Well, well, well, there is a proverbial silver lining in our down economy after all. Americans are holding fast to their money. In other words, they are not spending their hard earned cash on frivolous things!

Big ticket items that we as Americans used to not think twice about buying are now being placed on the back burner. To say that Americans are worried about this country’s future would be an understatement, even though we have “Hussein The Houdini” in the White House!

Not even the new “Cult President” has the clout to brainwash the American public with his phony scare tactics that, “Global Warming Is A Real Phenomenon.” And we puny humans are responsible!

The Pew Research Center has just released a poll that asked Americans to list in a hierarchical manner their biggest concerns; and what they want the, “Messiah” to focus on.

Guess what folks? Global warming ranked, “Dead Last” out of twenty entries. Did you get that? Global warning came in “LAST.”

This despite all of the lies that Hussein-Obama, Al Gore, Bill and Hillary Clinton, John McCain, and a host of other mendacious individuals have told!

Thank you America for “Waking Up And Smelling The Coffee.”

I knew that it would eventually happen, even though the “Religious Zealots” of global warming had the socialist press as their major mouth piece, trying to scare and induce guilt at every chance they got!

At the end of the day, all of the lies and propaganda didn’t work. Now, this is not to say that these people will slink off like the snakes they are. If anything, I expect them to step up their efforts to force global warming down our throats!

So, get ready for more “Polar Bears Floating On Melting Ice; The Showing Of Ice Caps On Mountains Melting And ‘Bambi’ Crying In The Woods Because There Is No Food.”

Remember, the hoax of global warming is a “Billion Dollar Plus Business.” And that is what it is, “A Business.”

A lot of these people who have pushed this hoax onto the American public have thousands, even millions of dollars invested in this canard. They aren’t about to let a poll stop them from lying to you about “the earth is heating up.”

And they, “Not God Almighty Is The Only One Who Can Save You And The Planet.”

Keep in mind that we are dealing with a cabal. Many believe that global warming is one part of “One World Government.”

Those who believe in One World Government say that its leaders are trying to control, energy, education, banks, free trade, the work force, and much more!

My Lord, has this country changed: And not for the best. The Framers founded this great country, using Judeo-Christian philosophy as its bulwark. We now have a bunch of non-believers saying and doing things that I never thought I would hear in my lifetime!

We have so-called Chrisians, and worst yet, Preachers, who are peddling this nonsense of global warming. Anyone with active brain cells could have seen through this “Parlor Room Hoax.”

I guess better late than never!

The top five issues for the American people include:

* The economy

* Jobs

* Terrorism

* Social Security

* Education

Our arrogant new President has a choice. He can focus on wedge issues such as gay marriage and immigration, or he can listen to the American public. By the way, Americans aren’t interested in issues involving homosexuals.  Respondents weren’t even asked about this issue that divides so many.

It could be that Americans weren’t polled on this issue because time after time, states in this country have rejected homosexuality entering the mainstream!

Over fifteen-hundred people participated in this survey. Eighty-five percent of Americans said President Hussein-Obama should set his sights on the economy before he does anything else. That compares to seventy-five percent, just a year ago!

The “Tree Huggers” also lost ground in this new poll:

“Protecting the environment fell the most precipitously–just 41% rate this as a top priority today, down from 56% a year ago”

I would like to think that Americans are reclaiming their ability to process information in an esoteric fashion, rather than having some nitwit socialist press member treat them as an “Empty Vessel.”

At any rate, the global warming zealots have had their fifteen minutes. Now it is time for someone to kick their lying arses off the stage!

But, be prepared for a long drawn out fight: Because “Billions” are at stake, along with the control of our culture!




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