The cultists of  B. Hussein-Obama have come out in full force against radio talk show host, Rush Limbaugh. These “Little Darlings” have been busy typing their little socialists fingers off; spewing some of the most vile, hate filled speech that you will find on the Internet!

As you read today’s column, remember these are the same people who call for “Tolerance.” We have come to learn that for these people, tolerance like everything else from the left, “Is A One Way Street.”

CNN, which some have labled, “The Communist News Network, Or The Clinton News Network, posted a short story on its site entitled, “Limbaugh: Obama is frightened of me.”

That one line brought out the crazies from the socialists left in droves. These mind numb robots are so in the tank for Husssein-Obama that it is scary.  But, that is the way it is when a cult leader has untold numbers of “Brain Dead” people following him.  They do not question. They do not think. They simply follow blindly behind their leader!

Anyone who has the nerve to exercise his or her “Constitutional Right to challenge “Their Idol, ls,”  is raked over the coals!

This idolatrous behavior has reached a feverish level!

The sad part about all of this worshipping “A Human Being Wrapped In Flesh,” is that I do not believe that these idol worshippers understand the dangers of their actions!

We have seen the deadly consequences of what can happen when individuals worship a mortal man.  Nearly a thousand people lost their lives in the jungles of Guyana in 1978.  They died after they gave up their right to say, “NO” to the late cult leader, Jim Jones.

Jones ordered his cultists to drink kool-aid, which had been spiked with poison.  And drink they did!

This is where the term, “Kool-Aid Drinkers Come From.”

B. Hussein-Obama has to know that he has a huge following who look at him like they would a deity. However, the man is so arrogant that I do not believe that he cares if “He Is Worshipped.”

When you take your eyes off of “God,” and worship someone like B. Hussein-Obama as a living deity, you are headed down a slippy slope.  I do not think that you will like what is at the end of that slope!

Contrary to what many on the left may think, Hussein-Obama is a man. He has foibles–and is fallible. Think not? Pay careful attention to this man over the next couple of years. I am speaking to those of you who still maintain the ability to  be a, “Free Thinker.”

Not those who will parrot that old Grocho Marx line, “Who Are You Going To Believe, Me, Or Your Lying Eyes?”

The ones who see this President as an idol will need to be “Deprogrammed.” Remember, they have this cult like mentality!

What of some of the venomous comments leveled at Rush Limbaugh? I offer for your consideration some of these hateful comments below:

“Mr. Limbaugh you must be a member of the Nazi left over era. You are despicable (Incorrect sentence fault of email-er) member of our society. Shame on you”

That comment was tame compared to the next one:

“Rush is a far cry from an intellectual heavyweight. No one is frightened of him, with the possible exception of his housekeeper should she fail to bring back his “cabbage.” A Rush suffering from Oxycontin withdrawal is probably someone one would want to avoid”

I saved this outrageous comment for last:

” Most people who listen to Rush are crazy, who in their right mind listens to this cracker jack, who pops pills to keep his sanity, anyway, my suggestion, CNN report on the real issues, so that Americans can be more educated about the government’s as democracy is useless when people are illiterate or stupid. To that effect, CNN might want to look at Financial Times or even BBC which stay away from sensationalized nonsense and stop using media for divisiveness”

Rush has stated on myriad occasions that his audience is one of the most intelligent group of people who listen to talk radio. But, not according to this last genius who wants us to get our news from the BBC.  I guess us “crazy folks” wouldn’t have the wherewithal to inculcate all of that left wing bias reporting that comes from the BBC.

It is interesting to note that those on the left who espouse more of “Big Brother,” namely the federal government sticking its nose into our lives consider themselves sane. These are the same “Mensa Members” who have been hoodwinked by the scam of global warming, homosexual rights, animal rights, civilian trials for terrorists, welfare, affirmative action and so forth!

I do not agree with everything that comes from the mouth of Rush. However, the man is a patriot in my opinion. Because he is well paid does not diminish his stature in my eyes. He makes a lot of money because he has talent. This is what happens in a capitalistic society!

You be the judge. Are you crazy and out of touch: Or, are the cultists who kneel at the feet of “Their Messiah?”


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  1. Ted
    Posted January 28, 2009 at 2:22 am | Permalink

    With the mounting job casualties, here’s hoping SCOTUS either finds someone, somewhere, has standing to require BHO’s birth certificate or fixes attention on a criminal indictment before he wins his War on Prosperity.

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