Congresswoman Kirsten Gillibrand is the woman who replaced Hillary Rodham-Clinton as New York State’s Junior Senator!

Gillibrand is a two term Congresswoman from New York’s Columbia County. This is a very Conservative area of the Empire State. Gillibrand was able to defeat her Republican opponents by feinting being an anti-gun Conservative. She even fooled the National Rifle Association, who gave this hypocrite a, “100% Rating.”

She turned on a dime, on the gun issue, after Governor David Paterson announced last week that Gillibrand, not Caroline Kennedy was his choice to replace Secretary of State, Hillary Rodham-Clinton.

Gillibrand is now attempting to play, “King Solomon And Split The Baby.” In her case, she is now saying she supports hunters, which includes members of her family, however, she is now saying she will work to fight against, “Gun Violence In New York’s Inner Cities.”

One can easily translate this weasel type language. Gillibrand is now saying, she will fall in line with her Senate Democrat demagogues, and vote for every piece of anti-gun legislation introduced. So much for being a big time gun supporter. But, when the “Bright Lights Of New York’s Time Square Call, People Like Gillibrand Forget All Of The People Who Brought Her To The Dance.”

She is now the dancing partner of Chuck Shumer, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and other two faced socialists Democrats. Of all of the problems facing the state of New York, members of the socialists press focused on “Gun Control” with Gillibrand. Why? They were setting her up for one of two things:

* Stick with her pro-gun stance and

face the wrath of New York City voters in


* Become a lying weasel and denounce guns

Gillibrand took the last route. This is what she said, “There Is Enormous Space For Common Ground.”

Say what?

Doesn’t this nitwit understand that there is no compromising with rabid anti-gun fanatics like Carolyn McCarthy? Her husband was murdered in a commuter train shooting in 1993. Since his murder, McCarthy has gone on a one woman campaign to take guns away from legal citizens!

McCarthy by the way has said she plans on challenging Gillibrand in 2010; or that she would “find someone to take on this upstate U.S. Senator.”

People like McCarthy are so obsessed with getting guns out of the hands of law abiding citizens, that she forgets this little document called, “The Constitution.”

I am referring to the 2nd Amendment, which the Supreme Court reaffirmed last year that legal citizens have a “Constitutional Right To Bear Arms.”

She can not be that stupid to believe that even if this country circumvented the Constitution, and ordered everyone to turn in their guns, “Criminals Would Still Have Any Type Of Gun They Desire.”

Notwithstanding, liberals like McCarthy live in a dream world. They truly believe that “Zero Tolerance For Guns= A Safer Society.”

Forget the fact that people can be murdered with knives, baseball bats, automobiles, golf clubs, hammers, ad infinitum!

Meantime, Gillibrand a first class weasel met with Secretary of State, Hillary Rodham-Clinton, an even bigger weasel. She later told reporters that Rodham-Clinton:

“Has always been a mentor of mine and someone I’ve always admired”

I wonder if her constituents in her old Congressional district knew about this “Love Fest” with one of the biggest anti-gun zealots in the U.S. Senate? Probably not. Because Kirsten Gillibrand is a woman who will tell voters what she thinks they want to hear!

In retrospect, we shouldn’t be surprised at Gillibrand’s political ideology. Heck, the woman is a “Democrat.” How could anyone stay in this socialists party if they didn’t agree with its myriad anti-American stances, if they too didn’t share their Marxist feelings, or were themselves Socialists?

Chuck Shumer, another rat-fink, said he was thrilled at Governor Paterson’s choice!

 Yeah right!

By the time Shumer finishes drilling Gillibrand on the rules of the socialists Democrat Party, she will get her diploma from Shumer, the head of New York’s, “Re-education Camp.”

By the way, Shumer insulted the people of Columbia County:

“Her district is quite different than much of the state. It’s very rural. In some ways, it’s more like Montana than New York City”

Yeah, those “Hayseeds And Rednecks In Montana Aren’t Like The Enlighted Uptown Manhattan Types, Huh Chuck?”

This guy Shumer is just as arrogant at his President, B. Hussein-Obama. What he was saying was simple. Shumer was telling Gillibrand, you can fool those idiots who cling to their guns and religion in Columbia County, but you’d better become a “Snoot Face Elitist Like Me, If You Want To Win A Full Term In 2010.”

Not to worry Chuck, “Comrade Gillibrand Has Clicked Her Heels.”

She is well on her way to being a good ,”Socialist Democrat.”


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