Some bad news for the “Unelected Governor” from New York State, David Paterson. A new poll shows more New Yorkers favor Andrew Cuomo to replace Hillary Clinton  as the Junior Senator, rather than Caroline “You Know, Um, Schlossberg.”

Up to this point, the arrogant little Governor hasn’t had to explain to anyone the process that he has chosen to name Clinton’s replacement. Apparently, Paterson thought that he could hide in the shadows–and do what everyone expected him to do–appoint Schlossberg to the Clinton seat. However, pressure is starting to mount on the little guy, and not just from Republicans, but his liberal base as well!

I was stunned to see an editorial from my liberal newspaper which called on Paterson to stop hiding–and open up the process.  Folks, these people, the socialists press, never buck the Democrat system. But apparently, Caroline’s initial stumbling and bumbling around caused even this socialist rag to reconsider quickening her coronation!

In part, this is what the newspaper had to say:

“It makes much more sense for Paterson to open up the selection process. It’s still not too late to appoint a bipartisan panel to advise him. This is currently routine for filling vacated judgeships”

This paper apparently has not heard that Paterson has received his marching order from Bloomberg and company from Democrat headquarters, that being, New York City, “To Not Think, But Rather React, And Give The Queen What She Wants, Now.”

Arrogant people like Mayor Michael Bloomberg can’t elect Paterson in a couple of years.  However, “We The People Can.”

I’m betting that Bloomberg and his lackey Paterson, didn’t expect the public to turn on Caroline Schlossberg. But, turn they did. The poll that I spoke of earlier, shows Andrew Cuomo leading Schlossberg by 31 to 24 percent.  This Quinnipiac poll reported that Schlossberg had lost “Nine Points” since their last survey, which took place a scant three weeks ago!

By the way, this latest poll among respondents show that voters by a 48% margin, “Do Not Believe That Schlossberg Is Qualified To Be A United States Senator.”

Certainly not good news for “The Queen.” But, when your last name is “Kennedy,” and you have a “Puppet Sitting In The Governor’s Chair,” you don’t worry about what the “Peasants Have To Say.”

You know what? Paterson just about echoed those words:

“I want to pick the person who I think over time will prove that they were the best selection”

Folks, don’t believe that nonsense. Paterson doesn’t have the intestinal fortitude to pass over Caroline Schlossberg and pick Mario Cuomo’s kid!

You know what he called the lastest poll showing the Queen  behind Andrew Cuomo? Paterson called the poll a, “Popularity Contest.”

If the shoe were on the other foot, and Schlossberg were leading Cuomo in this poll, Governor “Folked Tongue” would be singing a different tune.

Earth to the “Non-Elected Governor Of New York State.” Polls are a snapshot in time. They tell us what the people are thinking. Right now, the people in New York State aren’t interested in Caroline Schlossberg. This poll is telling you “Pal” that if you thumb your nose at the voters, they will remember you when you run for Governor. It’s as simple as that!

But, this little jerk is so full of himself that I don’t believe that he gives a rat’s you know what. He hasn’t a clue as to what real pain is about. This heady-high minded fellow was raised as the priviledged son of Basil Paterson, a one time powerful political bigwig in New York State!

My money says the impish Paterson will look down his high falutin nose at New Yorkers and by next week at this time, Caroline Schlossberg will be the new U.S. Senator of New York State.

That should make Chuck Shumer happy. He is New York’s Senior Senator. With Schlossberg, Shumer can “Show Her What She Doesn’t Know.”

Memo to Governor Paterson: The voters will see you in 2010. So, enjoy “Playing Governor For Now.”


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