For years, I have written about the socialist Democrat Party and their confederates, the socialist news media. I use the term “Socialist,” because the term is applicable to both entities. I will explain why these people are no better than Joseph Stalin, Mao Zedong , or Che Guevara!

We know that the trio listed about loathed people being “Free.” They forced their people to march in “Goose-Step” to their communist views.  If they were met with resistance, those resisting were dealt with severely.  In other words, they were taken away in the dead of night, never to be seen, or heard from again!

A free thinking people are a threat to despots.  In order to Lord over the masses, you must have “Complete Compliance.”

There are “No Exceptions.”

I know that it is difficult to accept this, but there are a number of people in the Democrat Party who are, “Socialists.” For example, in my book, “Democrat: Thy Name Is Narcissist,” I name the members of the Democrat Party who are socialists.  The New Media Journal compiled a list of those who are active members of the “Democratic Socialists Of America.”

Pages 106-107 of my book, “Democrat: Thy Name Is Narcissist,” lists just a few of the names. See if you recognize any of them:

“Nancy Pelosi-CA, Henry A. Waxman-CA, John Lewis-GA, Alcee Hasting-FL, Barney Frank-MA, John Conyers-MI, Dennis Kucinich-OH, Charles Rangel-NY, Maxine Waters-CA, Luis Gutierrer-IL”

There are many more names that I could have given to you, however, I think you get the picture. Folks, according to The New Media Journal, these people are members of “A Socialist Party.” Yet, they claim to covet democracy?

Maxine Water who is on the list, said during a House Judiciary Committee hearing on big oil in May of 2008:

“This liberal will be all about socializing, uh,uh…would be about basically taking over and the government running all of your companies”

America, Maxine Waters, “Is A Socialist.” Socialism is antithetical to democracy. Socialism and democracy cannot co-exist!

Hillary Rodham-Clinton and President Barack Hussein-Obama were both “Students Of The Marxist, Saul Alinsky.” Mrs. Clinton was “Personally Groomed By This America Hater.”

Alinsky taught his students how to become part of the American political landscape. To put it another way, “Blend In With Regular Folks.” Again, from my book, “Democrat: Thy Name Is Narcissist:”

“True revolutionaries do not flaunt their radicalism. They cut their hair, put on suits and infiltrate the system from within”

Can you think of some names who have done what Alinsky advised? I know that I can. He lives at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Folks, these people aren’t going to come out and tell you they are socialists. And they aren’t going to radically try and change America overnight.  Alinsky preached patience; and he also taught his students to change society on an incremental basis. In other words, do things slowly!

One of the other things that Saul Alinsky taught his students was how to destroy an opponent:

“Picking A Target, Freezing It, Personalizing It And Polarizing It”

The Clintons are masters at this. So is “President Barack Hussein-Obama.” And his Chief of Staff, Rahm Emanuel. Emanuel is reputed to have been the head of Bill Clinton’s, “Dirty Tricks Department.” This is a nice euphemistic terms, but anyone in the know understands that the Clintons “Know How To Get Even.”

 The Democrats have taken a page from Marxist Saul Alinksky’s handbook. They have found “A Valuable Target, And They Have Frozen It.”

That target is Rush Limbaugh!

 What these socialists are doing to Rush should be condemned by every freedom loving American in this country.  But, the Democrats are not worried about any bad press. If anything, their trained puppets, who call themselves, “journalists,” have joined with their brethren in attacking Limbaugh!

The socialist Democrats and their Marxist pals in the press have swooped down on Mr. Limbaugh, because he said, “I hope Obama Fails.”

Of course the socialist press took Limbaugh’s comments out of context. This is what socialists do in order to confuse the people, and make them look not only as the victim, but their hero and “Saviour” as well!

Their mantra is always, “We Are Looking Out For You.”

National Democrats have launched an Internet campaign designed to drum up support for “The Chosen One,” his stimulus plan and at the same time have millions of malleable people denounce Rush!

People who participate in this sham are not aware that they have fallen into a socialist trap.

“Support The State,” no matter how vile or deleterious it is!

What the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee is doing is unprecedented. It should evoke “Outrage” from every quarter of America. This is about a group of socialists attempting to squash “Free Speech.”

It is the DCCC shaping the mines of “Americans” to “Accept Socialism.”

Regardless if you love or detest Rush, the man has a right to free speech. People have died so that we can speak our minds without fear ,of retribution. Yet the sheep who follow socialists Democrats can’t seem to see what these disgusting people are doing!

America, our precious First Amendment is being tested. This is the Amendment that the socialists press loves to use when it prints top secret material that could jeopardize the lives of millions of Americans!

However, in the case of Rush Limbaugh, he doesn’t have free speech, according to the socialists in this country.

This is indeed a very dark day in America!

The DCCC has called on its supporters to go online and express “their outrage” over Rush’s comments. What about the eight years of abuse that former President George Bush had to endure from the likes of Keith Olberman, Rachel Maddow, Chris Matthews, the New York Times, and the list goes on and on?

I forgot, these people are part and parcel of the “Socialists Press.”

When you stop and think about it, “They Work For The State.”

We know what this is all about. It is about the Democrats attempts to shut down completely, “Conservative Radio And Television.” They want to bring back the so-called Fairness Doctrine. This is where you would have to give equal time to your opponent. These scoundrels know that re-instituting the Fairness Doctrine would not only kill off people like Rush, but it would silence the voice of “Conservatism On The Airwaves.”

The only voice that you will hear would be that of “The Government.”

To put it another way, the only voice that you will hear will be, “Socialist Democrats.”

Are you really comfortable with that?

The students of Saul Alinksky are on the verge of destroying this once great country. It is time to “Take It Back,  America.”

But first, you must think beyond your own little petty world. There is a much larger issue at stake here.

It is called, “American Democracy.”


Ed Note: You can purchase my book,  Democrat: Thy Name Is Narcissist,” on line at, WWW.AMAZON.COM : AND WWW.BORDERS.COM. Do yourself a favor and learn how socialists gained control of a once venerable Party. Also, learn about how Al Gore pulled off the hoax of global warming, and so much more!


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  1. Olian
    Posted July 21, 2009 at 4:44 pm | Permalink

    Every morning I wake up, thank God for another day, and then pray PRAY that Rahm Emanuel will be exposed.

    HE IS THE MASTERMIND behind the BRAINWASHING liberal BS that creeped into the USA in the 90s and now hes back.

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