B. Hussein-Obama is one unctuous character.  After all, he is a Democrat. This guy has shown that he has the ability to charm the pants off of ignorant people. Notice I said, “Ignorant.” I did not say, “Stupid.” Someone who is ignorant is a person who is unaware of the salient issues of the day!

There is hope for the ignorant! However, if the ignorant individual insists on: Believing the lying socialist news media: Believe everything that comes from the mouth of our new President: Eschews doing their own research on such things as, global warming, or Hussein-Obama’s pork-ladened stimulus bill; then, these people will continue in a perpetual state of ignorance!

The Nation’s “Fearless Leader” is hoping that the folks stay ignorant. If millions of Americans stay in the dark, Hussein-Obama will have little opposition in ushering in his socialists programs, which I promise you, will destroy this country: Not to mention take away “All Of Your Rights.”

Remember folks, there is “No Constitution That Accompanies Socialism.”

I know people say, “This Can’t Happen.” However, I have news for you, “It Is Already Happening.”

I write daily in hopes of ending the grip of the anti-intellectual malise that has a firm hold on this country!

For those of us working in the trenches, ignorance is our greatest obstacle!

In all of my years of studying politics, I have never seen so many ignorant people in my life.  The Democrats have been able to hoodwink so many people because of their lack of staying informed on the issues of the day!

When people do seek out their news, they head straight to the “Brainwashing” networks, who in essence read, “News Releases From The Hussein-Obama Administration.”

We have never had to face such a dangerous person as Barry Hussein-Obama. He has been able to fool people, and this includes, “Conservatives Who Voted For Him,” because he looks harmless. And, because he is good at spreading the B.S.!

Meantime, a stupid person is just that, “Stupid.” These people don’t give a damn about anything, save, what is occurring in their pathetic lives!

It is easy to do an end run around a stupid person–just “Give Them Free Stuff.”

Stupid people are those who make a career out of being a welfare recipient.  There are 2-3 generations of people who have lived on the dole. These idiots are definitely not a threat to socialists like Hussein-Obama.

This country is quickly turning into a nation full of people, “With Their Hands Out.”

No, they don’t receive county checks each month. Nonetheless, they have no idea the dangerous precedence they are setting. The danger lies in them becoming dependent on government to be their, “Sugar Daddy.”

Today, the government “Owns Banks, The Car Industry, Wall Street, Etc.”        

Many would say, “We Have To Bail Out These People.” My response, “No We Don’t.”

We used to live in a capitalistic society at one time. Under the rules of capitalism, if you fail, “You Go Out Of Business.” The well run banks will survive. The well run car manufacturers will continue to hum along and at the same time make money.  Incompetent boobs will send their companies down in flames.

That is their right. However, it is our right to say, “We Are Not Going To Prop You Up, With Our Tax Dollars.” Because what happens when you fail the next time, and believe me, there will be a next time? Does Washington send a bunch of drones down into the basement to print up more money, which at some point will become useless?

I must repeat, the Democrat Party is in the business of “Controlling As Many People That They Can Reach.”

This is how these people stay in power. Their formulae should read: Create an atmosphere where large numbers of people are in need and that will= “Dependence.”

All during the campaign, this phony President was promising to usher in a new era of “Change.” Remember that? 

The loons on the left told us,  once we got rid of that “War Mongering,(Socialists Feelings For George W. Bush) Incompetent Dunce Bush, Happy Days Would Once Again Fall On America.”

Before he took the oath of office, “Barry” was singing a different tune. He was talking about, “How Hard Things Would Be.” Remember, this is the same “Elitist” who said he would fix the nation’s sick economy, “Lickety Split.”

Okay, let’s look at “Little Boy Blues Stick It To Me Bill.”

I know that he calls it a stimulus bill, but with all of the “Bacon That Is In His Bill, Well, It Could Cause Some Serious Cholesterol Problems.”

Hussein-Obama’s “Porkulus Bill” was pegged at “819 Billion Dollars.” That was the House version. The Senate bill is 900 Billion, and will go to the floor for debate sometime this week.

Brian Darling, the director of the U.S. Senate Relations at the Conservative Heritage Foundation is quoted as saying;

“If he wants to cut wasteful spending the first thing he should do is veto his stimulus bill”

Here’s the problem, Obama could easily have this bill approved by Democrats. Something they did in the House, but, “Without The Support Of A Single Republican Vote.”

Hussein-Obama is courting Republicans because he wants to be able to say when this “Big Fatso Bill Fails, hey, I had Republican support as well. So, yeah, go ahead and blame me and the Democrats: But, don’t forget to blame members of the GOP as well!

What a guy, huh!

During the campaign, Hussein-Obama was against pork.  However, his bill is makes the sound of  a,”Pig.”

This is why he is lobbying Republicans so hard. But, to listen to the “Messiah,” and his buds in the socialists press, President Barack Hussein-Obama is “Reaching Out To Republicans In A Bipartisan Way.”

How incredibly laughable!

Let’s see if I can make you laugh some more. Here are some of the pork items that are included in what this man calls a, “Stimulus Package:”

* $600-Million for the federal government to

buy new cars. The government already spends  some

$3 Billion annually on its fleet of 600,000 cars

*$7 Billion to modernize federal buildings

*$150-Million for the Smithsonian Institute

*$252 Billion for income transfer payments for people

“Who Don’t Work.” This money reportedly will go

into paying for Medicaid, unemployment benefits,

food stamps,and earned income credit for people

who don’t pay income tax

* $54 Billion for federal programs, which by the way

have been criticized by the Office of Management and

Budget for being ineffective

Oh, I forgot to throw this little cutie in. Hussein-Obama had to take care of the Teachers Unions. So, he’s throwing them a little bone in the amount of, $66 Billion Dollars. Yeah, I know he says it is for education. Sure, “Wink Wink.”

How are you feeling about the President’s “Porkulus Bill” now? I though so!

By the way, even that old “Maverick,” John McCain is threatening to vote against his pal’s pork bill.

Now, that speaks volumes for this bill!

My advice to all Republicans, avoid this killer bill, like you would the bubonic plague!


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