Remember back during the Presidential campaign, when people couldn’t use B. Hussein-Obama’s middle name? Those calling for a hands off approach, which included John McCain, thought that those using the man’s Legal” name were being discriminatory. You try and figure out the logic there!

My, My, My, how times have changed. We start with “The Messiah’s” ignaguration. He demands that his middle name is used in the swearing in ceremony. Next, he goes on Arab televion, which by the way, was his first televised interview since being sworn in as the “U.S. President.” He “Brags” about family members who are Muslims, and the fact that he at one time lived in “Muslim Countries.”

What’s going on here? Why all of a sudden,  it is okay for this fraud to talk about his ties to Islam? Notice it was B. Hussein-Obam who established the time-line for the use of his middle name; and his discussion about his “Muslim Roots.”

I’ll be honest with you, I don’t trust this man. He is a very smart fellow. I would not be surprised if he doesn’t speak arabiac, fluently!

Furthermore, I wouldn’t be surprised if at some point we learn that he was, or still is, “A Member Of The Muslim Faith, Islam.”

This guy along with other socialist Democrats were the first to condemn former President George Bush whenever Muslim terrorists were allegedly mistreated by a small number of people in our military. Why is it they never pushed Muslims to condemn members of Al Qaeda or the Taliban for not only their “Torture,” which the “Great One” accuses the U.S. of engaging in, but their wanton killings of innocent civilians?

By the way, Muslims as a whole never had harsh words for these thugs and killers!

However, the left in this country is obsessed with prejudicial feelings toward our military. Yet, these leeches have the nerve to say, “We Support The Military.”

We have to remember that these people are part of the radicals that came out of the 1960’s. They are also the offspring of these socialists and communists!

So, it shouldn’t surpise you that these people have a deep antipathy for the United States of America. Their hatred for our democracy isn’t shown at once. It comes out in dribbles, like a leaky water faucet!

I have kept a sharp eye on this new President. There are alot of things that don’t add up with B. Hussein-Obama. For example, moments after assuming the Presidency, he signs an executive order, effectively shutting down Guantanamo Bay Prison. He didn’t stop to think, “Where do I Send These People Once I Stupidly Close Gitmo?”

No, Hussein-Obama had to throw a bone to his left-wing base. And to show the world that America is a “Humane Place,” even for people who would slit his thoart and the throats of his family members in a nano second!

I have concluded, that because of his lack of any real experience, this guy, “Just Doesn’t Get It.”

I don’t believe that he cares to get it!

For example, this man is obsessed with the terrorists at Gitmo, “Receiving Their Day In Court.”

Haven’t you ever wondered why he is hyper-focused on the rights of muderous thugs? His adminstration right now is deliberating ways of how these slimeballs can quickly go before a U.S. Court. I truly believe that if Hussein-Obama had his way, all of these people would be tried in a “Civilian Court.”

And you know what would happen in that case. The terrorists would have expensive pond scum attorneys who would use every trick in the book to have them exonerated. And since no other country wants these no good bastards, Hussein-Obama would probably say it’s okay for them to stay in America!

The world would “Really Love Us If He Did This.”

Day by day, this rookie is showing that he is way over his head!

Take for example, this dangerous man was in the process of withdrawing charges against al Qaeda bigwig, Abd Al- Rahim Al. Hashiri.  A military judge did it for Hussein-Obama last week. Al. Hashiri is the man our military  says masterminded the bombing of the USS Cole in Yemen.

Seventeen sailors lost their lives in the bombing!

This charlatan met with forty family members last Friday. They were respectful of the office of President. However, it was clear that these people weren’t in agreement with what “King Hussein-Obama” has done.

Hussein-Obama promised the family members that al. Hashiri would remain in custody, and charges “Could” be brought against him later.

That one word, “Could,” should send a cold shiver down your spine. That word leaves open the door for Hussein-Obama to let this man walk right through it, and back to the “Battlefield Like Many Of His Islamofascists Friends Have Already Done.”

But, this hustler tells us that closing Gitmo will make America “Safer.”  He also has the temerity to say that his most important responsibility “is keeping the American people safe.”

I get it. Like being a friend to the terrorists at Gitmo. And also, to use his words:

” Help ensure that those who are guilty receive swift and certain justice, within a legal framework that is durable, and that helps America fight terrorism more effectively around the world”

How is speeding up trials for terrorists an effective way to fight Islamofascists around the world? Another question that I have for “His Highness” is, where do we place future prisoners who are captured on the battlefield?

If I was the one advising our men fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan, My advice would be to place a “Thirty Caliber Bullet Right Between The Eyes Of These Murderers.”

If they are brought to this country, Hussein-Obama will issue an order that they be served tea and crumpets by our troops!


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