Michigan’s Junior U.S. Senator is “Democrat,” Debbie Stabenow. Her husband just so happens to be the Executive Vice-President of the failed “Liberal” talk radio format known as, “Air America.”

Stabenow isn’t happy that Conservative talk radio dominates the airwaves. Even though we all know this woman is married to the Executive Vice-President of Air America, which is in direct competition with Conservative talk radio. Stabenow is out pushing for some type of animal that resembles the so-called “Fairness Doctrine.” Either this woman is just plain old, “Stupid,” or she has lost her mind!

This is the problem with ultral-liberals and socialists in the Democrat Party. They want to steam-roll anyone who is deemed a threat to them. But, don’t be surprised, this is the way that socialism works!

Look at the behavior of the most unqualified man to ever sit in the Oval Office, Barack Hussein-Obama. This is the same guy who just a few scant months ago, promised that he would not only bring “Change” to Washington, he would fix our ailing economy.

There was no talk of how difficult it would be. The “Messiah” made it seem like he would be taking “Candy From A Baby” by righting our sagging economic ship!

A funny thing happened to “The Chosen One” on the road to having a stimulus package sitting on his desk because he said, “Make It Happen.”

Some of our GOP legislators; and a handful of Democrats found that they “Had A Pair.” Not only did every Republican vote against Hussein-Obama’s “Porkulus Bill,” in the House, Republicans in the Senate didn’t just roll over and give “The Golden Boy” what he wanted!

So what did “Mr. Sunshine” do? He started making threats. Mr. “Smiling Jack” warned of dire days ahead, if the Senate didn’t “Hurry Up” and pass the stimulus, I mean, the “Porkulus Bill.”

See, this is what these people do. They threatened Americans; and with the help of the socialists press, they try to keep you in a constant state of “FEAR.”

I have news for Marxists like Hussein-Obama. We are not a socialist country yet!

 There are millions and millions of  hard working Americans who will take umbrage with this nitwit, Debbie Stabenow.  She may think that everyone else has died, and the Democrats have been made “God,” however, she and her colleagues will be in for a huge surprise if they attempt to silence Conservative talk radio!

Memo to Debbie Stabenow: Day by day, the eyes of Americans are starting to open up; and they now can see that they were sold a bill of goods by the biggest huckster to ever sit in the White House, Barack Hussein-Obama!

We are a democracy; and Americans kind of like the freedom that was bestowed upon us by the thousands of men who died so that we can breathe the free air that God provides us with each day!

Stabenow was on the Bill Press radio talk show the other day. Press if you will recall, was the panty-waist liberal who served as co-host of Cross-Fire on CNN years ago. You can’t find a bigger whiner than this Press fellow. This is what Stabenow told “Mr. Sugar Britches”:

” Whether it’s called the Fairness Standard, whether it’s called something else–I absolutely think it’s time to bring some accountability to the airwaves”

This is what Bill Press said after this outrageous statement from Stabenow:

” Can we count on you to push for some hearings in the United States Senate this year, to bring these owners in and hold them accountable?

I told you that Press was a panty-waist. Here we have this clown with his own “Liberal Talk Show” crying like a newborn baby, because liberals are getting their butts whipped on the air By people like Rush!

Bill, I know why you are a “Total Failure.” Sane people “Hate Liberal Talk Radio.” It’s that simply, Billy Boy. You need to get over yourself, pal!

Nonetheless, this idiot Stabenow  has to be kidding. Hey, “Little Debbie,” what about some accountability from NBC News, which is owned by General Electric, and whose President is advising, you guessed it, Barack Hussein-Obama. NBC News has been pushing this hoax called global warming for a couple of years now.

Think about it, what is it that General Electric manufacture? Tons of products that can be purchased by global warming zealots!

That moron, Ann Curry was in Africa a short time ago, climbing Mount Kilimanjaro. She wasn’t doing this for her health either. She was doing a “Propaganda Story” on the snow that is melting on this famous mountain.

She told her leftist compatriot, Matt Laurer, “I’m Going To Take Some Pictures, And See If Anyone Can Do Something With Them.”

Hey Ann, “That Isn’t How Science Is Performed.”

What about some accountability from Kathie Couric? This woman is a disgrace to the news business. I have watched her perform myriad interviews. For her buds in the Democrat Party, she will lob softball questions at them. However, when there is a Republican to be interviewed, this non-ethical “journalist,” will treat her GOP host like a piece of “Red Meat.”

What about The New York Times, which is America’s version of the Russian Communist newspaper, Prada? The people at the NYT make me want to throw up. Their hatred for this country is incredibly transparent. But, apparently not clear enough for Debbie Stabenow, who wants, “Accountability.”

Folks, it is not accountability that this leftist Senator wants. She wants to “Silence The Voice Of Dissent, Which Comes From Conservative Talk Radio.”

People like this socialist want “All Media” singing out of the same hymn book, “All Praises To The Most Merciful, The One, Barack Hussein-Obama.”

Right now, the left is in control of television news, save, Fox. The print media which is fastly becoming a dinosaur, is also in the hip pocket of the Socialist Democrat Party!

If these “Terrorists” can shut down Rush Limbaugh, Glen Beck, Sean Hanitty, etc., they they will control the “News Of The Day.”

Are you okay with that?

Then you need to get on the phone to Washington and speak to your Congressman, U.S. Senator and tell them that if they support bringing back the Fairness Doctrine, “You Will Remember Then At The Next Election.”

Fairness Doctrine. What a crock!

It you want to learn more about socialism and the Democrats who are part of this anti-American political ideology, you need to purchase my book, “Democrat: Thy Name Is Narcissist.” Go to WWW.Amazon.Com, or WWW.Borders.Com, where you can quickly order this important book!


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