How utterly stupid of me to think that in this great country of ours, the laws were the same for everyone!

Over the past couple of weeks, I have come to a definite conclusion: And that is, our President with his mellifluous voice and cool demeanor, has the values of a, “Las Vegas Grifter,” waiting to put the pinch on some poor unsuspecting soul!

For a couple of years, we listened to “Mr. High And Mighty” tell us that, “It Was Our (Liberals And Socialists) Time, Change Was Coming To Washington, D.C.”

Even John McCain, Hussein-Obama’s Republican rival, was so caught up with all of the talk of change, that he co-opted this slogan. Even though Mr. McCain had been a Washington insider for more than two decades. It didn’t matter, he like the “Slick Bamster” tried to fool the folks!

This cult like President mesmerized not only the socialists on the left, he also convinced a number of Republicans and Conservatives to vote for him; to help him, “Change America.”

The problem was, he never quite got around to telling us what kind of change he had in mind.  He didn’t have to. With his lofty oratory skills, women, and some “Men,” swooned over his smooth talk.

Remember Chris Matthews of MSNBC? He once said that, “I Felt A Tingle Go Up My Leg When I Heard Him Speak.” That comment came from a supposedly, “Heterosexual Man.”

Yes sir, it sure did; and this character calls himself a “journalist.”

So much for impartiality!

Being a thinker, and trained as a Clinical Psychologist, to study the human organism, I quickly came to the conclusion  that Barack Hussein-Obama is full of the stuff that farmers on occasion step in, while carrying out chores during the day!

After watching “A Second Tax Cheat,” and who also happens to be a cabinet appointee by this “Agent Of Change,” get his tail caught in the cracks, I thought quietly, “This Hussein-Obama Guy–Has Little Or No Ethics.”

He aptly proved my point when he stood behind the new Treasury Secretary. You know, Timothy Geithner, the man who cheated on his income taxes, but now runs the, “Internal Revenue Service?”

This guy Geithner is a piece of work. Come to think of it, so is B. Hussein-Obama. Anyway, Geithner at one time worked at the International Monetary Fund. This company actually gave this man a reimbursement check for taxes that “He didn’t Pay.”

The company acted in good faith, but not the new Treasury Secretary!

And he wouldn’t have paid the taxes if it were not for an IRS audit. Geithner ponied up unpaid tax money for the years, 2003-04. But, he didn’t pay his taxes for 2001 and 2002. By then, the statute of limitation had expired.

It’s doubtful that Geithner would have paid the $25,970 in taxes if he had not bee nominated for the Secretary of Treasury post.

Folks, this is the man Barack Hussein-Obama not only stood by when word got out that he was a tax cheat: He went on to be confirmed by the Senate. Even weak-kneed Republicans voted for this tax cheat!

I listened and got sick to my stomach, when I heard Orrin Hatch, a Republican defend this guy on “The Glen Beck Show.” Hatch giving some mealy mouth reason for his support, saying, “Geithner Was The Best Person For The Job.”

You have got to be kidding me. In all of America, this is the best that “The Bamster” could do? There is not one honest man or woman who could perform Geithner’s job?

Please, don’t give me that B.S., because like the whale who saw Jonah standing on the banks of the sea said, “I Ain’t Swallowing That.”

There used to be a little thing called right and wrong in this country, once upon a time. Not any more, ladies and gentlemen. We now have “Excuse Makers.” Today, those who have offended us will simply step up to a bank of microphones and say, “I Made A Mistake–I’m Sorry.”

Saying you are sorry is wonderful. However, you don’t reward a person  like Geithner with a position of guarding our money.  You tell him good luck in finding employment. Then, you show him the door!

In less than one month, we have had a glimpse of what type of change(s) this charlatan President was talking about.

It won’t be pretty, the next four years!

Then, there is good old Tom Daschle, the former Senator from South Dakota. Hussein-Obama has nominated him for the post of Secretary of Health and Human Services.

It turns out that Daschle has tax problem too. Guess what? The “Bamster” is telling America that he will stand with Daschle also!

Are you starting to feel like you need to take a scrub brush and commence taking a “Very Hot Shower?”

Anyway, Daschle had to cough up ” $146-Thousand In Back Taxes.”

He went out and did the obligatory stuff. You know, he bent over at the waist and “Offered A Thousand Apologies.” For his performance, Daschle is expected to win Senator approval with little opposition!

Where is the outcry from the socialists press? Where is the outrage from Republicans?

There is none!

These two tax cheats have shown us that there is a different set of rules for the rich and powerful; or those who have high political influence. It also shows us that President Barack Hussein-Obama is a man without scruples. He is a man without honor.  How can he and his wife Michelle sit down with their daughters at night and tell them that it’s okay to break the law?

They can’t!

Had any of us did what Geithner or Daschle did, we would be in deep doo-doo with the IRS; and rightly so. After all, we are a nation of laws.

What is sad is this. Had George W. Bush nomninated anyone of these two men to a cabinet position, and their tax problems surfaced, the socialists press would have buried the guy. You know that–and so does everyone else!

This is empirism at the highest level which shows us the socialist press is in the tank for the Democrat Party!

When I saw Hussein-Obama bringing back the Clinton people to staff  his offices, I realized that the status quo was back–and change was just a crock.

Like Bill Clinton, this arrogant man is his own worst enemy. The Good Book says, “Pride Goeth Before A Fall.”

This haunty President will be the object of a number of scandals before his first term end, trust me!

If he continues down this road, he will leave office in 2012, a “Disgraced Man.”


ED Note: After this column was published, Hussein-Obama “Accepted Daschle’s Letter Of Withdrawal For The Nomination Of Secretary Of Health And Human Services.” I wonder if the “Mighty New York Times” had anything to do with Hussein-Obama, “Throwing Daschle Under The Bus?” The paper had called on Daschle to remove his name from considerationin a morning editorial. By the way, Americans are starting to come to their senses. Hussein-Obama’s popularity has now plunged to 50+%. It was in the high sixties at one time!

Do not forget to go out and purchase my new book, “Democrat: Thy Name Is Narcissist.” Learn who Barack Hussein-Obama really is; and what he would like to do to our system of government.


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