You had to see this one coming. During the Democrat primaries, B. Hussein-Obama painted himself as the agent of change. He was also the person who promised to infuse Americans with “Hope.”

There would be sunshine everyday: And there would be no sickness. America would be a land “Of Milk And Honey” with an Hussein-Obama administration in place!

This is the impression that he sent out to the “Sheeple.”

Believe it or not, but there were, and still are, literally, millions and millions of “Dumb Americans” who believe that this guy, “Can Walk On Water.”

So, it is not surprising to me that these same dunderheads are looking for Hussein-Obama to be their personal, “Sugar Daddy.”

Hey, he has no one to blame, but himself.  But, you know what?  I believe that this guy likes being viewed this way. Why? Well, for starters, it inflates his already self-aggrandizement. Secondly, he gets to control millions of knuckleheads. At the end of the day, these knuckleheads are “Plantation Democrats For Life.”

The formula is simple, really!

Create dependence, and you are viewed as the, “Second Coming.”

Yes, I am fully aware that this is sacrilegious. But, do you really think that the “Messiah” will complain? Not on your life, buster!

Instead of “Wiggling His Nose,” ala, Samantha of Bewitch, “The Chosen One,” actually took a plane to his town hall meeting in Fort Myers, Florida on Tuesday. He was surrounded by a partisan crowd, who would have fallen on their swords, had “The Most Merciful One Ordered Them To.”

After saying in essence that his “Pork Bill” was the greatest thing since slice break, “Lord Obama” opened the field for questions from the puppets that were in attendance. Remember the name, Henrietta Hughes, because this woman is going places!

Henrietta Hughes, a Black woman, told Hussein-Obama that, “I’m Praying For You.” To which he replied, “I Like Prayers.” I wondered why? Doesn’t this arrogant man already thinks “He Is God?”

After fattening Hussein-Obama up, old Henrietta moved in for the kill. She told “The Messiah,” I Need A House, A Car, And A Kitchen.”

Say What?

Doesn’t she know that a kitchen normally comes with a house?  There I go again, doing something that the “King” loathes, “Thinking.”

You’ve got to give Henrietta credit, “She Swung For The Fences.” I have said many times on these pages that B. Hussein-Obama is not stupid. He is a very bright man. He also understands how to use others to get what he wants. Don’t forget, he is a down and dirty, Chicago politician!

Hussein-Obama told Henrietta that he would have his staff speak with her. Some people seem to think that Henrietta will be blown off. I am not one of those people. In fact, I believe that Henrietta will get her, “Fifteen Minutes Of Fame, Courtesy Of  The, ‘Gifted One.’

Hollywood loves this President. So, don’t be surprised if Brad Pitt who likes to build homes, or even the “Queen Herself, Oprah Winfrey,” doesn’t give Henrietta a call!

I need you to use your imagination. First, close your eyes. Now, picture the publicity that Hussein-Obama will be able to get out of this. You have to know that the socialists press will go over board with a story of this nature.  I can see it all now. First, Henrietta will be on, “The Today Show,” then, “Good Morning America,” and if she can fit them into her busy schedule, maybe, the “CBS Morning Show.”

While Henrietta will get what she wants from her newly found Sugar Daddy, there is a downside to his phony largess from “The All Seeing–All Knowing One.”

Americans are being primed to accept socialism. See folks,  this is what socialism is all about, “Making Everyone Equal.”

When all you have to do is tell government that you don’t give a damn about democracy, because you are more concerned about the material things in life, then your lez sez-faire attitude creates fertile ground for Hussein-Obama to raise up millions of “Dumb, Stupid People, Like This Woman.”

America, what the hell has happened to us? What happened to working for the things that you need? What happened to enjoying your independence?

What happened to, “We The People?”

You are losing your freedom America: Open your eyes and ears!

Henrietta doesn’t know it, but she is, “Dancing With The Devil.” Lazy, ‘Brain Dead Americans,’ who are looking for something for nothing, are also making deals with the Devil. I do not believe that they understand the seriousness of their actions, because they are “Too Damn Lazy To Do For Themselves.”

She probably didn’t know it, but, this dumb woman was speaking Hussein-Obama’s language. She was saying. “I Am Willing To Relinquish My Autonomy To You–If Only You Grant Me Three Wishes.”

It is almost like Henrietta Hughes “Sold Her Soul” to another human being, who is masquerading as God!

For his part, Barack Hussein-Obama took the office of the Presidency to a level never seen before in the annals of that great office!

I would say, he should be ashamed of himself. However, I do not believe that he cares about his despicable conduct. After all, he is on a mission to turn everyone in this country into a “Card Carrying Socialist.”

The dumber they are–the better!

Isn’t that right, “Comrade Obama?”


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