While the left is caught up in the frenzy of euphoria over the inauguration of the Nation’s first “Socialist President And Cult Leader,” there are many on our side who are feeling a sense of loss; a feeling of inadequacy; a feeling of perhaps, “mild” depression!

Most of us who retain the ability to think, figured out this new President, months ago. Without any malice in our hearts, or racial prejudice, we reasoned that this man was not qualified to be President of the United States. Sure, B. Hussein-Obama is a smart man. But, it takes more than “being smart” to be this Nation’s President!

I will go into further detail on the above–later in this write-up.

The late, Dr. Elizabeth Kubler-Ross is the woman responsible for giving to us knowledge of the grieving process. Dr. Ross forged this knowledge together after working with terminally ill patients in a Chicago hospital years ago. The patients gave her permission to chart their feelings as they neared the end of life in this dimension!

After countless interviews, Dr. Kubler-Ross conflated the five steps of the grieving process, which are used today. I heard one Psychologist tell an interviewer that the steps should be followed in a sequential fashion. This is not true!

We all grieve differently. So, to say we should all go through the stage of “Acceptance” at the same time is ridiculous. In this column, I will purposely mix up the steps of the grieving process.

Keep in mind that some of us can conclude this process much faster than others. But, to say that the steps are done like reciting the alphabet, is entirely wrong.

In the wake of the swearing in of  Hussein-Obama, many of us experienced, “ANGER.”  There are myriad reasons for being angry. For me, I was angry at the Republican Party for naming John McCain as its standard bearer. I knew that this incompetent man, with the personality of the comedian, Ben Stein, wasn’t Presidential timber. I had to look myself in the mirror each morning. I knew that a man who supported making 10-20 million illegal aliens citizens, “Overnight,” wasn’t the type of man I wanted running my country.

Where was his sense of fair play? He wanted to reward millions of people who had broken our laws. What does that say about McCain’s character? But, beyond that, what type of message was he sending to our children, “Cheat, And You Get Ahead?”

I knew that a man who was “In The Tank” for the global warming crazies, wasn’t a man I wanted sitting in the Oval Office. I knew that a man who could be quite a hit on the game show, “Let’s Make A Deal” wasn’t the person I wanted, kissing up to members of the socialists Democrat Party!

I was angry at the field of GOP Presidential candidates, who were quite frankly, “A Joke.”

I was particularly angry at the, “Actor,” Fred Thompson. I had such high hopes when Thompson announced that he was entering the Presidential sweepstakes. Some in the socialists press called him, “Lazy.” I figured, these scoundrels were just angry that Thompson had entered the field. Furthermore, I thought, “They Were Afraid Of This Man.”

Afraid of Thompson? Don’t make me laugh!

I hate to admit this, but the press was right about Fred Thompson. This guy was the laziest person I have ever seen running for President. Not only did he look like, “The Creature From The Black Lagoon” on many occasions: This man was just as reticent as the scaly, green amphibious creature!

As I type this column, I am currently in a state of, “DENIAL.” I just can’t believe that the American people were that stupid to vote for B. Hussein-Obama. Even though the socialists press ran interference for him, there was a ton of evidence that screamed out to the American people, Warning, Warning, “Don’t Vote For This Man.”

B. Hussein-Obama went to the racist church of Jeremiah Wright. He claims that he never heard one of Wright’s racist sermons. This man’s sermons are on audiotape, and DVD’s. Folks, you have to trust me on this one. When African-Americans attend church, and the leader of that church has charisma, and is a gifted speaker, we don’t want to “Miss One Sermon.”

If we miss a sermon, not only will a fellow church member tell us what the preacher said during Sunday service, “We Seek Out A Copy Of The Word.”

But, not Hussein-Obama. He never heard not a single incendiary sermon from Jeremiah Wright. This was one of the biggest lies that came out of his mouth. Yet, the American people “Bought It.”

How crazy was that?

When one is in “DENIAL,” there is a numbness to their affect. How many of you are sensing a loss of direction at this moment? How many of you have lost interest in the things that used to bring you happiness? I know that when I saw Hussein-Obama signing documents in the Oval Office, numbness enveloped my body. I could not believe my eyes. He looked like a, “Little Boy Sitting At His Daddy’s Desk.”

