Some prominent members of the Republican Party are showing that they haven’t an ounce of shame in their complaisance, “Bend At The Waist Bodies.”

They are ready to be part of the merry-making that will take place in Washington, D.C. on Tuesday. These sycophants say they want to show the world that they can be, “Bipartisan.” What these disgusting people are about to do goes beyond bipartisanship. They are “Selling Out The Very People That They Are Supposed To Represent.” Their behavior is not only pathetic, it is sickening!

Republicans have scheduled three dinners to be held in different venues in the Nation’s Capitol on Monday night. Taking part in this “Display” are the following suspects:

* Lindsey Graham

* John Warner

* Chuck Hagel

These “Republicans” say they will be honoring, Senator John McCain, former Secretary of State, Colin Powell, and Vice-President-Elect, Joe Biden.  The Presidential Inaugural Committee say those being honored are being saluted for demonstrating a lifetime of bipartisanship and public service!

Now, ladies and gentlemen, I need you to put on your thinking cap. Why do you believe these “Sellouts” are being recognized by President-Elect, Barack Hussein-Obama?

Here’s the answer. Obama is determined to create a schism within the Republican Party, and at the same time, “Tell Republicans Who Their Leaders Are.”

Please note, none of those being “Honored,” are true Conservatives. And, why do you suppose that little omission is so glaring? It is because most Americans aren’t aware of who the real Republicans and Conservatives are. This “Love Fest” will give America the idea that the McCain’s and Graham’s are the good guys, and any other Conservative or Republican in Congress who gives the “Chosen One” a difficult time should be “Marked With An X.”

The Republicans have no way of countering these types of “Dog And Pony Shows.” That’s all they are. And you can bet that the socialists press will be at all three dinners, and will report the following day, “This Is The Way That Politics Should Be Played In Washington.”

The only problem with this tomfoolery is that Democrats aren’t selling out their party. By the way, when did Joe Biden ever cross the aisle and vote with a Republican on anything? I’ll tel you what.  If Biden voted with a Republican on a piece of legislation, you can bet that he was the “Author” of the measure, and some “Nitwit Republican Joined Him.”

It is the goal of the McCain’s and Graham’s to destroy the Republican Party.  These are the people who are pushing for the GOP to “Walk Hand In Hand With Socialist Democrats.”

It is their belief that if you can’t beat them, join them. I don’t know about you, but I have had my fill of the Republican Party. I realized that I had had enough of the GOP after John McCain was selected as the Party’s standard bearer. I have written extensively about my distrust for this man–and what he stands for!

I have heard many say that he would have made a better President than Obama. Really? What are they basing that on? Look at the salient political issues of the day, and you will find McCain and Obama are in lock-step. From creating a path to citizenship for some 10-20 million illegal aliens, to the fictional claim that man is destroying God’s earth, John McCain and Barack Hussein-Obama are like, “Two Peas In A Pod.”

During the campaign, McCain used the name of Ronald Reagan. The “Gipper” must have been doing flips in his grave. John McCain “Is No Ronald Reagan.”

Can you imagine Reagan working with Democrats, “To The Detriment Of The Republican Party?”

I know that I can’t!

Mark my words, McCain will once again become the, “Fair Head Boy Of The Socialists Press After The Inauguration.” He will no longer be viewed as a threat to their socialist agendas. In fact, the media will roll out the red carpet for this R.I.N.O, (Republican In Name Only)with a “Welcome Aboard Sign.”

I will predict that McCain will become more of a, “Maverick,” as he toils, “Carrying Hussein-Obama’s Water.”

There are some in the GOP, like McCain, who will say, “We Hope The New President Is Successful.”

Well, here is one Conservative who is hoping that this socialist is not a success. Because if Hussein-Obama is a success, this will mean that he did some of the following:

* Closed down Gitmo and moved dangerous

terrorists to the mainland, where they will receive

civilian trials

* Removed from the books the, “Defense Of Marriage


* Removed  “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” from the Military

* Increased taxes on, “Everyone”

* Worked with the U.N. on an anti-nuclear treaty

* Paid tepid attention to the war on terror, thus making

America vunerable once again

The euphoria among millions and millions of America is running over as the inaugurtion of the “First Black Man To Be President Draws Nigh.”

As an African-American, I should be brimming over with pride. Instead, I am dysphoric. I fear for my country as this Marxist is about to become the 44th President of these United States!

Pray that God not abandon this noble and great Nation in her greatest hour of need!


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