John Conyers is obsessed with trying to nail George Bush’s hide to a barnyard door!

Conyers is the Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee. He is a socialist Democrat from Detroit–and has been a thorn in the side of Mr. Bush for eight long years. If Conyers had his way Mr. Bush, Dick Cheney, et. al would be behind bars. This myopic little man is under the delusional belief that the President “Committed A Slew Of War Crimes.”

Just how he would prove this is questionable. Conyers has been in the Congress “Forever.” My thinking is this hot-dog is trying to embarass the President and his former staff; and at the same time get a chance to put on a dog and pony show with hearings that would last for days, if not weeks!

I am not a lawyer, however, I can think. My question to “Mr. Obsession” would be, if you could have your “War Crimes Tribunal,” How Would You Conduct A Fair Hearing, Knowing You Couldn’t Release Sensitive National Security Material To The Public?”

Are you following me? It would not be possible for Mr. Bush to receive a fair hearing if all of the evidence isn’t presented.  Conyers like the rest of his pals in the socialist Democrat Party, attempt to portray themselves as being pristine, and above reproach.  They have the socialist press carrying their water–and burying stories that could prove embarrassing to the Democrat Party!

Take for example, Congressman Conyer’s wife, Monica. The Detroit Free Press recently reported that Mrs. Conyer’s, the Detroit City Council Pro Tem-President, allegedly accepted bribes:

“In connection with a city-approved sludge contract”

The DFP reports that it has two sources who will support their story on Mrs. Conley.  The newspapers says the “Feds” have electronic surveillance evidence which purportedly shows the Congressman’s wife “receiving payments or payments.”

It is being reported by the Detroit Free Press that at one time Monica Conley was in opposition to the city approved sludge contract. However, she mysteriously turned on a dime, and became a proponent of giving the “47 Million-Dollar Contract To Synagro Technologies Inc Of  Houston, Texas.”

The Detroit City Council voted in November of 2008 to give the contract to the Texas company. It calls for Synagro to remove and treat the City’s sewage to the tune of 47-million annually!

Monica Conley, a lawyer like her husband, has not commented on the matter.

Meantime, this guy John Conley is trying to be “Holier Than Thou.”

He recently had the nerve to subpoena former Bush aide, Karl Rove. Acting on advice of counsel, Rove told Conley, to go fly a kite!

Apparently, Conley for starters, wanted to “Discuss” with Rove, “The Politicization Of The Justice Department–And The Firings Of A Group Of U.S. Attorneys By Bush.”

Memo to John Conyers: The Justice Department isn’t the only place where politics are played. The entire town is “Tied Up In Politics, Including What You Are Trying To Do.”

So, give us all a break with your phony “investigation.”

By the way, the ever arrogant Conyers “Ordered” Rove to appear on Capitol Hill on February 2nd. He also “Demanded” that Rove provide his committee with testimony on whether the prosecution of former Alabama Governor, Don Siegelman, who is a Democrat, was politically motivated!

This is what motivates me to write about socialist Democrats. Here we have this partisan hack, namely John Conyers, going after a former President on what appears to be bogus charges, which by the way are being pushed by the nut-jobs from left. Anyway, he wants to know if Don Siegelman’s incarceration was politically motivated.

You can’t make this stuff up!

There are some reports that say Hussein-Obama has given tacit approval to what Conyers is doing.

Remember, this is the same guy who promised “CHANGE.”

Thus far, what this socialist President has shown me is changing this government into something that Karl Marx would have approved of!


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