Bargaining is another component to the grieving process. When we bargain during this period, we are in essence saying to ourselves and sometimes God, “If Only I Had done This Or That,” John McCain would be President. How many of you are saying right now, “I Wish That I Had Voted.” Believe me, millions of Republicans and Conservatives stayed at home on Election Day!

Are you feeling helpless now that B. Hussein-Obama is President: And you hear that this Marxist has signed the order to shut down Guantanamo? Are you like me wondering, whose side is this moron on anyway? Maybe, you are feeling mildly, “DEPRESSED.” This is another part to the puzzle of the grieving process. When you are depressed, and I am not suggesting that you are clinically depressed, however, when you are mildly depressed, some of us isolate.

This is the wrong thing to do. Be around upbeat people. Listen to Rush Limbaugh or Glenn Beck. Read columns like this one. What you are attempting to do is form an alliance with people who believe in the America that you believe in.

The other thing that you can do is read Conservative books. I would highly recommend that you do research into the years of the Carter Presidency. That guy could have made the strongest of us depressed. Carter came in just like the “Messiah.” Americans wanted change. And change they got. The man wrecked our economy and weakened our military. We were the laughing stock of the world.

However, a man by the name of Ronald Reagan was there to serve. He brought us back from the dismal years of Carter. Mr. Reagan not only strenghten out military; he brought respect back to the United States.

Never allow your depression to cause you to give up hope, because I truly believe that the Almighty still has his hand on this country. This despite the fact that we are surrounded by many on the left who actually, “Hate God.”

There will come a time when you will “ACCEPT”the fact that Barack Hussein-Obama is this country’s President. One of the most difficult things that I had to do in my life was serve in the U.S. Marine Corps. I was eighteen years old when I went to Parris Island, South Carolina. I thought that boot camp would be like a John Wayne movie. No disrespect to “The Duke” but, he never served in the military; forget the Marine Corps!

I say this not to brag, but the Marine Corps is the toughest branch of service in the world. During boot camp, we were told that our Drill Instructors would, “Build Us Up And Tear Us Down.”

Picture this. Someone tells you what a great job you are doing; and in the next breath fires you. Sorry, but that is the closest analogy that I can come up with to explain, building a recruit up and tearing him down. The point of this exercise was to inflate us, and then deflate all eighty recruits.

We were yelled at, and yes, “Smacked Around.” We were called racist names, and forced to run everywhere that we went. But, there was a method to the madness of our Chief Drill Instructor. I learned that these three Marines were training us on how to act in case we were captured by the enemy!

Contrary to how Hussein-Obama and his socialists Democrat friends feel, the enemy doesn’t serve their American captives, “Cupcakes And Tea.”

But, he wouldn’t know anything about the military because, he never served this great country. However, now this haunty man ‘Wants To Play Soldier.”

By the way, as I was about to board the bus to Camp Lejeune in North Carolina for four more weeks of training; after twelve weeks of boot camp, my D.I. said, “Lewis, I Know You Think I Hate You, But What I Did Was An Effort To Save Your Life, Son.”

As I type this, tears are welling up in my eyes. Staff Sgt. Smith, “Made Me Into A United States Marine.” Something that I will treasure until I breathe my last breath on this earth.

This man did save my life. All that he taught me not only hardened me physically and emotionally, it helped to get me through a little place called, “Vietnam.”

I came to accept the tough training that we went through. I didn’t quit!

My Native American grandmother had a saying, “Nothing Lasts Always, Accept The Kingdom Of God.” That saying has helped me through countless ordeals!

Barack Hussein-Obama maybe President today, however, he will not be President “For Life.” Remember that!

Earlier, I mentioned that Hussein-Obama is a smart man. Being smart does not mean that he is competent.  As President, he will also have to show that he has, “Common Sense.”

Right now, I am not seeing this.  Common sense should tell him that you can not treat a terrorist like your average burlar. Common sense should tell this Harvard Law School Graduate that this planet is under God’s domain, and not Al Gore’s. Common sense should tell him that we will always have hungry people in our midst; and that he can’t feed them all. Common sense should tell this man that there are people in this world who “Hate The United States.” They hate us because of God’s blessings.

No amount of butt kissing will change their minds! And if they are given half a chance, they would blow this country off of the face of planet earth.

Because of his arrogance, I do not believe that this man has a lot of common sense. He is too busy looking into the mirror and telling himself how smart he is!

Keep the faith, because “This Too Shall Pass.”


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