In less than twenty-four hours after his installation as this country’s 44th President, B. Hussein-Obama has thrown down the gauntlet in America’s culture war. Forget all of his past blowhard pontificating on how he will be the President who will heal this Nation!

B. Hussein-Obama is a commited leftist. He is also a Marxist–who is determined to bring down our democracy. I know that millions of Americans would disagree with my assessment of the, “Messiah.” These people have been hynotized by this charlatan. He could read the names from a telephone book, and these idiots would reach a cosmic orgasm!

Never mind the fact that they couldn’t tell you what this socialist stands for. Yeah, I know, he stands for “Hope And Change.” And the church said, “Amen, Right Reverend Lowery?”

As a Conservative writer and Clinical Psychologist, I have given myself the task of not only looking at the policies this “Empty Suit” will push, I will also look at the dynamics that I think makes this dangerous man tick.

America, you have elected a man whose views are so far removed from the mainstream that over the next two years, you will say of George W. Bush, “Those Were The Good Old Days.”

Of course, if you are part of the, “If It Feels Good Do It Crowd,” you couldn’t be happier. People like this are ruled by their fleshly desires.  Never mind the fact that whatever it is that they are doing could hurt this Nation as a whole. These egoistic people’s focus is on “What Makes Them Happy, And Screw You Pal.”

B. Hussein-Obama is this type of person. Forget all of that nonsense of him being a Christian. Remember, this is the same guy who said that when Jesus gave the Sermon On The Mount, “He Was Blessing Same Sex Couples.”

Now, how twisted is that?

B. Hussein-Obama was raised in part by his Mother, who looked at the world through rose colored glasses. According to Obama, his Mother abhorred racism, and her heart broke for the poor among us. These were some of the character traits of Hussein-Obama’s Mother, Stanley Ann Dunham!

It shouldn’t surprise any of us that Ms. Dunham gave her son his “Environmnental Personality.” Let me explain this latter statement. When we come into the world, our personality is composed of Nature, or (What God Gives To Us) how our environment(Nurturance), i.e., caregivers, fictive relatives, associates, and so forth, shapes us!

I am sure that having a bi-racial son wasn’t easy for Ms. Dunham. Society can be cruel. I have no doubt that she faced bigotry and small minded people. This simply toughen her resolve to fight this behavior on all fronts!

B. Hussein-Obama is a lot like his Mother. I would be the first to stand shoulder to shoulder with him in fighting racism. However, what he plans to do will divide this country. This is not a Black or White issue. It is the issue of “Homosexuality.”

I went to his web-site, WWW.Whitehouse.Gov/Politics.  As you scroll down this page, you will find Hussein-Obama’s plans for fighting for the “Rights” of gays and lesbians. The country is going to hell in a handbasket, and this “Hippie” is focused on gays and lesbians?

Is this the same man who promised to “Unite Americans On Tuesday?” if so, then pray tell me, how in “H-E-Double Hockeys Sticks” can he do this by forcing homosexuality down the throats of Americans?

Contrary to what today’s Psychologists and Psychiatrists will tell you, “Homosexuality Is A Mental Health Disorder.”  These people, mental health providers know this, but if they come out and say exactly what I’ve just said, many of them would lose their jobs, grants, and key positions. So, they tell the homosexual crowd and people like our “Hippie President” what they want to hear!

By God, B. Hussein-Obama is going to turn this country into Shangri La, whether we like it or not. I really believe that he sees himself as some type of “Cult Leader.”

Witness how people just drool all over themselves when he is near. That is how a cult follower reacts to her/his leader!

Instead of bringing us together Hussein-Obama is going to pit Americans against Americans. This is no way to start governing. It is an elitist, authoritarian approach to governance. I believe this man is setting himself up to be a, “One Term President.”

Americans across this great land have overwhemingly rejected the “Gay Agenda.” But, “The Great One” doesn’t care. In the world of “The Messiah,” he is “Always Right, And We Nomads Are Always Wrong.”

So, get used to it!

In Last November’s General Election, no less than “Eleven States In This Great Union,” approved “Constitutional Bans Against Same Sex Marriages:”



* Kentucky

* Michigan

* Mississippi

* Montana

* North Dakota

* Ohio

* Oklahoma

* Oregon

* Utah

Even Californians, where homosexuals thought a gay marriage amendment would go down to defeat, “Lost.”

What the voters had to say last November is of no concern to Hussein-Obama. He plans to forge ahead with plans to remove federal legislation that is called, “The Defense Of Marriage Act.”

DOMA states that a marriage is between one man and one woman. The Defense Of Marriage Act says states do not have to recognize a marriage from another state if said marriage is between two people of the same gender.

This entire issue of “homosexuals having the right to marry those of their gender” is headed to SCOTUS(The U.S. Supreme Court).

Let’s just hope that it winds it way to the high court before “The Chosen One” can place a bunch of socialists jurists on the bench!

This tired, old argument that homosexuals are victims of discrimination because Americans won’t approve of their depravity won’t fly. My questions to homosexuals who say they are discriminated against is this!

Can gay people rent apartments? Can gay people buy land? Can gay people find employment in their field of endeavor? Are gay people served at restaurants? Are gay people turned away at the doors of a church? Are there separate public facilities for gays? Do gays have to drink out of a different water fountain? Are gays being lynched “For Sport?” Are the homes and churches of gays being fire bombed?

I grew up in the Jim Crow South. I know what real discrimination is. It is a crock of manure when you hear a gay person say they are being discriminated against. Their being gay is a, “Choice.”

I had no choice to come into this world, “Black.”

Yet, our “Hippie President” who has appointed himself the final arbiter in our cultural mores, is saying he will be the “Guardian Of All Gay People.”

If it happens to rub the majority of the country the wrong way, “Tough.”

Another issue is Hussein-Obama and his pledge to get rid of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” in the military. If he does, he may as well restart the draft!

It was reported recently that some fifteen percent of those on active military said they would end their careers if Hussein-Obama lifts the ban on gays serving openly. If that happens, our already stretched, not to mention exhausted military, would be placed in dire straits. And why? Because this man wants to get even with a military that he can not stand!

I watched B. Hussein-Obama at the Presidential parade on Tuesday. When I saw him raise his hand to “Salute The Passing Troops, I almost Barfed.”

What arrogance!

 People like this guy and Bill Clinton had a chance to serve in the military, but “They Had Better Things To Do.” Now, he  like Clinton, has the audacity to play soldier?

What nerve!

 But, as the saying goes, “You Haven’t See Nothing Yet From This Hippie President.”


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  1. Gidget
    Posted January 22, 2009 at 11:39 pm | Permalink

    I am in awe of your writing. The fact that you are a person of non-white color and have such strong feelings toward the politics of President Obama is a relief. Far to many of us are labeled raciest if we do not “worship” at his feet and cling to every word. I have no doubt that as a man and a human being Mr. Obama is a good man. However, his politics is very far removed from what our founding fathers wanted for this country and his policies go against the very constitution set in place to protect each individual of this country.

    As a Christian and being raised in the south during the 60’s I too know much about how non-whites have been treated. I still have family that feel and speak as if they are still in the 60’s there.

    Thank you for being a voice for those of us who can not speak so openly as you. I look forward to following your posts each day.

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