When I was a kid growing up in the 50’s and 60’s in this country,  a socialist would not have had the nerve to show his or her stripes in public. Forget having teachers indoctrinating our children with this failed dangerous approach to governing!

Back when I was a child, it was okay to be a “Proud American.” It was okay to say out loud if we wished, “I’m A Christian.”

It was okay to say, “I Want To Serve In The Military.” I know for me, I couldn’t wait to join the United States Marine Corps. This I did on June 29th, 1964. I was only six days removed after graduating from high school, when I boarded a flight to Parris Island, South Carolina, to start twelve weeks of hell, called, “Boot Camp.”

But, that was okay, I was proud of what I was doing for my county. My parents and neighbors were equally proud. Back then, if you were caught walking the streets in this country, and you were of draft age, our elders would not hesitate to ask, “Why Aren’t You In The Service.”

Serving this country was thought to be a way to give back to the greatest nation on planet earth!

No, America wasn’t perfect during the 50’s and 60’s. However, I can tell you that it was a damn lot better than it is today. Heck today, we have a President who is an unabashed socialist. He has cabinet members who are socialists. So, why is it that we as a society accept socialism, when back in my day, anyone running for President, and was identified as socialist, would have been ridden out of town on a rail?

Please do not give me that tolerance crap. If you ask me, the word, “Tolerance” should be removed from our daily lexicon. It has done so much damage to our society!

We are talking about a system of governance, socialism, which is a threat to our very existence, not to mention, freedom. We are talking about people like the Castro brothers, Stalin and Mao who would eagerly “Hug Barack Hussein-Obama, if They Could.”

These despicable people would call President Barack Hussein-Obama, “Comrade Hussein-Obama.”

I believe that socialism has taken root in this country, because Americans today have no clue that they have been hoodwinked by Hussein-Obama and those of his ilk. These people do not preach openly their hatred of this country. However, their disdain for America can been seen in the policies they support!

We now have a thing call the SCHIP program on the books. SCHIP, or State Children’s Health Insurance Program, was signed into law by Hussein-Obama on Wednesday, after he gave a long winded speech on how important it was to make sure that, “All Of This Nation’s Children Receive Medical Care.”

He said, “I Know That When I Tuck My Daughters In At Night, They Have Health Insurance.” He said it was a short term goal of his to provide Americans with the same type of health care that his family receives.

What was frightening were these words coming from the President, “This Is Just The Beginning”:

” We fulfill one of the highest responsibilities that we have, to ensure the health and well being of our nation’s children. Providing coverage to eleven million children is a down payment on my commitment to cover every single American”

Next stop is, “Universal Health Care” for this Marxist.

Ladies and gentlemen, when the government runs a program like SCHIP, “They Own You. They Can Tell You What To Do.”

They can tell you what doctor you can see and when. The same goes for Universal Health Care. But, “The Messiah” isn’t telling you this. Furthermore, this phony isn’t telling you that “Illegal Aliens” will benefit from “Your Charity.” I mean after all, it is you Mr. And Mrs. taxpayer who will pay for this exorbitant social program!

Don’t tell me the government will not stick it rather large nose into your medical decisions. Just the other day, “His Lordship” told bankers that they couldn’t make anymore than a half million dollars each year. No more golden parchutes, and the beat goes on.

The old saying, “If It Sounds Too Good To Be True, It Probably Is,” is spot on when it comes to the supposed “looking out for you’ approach recently adopted by the federal government!

By the way, The National Alliance for Hispanic health says more than a third of the children added to the SCHIP Program will be Hispanic. If you think that illegal aliens will not be recipients of free medical care, you’ve got another thought coming!

By the way, the cost for the SCHIP Program is pegged at 32.8 Billion, that is “Billion, With A, ‘B’

So, get ready to dig deeper into your already depleted pockets!

This is not democracy, pure and simple. All of this “Feel Good” stuff  is socialism, which is a heartbeat away from “Communism.”

While giving his rambling speech on the SCHIP program, Hussein-Obama said all of the right things for the puppets in the audience and those puppet legislators standing on the stage with him. However, “The Devil On SCHIP Can Be Found In The Details.”

What Hussein-Obama didn’t tell you was this. He didn’t tell the American people that in order to fund the SCHIP program, we need to go out and “Recruit A Whole Bunch Of New Smokers.” That’s right!

It will be “Smokers” who will pay for this “Free ProgramThrough An Increase In Taxes On Cigarettes.” 

There is a bit of irony in this so-called largess of Mr. Hussein-Obama. While he talks about keeping Americans “Healthy,” this hypocrite encouraging people to pick up the habit of smoking, so that they increase their chances for contracting cancer, heart disease, etc.

The other thing that this double-talking, double-dealing, fast-talking grifter who will, “Tell Them What I Think They Want To Hear,” did not tell the American people was, children under this program can be an old “As Thirty-Years Of Age.”

Since when was a thirty-year old man or woman classified as, “A Child?” Back in my day, we would call people like this, “Loafers, Living On The Dole, Lazy, Gold Bricks, Fill In The Blanks.”

Hussein-Obama sees this as a way to extend his control and dominance over people. What a scoundrel this guy is turning out to be!

Actually, I always suspected that this guy was a cad, dressed in an expensive suit!

It is his narcissism that causes this man to think that he can do whatever he damn well pleases to the American people. And he thinks you are too stupid to see that he has us on the fast tract to socialism!

If you listen carefully to this slick talking snake oil salesman, you will be able to unmask him for the phony that he is. I promise you!

This man wants to create social (Marxist) programs that America will be saddled with forever. In the meantime, while Hussein-Obama was doing his part to create “Millions Of Dependent Americans, His Energy Secretary, Steven Chu was trying to scare the folks in California!

This little jerk had the nerve to say that by the end of this century, California’s farms and vineyards could be a thing of the past. Why?

Global warming, of course!

Chu also threw in for good measure that California’s major cities could be in for big trouble by the end of this century. Here we are in the grips of some of the coldest weather that we have seen in years, yet the Hussein-Obama Administration thinks “You Have the I.Q. Of A Fire Hydrant.”

Because of their immense arrogance, do not expect these elitist people in the Hussein-Obama government to stop pushing their global warming agenda. Billions and billions of dollars are at stake; and this overbearing, egoistic President isn’t about to say that global warming is one gigantic, “Fraud.”

This is why it is so important for you to study–listen to true Conservatives–and always keep an eye on this “Shady Man Along With His Cast Of Smarmy Cabinet Members!”

The good news is that if we continue to give them enough rope, well, you know the rest!


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