do you think that he will do? Right, turn to engaging in criminal acts. You can create as many “Midnight Basketball” programs(Bill Clinton Initiated Midnight Basketball During His Administration) that you’d like, this guy isn’t going to change.

Why is it that liberals always think that money can result in a behavioral change? Will they ever learn?

Liberals have broken our cutural mores–and they have no idea as to how to fix return our society back to a nation where not only did we respect one another, we actually acted like the higher order creatures that God made. 

We know that liberals have no answers for the decadence that is running amok in our society today. Yet,  if a Conservative proffers an idea for straightening this country out–he is lambasted by the socialists press!

                                             THE ENTITLEMENT CROWD

Liberals have taught two generations of African-Americans, Hispanics and poor Whites that it is the job of government to take care of you. That is not the job of the United States government. It is the government’s job to take care of our infrastructure, provide law enforcement, and a standing military. However, it is “Not The Job Of Government To Put Food On Your Table.” That is “Your Job.”

 Society used to help out the needy. However, liberals have created so many dependent people, that is is impossible for a community to take care of these “Lazy, Good For Nothing Slackers.”

Recently, the puppet, unelected Governor of New York State announced that he was proposing raising taxes across the board. Yet, David Patterson said that welfare recipients would be given an increase in funds. Most of these people are lazy, neer-do-wells, and have never held a real job in their miserable lives, forget the notion of ever paying taxes. But “Good Old Dave” can “Feel Their Pain.” By the way, this nitwit said that he would propose a tax on soda pops that have calories. He calls this his, “Obesity Tax.”

Folks, that takes nerve. But, those of us who have been in the trenches for years, understand the liberal template: It is to control and punish those who, “Don’t Get With The Liberal Program.”

Forget all of that nonsense that liberals are benevolent. They are some of the most, cheapest,  angriest and depressed people that you will find!

Americans are getting tired of the millions of “Goldbrickers” in this country. Fed up with high taxes and an influx of illegal aliens, Californians are leaving the Golden State in droves.  Just last year, more than “One-Hundred Thousands Taxpayers Left California.” At the same time, more than “200-Thousand Illegal Aliens Entered The State.”

You know what that means? More of a drain on an already cash strapped state.  New York State also saw “One-Hundred And Twenty Six Thousand Of Its Residents Pack Up And Leave.”

Taxpayers are tired of taking care of “Lazy, Worthless People.”

These people are the ones who make up the “Entitlement Crowd.” But wait, because things will soon get worse!

“The Chosen One” is expected to sign legislation as soon as he takes office, which would give insurance to children. There is nothing wrong with that, but Nancy Pelosi and her Congressional socialists friends are saying that “Children Can Be As Old As Twenty-Nine” and receive free medical!

Cute, huh?

                             THE FAILURE OF LIBERALISM AND ITS COST

Liberals would have you believe that by following them, we will create a “God Like Society.” Think about that for a second. Aren’t liberals the ones who tell us in so many words that  they are God? Look at Al Gore and all of that phony Global Warming Crap! Gore has had a field day with lying to people about man having the ability to destroy God’s earth. But, there are times that God has to show, “Hard Headed Men And Women That ‘HE’ Is God.” We are facing the “Coldest Winter” in many areas of this country than ever before. A reporter for NBC News, which is guilty of hyping global warming any chance that it gets, because of its parent company, General Electric,  reported on the Today Show, that Chicago was in the grips of the coldest period “In Its History.” Imagine that!

 In my town of Rochester, NY, we have seen the coldest weather in “Six Years.”

Are you still foolish enough to follow that fat fraud, Al Gore?

Liberals are the ones who touted and pushed, “Free Love.” Have you seen the latest data on teen pregnancies? The federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported that after a fouteen year decline, teen pregnancies “Rose Sharply In 2006.”

That’s not all! U.S. teen births remain the highest in the industrialized world.  Isn’t it interesting that the socialists press didn’t come on the air with trumpets blaring, and reporting this news to you?

What is depressing is that untold numbers of “Crack Cocaine Babies Are Being Born To These Teen Mothers.”

Many of these children will be abandoned to society–and in time we will hear of multiple murders being committed by a teenager!  

This craziness has to stop, otherwise, America wll look like Tijuana, Mexico in another fifty years.

I wonder is this is what the left really wants?


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