We all know that B. Hussein-Obama talked a good game during the primaries and later during his battle with John McCain for the Presidency. Hussein-Obama even promised to “Protect Israel.”

Many Israelis were not comfortable with this “Unknown Quantity.” Many whispered, they feared that Hussein-Obama would stand shoulder to shoulder with Muslims if a showdown took place with Israel and Iran!

We are about to find out where this socialist President really stands on Israel, if Benjamin Netanyanu is elected his country’s next Prime Minister. Netanyanu has promised Iran that Israel will not stand idly by while it gins up its nuclear capabilities!

Netanyanu has told Ahmadinejad and the Mullahs in Iran that “Iran will not be armed with a nuclear weapon.”

Netanyanu was interviewed on Israel’s Channel 2 TV. He pledged that if elected, his “First Mission” would be to stop the Iranian nuclear threat. By the way, Netanyanu is a former PM of Israel; and the latest polls show him the to be the leading candidate for the post. Not good news for Iran, or Hussein-Obama!

Netanyanu doesn’t mince words on the subject of stopping Iran from establishing itself as a nuclear threat in the Middle-East. He warned the little tyrant in Iran that all options were on the table regarding stopping Iran from marching toward a nucler weapon.  That includes military action!

As you know, the liars in Iran have been telling the world that its nuclear project is for peaceful purposes.  If you buy that then, I have a wonderful bridge to sell you in Brooklyn, New York. It is called the “Brooklyn Bridge.”Any interested parties?

It is interesting that Hussein-Obama’s very first television interview was given to the “Arabic Television Station, Al-Arabiya.”  It is only my opinion, but this guy who is the President of The United States, “Embarrassed Not Only Himself During The Interview, But The People That He Represent.”

Speaking to millions in the Middle-East, Hussein-Obama let it be known that there was a change of policy toward Iran:

“It is important for us to be wlling to talk to Iran, to express clearly where our differences are, but where there are potential avenues for progress”

What part of this does Hussein-Obama doesn’t get? Iran is an “Enemy Of Israel And All Free People.”

Iran’s policy statement is simply, “Do Things Our Way.” You can’t get any more simpler than that, now can you?

Yet, here were have our “Hippie President” with his “Flower Child Mind” thinking that we can actually change the murderous ways of Iran, by “Sitting Down With Them And Talking.”

  Folks, these people aren’t going to change. They truly believe that “Allah” wants them to take care (KILL) of the infidels. That by the way, “Includes Us.”

Yet, we have this naive inexperienced President playing deadly games with Mahmoud Ahmadinejad!

Ahmadinejad isn’t about to make any concessions to the United States. As a matter of facT, he wans an apology from President Hussein-Obama!

That’s right. Ahmadinejad has called on Hussein-Obama Tto apologize “for its past crimes against Tehran.” Ahmadinejad is on the “Change Train.” But, for different reasons!

He said that “the new U.S. administration’s conciliatory tone toward his country can only be accepted and reciprocated if it is shown in fundamental action!

In other words, Hussein-Obama, “Get Yourself A Pair Of Knee-Pads And Pucker Up, Pal.”

Ahmadinejad wasn’t finished with making demands on Hussein-Obama. Along with apologizing, he said that Hussein-Obama:

 “Should Withdraw All Its Troops From Around The World And Put Them Back inside The U.S. Border To Serve Their Own People”

You can’t say that this little guy doesn’t have “Big Cajones.” The questions is, does our hippie President have any?

So, the stage is set for the “Great Orator.” What will he do? Will he fold up like a two dollar wallet? Or, will “The Messiah” come to his senses and realize that there are some “Really Bad Guys Out There.”

And, he can’t “Charm them The Way That He Charmed Millions Of Ignorant People In This Country To Vote For Him.”

I believe Netanyanu when he says if he is elected Prime Ministers of Israel, Iran “Will Not Get Its Grimy Little Hands On Nukes.”

This is one time B. Hussein-Obama can’t fall back on his old stand-by defense and, “Blame George Bush.”

Sir, “You Are Now The President. What will You Do, Back Israel As You Promised, Or Back The Islamofascists?

The clock is ticking!


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