Have you heard the latest? The socialists press is attempting to squash any and all dissent directed at their “Cult President.” They are saying, “Give Him A Chance.” Too bad these hypocrites didn’t feel that way toward former President, George W. Bush!

It is clear that those in the media are no different than a communist or socialist press. Both are only interested in providing its viewers/readers with only one side of a story, “The Government’s”!

These people are shameless. Yet, they will get bent out of shape if anyone questions their fairness. Hell, it is there for all to see. These “so-called journalists” work  for, “The Democrat Party.”

How Mr. Bush got up each morning and performed his job is simply remarkable when you consider how much of a bashing this poor man received from these nasty little people who “Own The Airways–And The Print Media.” The President’s every move was met with skeptism. He couldn’t do anything right, according to these judgemental troglodytes!

Mr. Bush was often caricatured as a “Dumb Monkey,” in many of the national newspapers!

The “Messiah” on the other hand is applauded if he happens to take a step. Get used to it America, because these people aren’t about to rip into “The Great One” the way they did George Bush. Why? They don’t want to be called racists. In the end, if they adopt this stance, they will be doing Hussein-Obama and “All Black People” a tremendous disservice!

No one is perfect, and this includes, “The Chosen One.” Eventually, this guy is going to screw up, and screw up royally. If the media covers it up–or play down the screw-up, they will be saying to the American people, “We Have Two Sets Of Rules, One For Black Americans–And The Other For White Americans.”

I never did believe in quotas. Having set asides for universities and colleges for Blacks simply said, African-Americans “Couldn’t Cut The Mustard.” That they were intellectually inferior to their White counterparts!

All that I have ever advocated was a level playing field for minorities and European-women!

Remember, quotas caused a number of Whites to protest–and rightly so. However, I find it interesting that the boob, un-elected Governor of the State of New York, isn’t getting any flack at all over his appointment of a “White Congresswoman” to fill Hillary Rodham-Clinton’s old Senate seat!

He is being hailed as being brilliant for selecting this woman! 

Before he filled the seat, an arrogant David Paterson said that he wanted to have a woman replace Mrs. Clinton. Why a woman? Can you imagine the heat he would have received had he said, “I Want To Fill This Seat With A White Male.” Or, what if he had said, “I Want A Black Man To Fill Mrs. Clinton’s Seat.”

There would have been howls from both the right and left.  Not to mention, the socialists press. So, my question is, why the silence? Don’t tell me there is a double standard!

Of course there is!

We have already seen that there is a double standard over how Hussein-Obama is being treated compared to the shaby treatment that was meted out to President Bush. I take umbrage with anyone telling me that I can not exercise my First Amendment Rights by pointing out Hussein-Obama’s dangerous policies, and concomitant goof-ball mistakes!

Take for example this, “Markie Maxist’s” executive order of, closing down the Guantanamo Bay detention camp. Boy, Hussein-Obama really put in a lot of deep thinking on this one!

 This “Boy Genius” has had how many years to formulate his plans to close down Gitmo? Yet, at his news conference, this guy loves to stand in front of microphones, he couldn’t explain to his compatriots in the socialists press the finer points of shutting down Gitmo!

The “Great One” had to turn to White House lawyer, Greg Craig in order to gain some insight into his own executive order. And the press had the gall to call George Bush, “Stupid?”

Gregg Craig by the way, is the lawyer who at one time, “Represented Comrade, Fidel ‘The Communist’ Castro.”

What a time we are living in!

Not only did Hussein-Obama order that Gitmo be closed down in one year, “This Great American” also told the CIA to shut down its network of secret oveaseas prisons–and to put a stop to the agency’s use of interrogation techniques. Many on the left have called these techniques, “Torture.”

For his part, the Bush administration admitted that torture had been used against some terrorists in order to, “Save American Lives.”

However, our “Boy Scout President” wants to play nice–nice with these thugs and killers.

By the way, Michael Hayden, the former National Intelligence Director, once told Congress that “Waterboarding” had been used on terrorists on three different occasions. One of the candidates for this approach, high ranking al-Qaeda operative, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, was one tough cookie, that is until he was waterboarded!

This “Hairy Ape Sang Like A Canary” once his dirty nostrils were flooded with water. I wonder if Hussein-Obama understands how dangerous this man is? America, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed was the “Mastermind Behind The September 11th Attack On Our Homeland.”

It is doubtful that this piece of scum would have given us “Any” information, had he not been waterboarded. The CIA reports that Mohammed “Has Been A Valuable Source Of Information Since He Was Introduced To Waterboarding.”

The CIA says that information has saved “Countless American Lives.”

I say “Bravo” to these great Americans!

But, we have “Little Lord Fauntle-Roy” Playing right into the hands of Islamofacists. This guy’s “Ideal World” is about to crash headlong into “Reality.”

Let’s hope that he wakes up before thousands of Americans are killed!

While Hussein-Obama was receiving the praises of so-called human rights groups, he found himself in a pickle. Where will he send his new buddies, the terrorists at Gitmo,  next year? Opps!

The kooky left doesn’t know this, but Hussein-Obama left the door ajar for the CIA to use coercive techniques on captured Islamofascists.

This guy talks out of both sides of his mouth, in case you haven’t noticed!

BULLETIN, BULLETIN, BULLETIN: The wackos on the left may go into full cardiac arrest once they hear that President Barack Hussein-Obama ordered that two drones flying in Northwest Pakistan airspace, let loose three missisles at a house. At last count, nineteen people had been killed!

Hey, isn’t that George Bush’s way of fighting the war on terror? Didn’t Hussein-Obama just tell the Muslim world the other day that he wanted peace?

Okay you weak kneed so-called Conservatives and Republicans in Washington, you can disregard the memo to not go after this new President.

When he is wrong, call him on his hypocrisy!

Remember George Bush!


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