Marvin Schur died a slow, “painful death” recently. You probably never heard the story of Mr. Schur. You see, Marvin Schur was not a dog, or cat, or “Bambi The Deer.” No, Marvin Schur was at one time a, “Living, Breathing Human Being.”

During his last days on earth, no one threw Marvin Schur a lifeline, the way that bleeding hearts will do today with an animal that is trapped!

No fire or rescue teams sped to Mr. Schur’s home in order to save the life of this elderly man. He just died slowly and painfully!

In the meantime, the world went on its way. Where were the tears for Mr. Schur? Where were the phony “Choked Up Television Anchors” bemoaning the loss of this pitiful man?

Folks, we live in an inverse world today. People care more about saving the life of a dog that is stuck, or  stranded on an icy, frozen lake: Or, rescuing a deer that has, stupidly wandered out on a frozen pond, than they do a human being!

Think not? Watch how fast our tax dollars go into action whenever some crying liberal place a call to 911 to report that an animal has fallen into harm’s way.

The animal rescue teams will be dispatched at “Warped Speed.”

I have watched my television screen in total amazement at some of the stupid stunts pulled by people, who are willing to risk their own life, in order to save a “wayward animal.”

Meantime, we have the elderly starving in their homes, unable to pay for expensive medication or pay for their home heating bills.

I have wondered where are the brave souls who are willing to risk life and limb for an animal, but another human being, oh well!

We see commercials on our television sets today, where people actually “Kiss Their Dogs Or Cats In The Mouth.”

Never mind the fact that these animals do what is instinctive at times, and that is “Clean Their Private Parts With Their Mouths.”

The people who do these disgusting things, need psychological help, because I truly believe that they have a problem in having a meaningful relationship with another human being!

Who is responsible for this insanity? We “All Are.”

We have allowed crazies like the ones at P.E.T.A. to force our elected officials to pass some of the most ridiculous legislation designed to protect animals. Humans are secondary to these wackos!

By the way, Richard Haines, a D.V.M. veterinarian of laboratory animal resources at the University of Texas warns against people “getting too personal with their animals:”

“Their tongues aren’t disinfected after every licking, so think of the germs they are spreading when they are allowed to slobber on your face and even worse, your mouth”

For the true knuckleheads, Haines had this to say:

“In their mouths, canines and felines carry intestinal parasites, bacteria, and fungi that may cause diseases such as ringworms. Most humans can ward off these parasites and bacteria because of antibodies, but for individuals who are immunologically compromised, as patients with AIDS, the potential harm from getting one of these parasites could be devastating”

Moms to be need to extra careful notes Haines:

“A cat’s litter box is filled with Toxoplasma gondii, a one-cell parasite that can do tremendous damage to an unborn baby. The parasite can cause mental retardation as well as damage the formation of major organs such as heart, lungs and liver”

Are you  asking, why haven’t we heard this before? Answer. It isn’t politically correct. See, animals “Have Rights.”

I love animals. Coming from the South, we always had dogs around. In fact, my uncle was a veterinarian. He was always bringing  a new dog. The difference between how we treated our animals compared to the lunatics today was simple. Dogs “Were Not Members Of The Family.”

My “Uncles, Cousins, Nephews, They, Were Members Of Our Family.”

Our dogs were pets. We loved each and every one of our dogs, but there was a place for them. Certainly not at the dinner table; and most certainly not on my Grandma’s bed!

Many people in this country are confused over the role of dogs. For example, a number of these animals are “hunting dogs, or in the case of German Shepard’s, they are protectors.”

However, when you look at how these animals are “Abused” by their owners by feeding them to the point that they look like they could burst, that to me should be considered a criminal act, and the abusers should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law!

But, that will not happened, because again, we are living in an inverse society!

Animals are in a sense “Idolized” by their owners, while humans are looked at by these people with suspicion.

So, who was Marvin E. Schur? Mr. Schur was a “Ninety-Three Year Old Bay City, Michigan Man.” He didn’t have a lot of money, and he most certainly didn’t qualify for a bailout from the Hussein-Obama administration.

Bailout are for the millionaires who have help to screw up this country!

Mr. Schur couldn’t afford to pay his electrical bill, so the “Big Hearted People At The Municipal Power Company” decided to cut his use of electricity.

Remember, these are the same people going to Washington with their hand out–but at the end of the day, they screw the little guy!

When Mr. Schur’s body was discovered by neighbors, the temperature in his home was said to be below 32 degrees. Hypothermia was the first thing to strike this senior citizen. Hypothermia shuts down the body, “Slowly.”

You’ll never guess how much money Mr. Schur owed these greedy SOB’s. A little more than a “Thousand Dollars.” And for that, he had to give his life?

Neighbor George Pauwels, Jr. found Mr. Schur’s body. He reports that the windows in this elderly man’s home “Were Full Of Ice.”

The worst part of this story is that the electrical company would have turned off power to Mr. Schur’s home eventually.

If you ask me, this man was murdered!

But there will be no charges brought against the evil people who did this. Why? They are the rich and powerful in this country.

However, had they killed a deer, P.E.T.A. would have been demanding that President Hussein-Obama personally prosecute the case.

This is what you get, when you live in an inverse society!


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