If “The Messiah” thought that he would receive some good press out of his pseudo-altruistic behavior toward an alleged out of work Florida woman and her equally alleged, unemployed son–he maybe in for a huge surprise!

By now, I have to assumed that you have heard the story of Henrietta Hughes. If not, here is a synoptic look at her “sad story.” Ms. Hughes, who obviously has no shame, appeared at the “Chosen One’s” town hall meeting in Fort Meyers, Florida on Tuesday. After listening to Hussein-Obama dance around the truth on his, “PORKITUS BILL, ” he took questions from several of those in attendance!

Guess what?

 Henrietta was one of the lucky ones that Hussein-Obama called on. She started to explain(BRING UP THE VIOLIN MUSIC) her sad tale of woe to the man that many believe to be “God Incarnate .”

I kid you not, there was one Hispanic male, whose  first word out of his mouth to Hussein-Obama was, “God.” If you listened closely he sounded like he was referencing Hussein-Obama, as, “The Creator.”

Meantime, if you get a chance to see the videotape of this despicable act, watch Hussein-Obama as he approaches Henrietta. There is a White woman in the back of Henrietta  Hughes who silently says, “I Love You Barack.”

Folks, we are in trouble!

These are the people who voted for this guy. I truly believe that they see him as some type of cult figure!

And, he isn’t about to dispel this skewed thinking!

Anyway, Henrietta summoning up as much sadness (Should BePathetic Performance) as she could, told the President that she and her son, who by the way was never identified as to his age, education level, or occupational history, “Were Living Out Of Their Car.”

Henrietta said in essence that she wasn’t asking for much: Just “A House And A Kitchen.”

King Hussein-Obama promised that he would have his staff look into this woman’s plight.

Since then, I have learned some interesting things about Henrietta Hughes and her “Thirty-Seven Year Old Son, Corey.”

By the way, why would a thirty-seven year old man be living with his, “Mommy?”

The man has issues you say? No kidding!

I credit www.riehlworldviews.com with the information that I’m about to share with you. According to this website, Henrietta Clark Hughes was born on 09/10/47. The first home that she lived in was owned by the Fort Myers Housing Authority. She moved into this domicile in 1983. Three years later, she was on her way out!

Her next home was acquired in 1986.  By then, Henrietta and son Corey had moved to the state of Georgia. This home was owned by Georgia Public Housing. It is unclear how long the couple stayed in the Peach State!

Their third home was back again, in the state of Florida. Corey Lemont Hughes is named as the “Owner” of the property located at 1011 Hibiscus Avenue in Lehigh Acres, Florida. Again, there is no information given as to why the couple left this structure!

This brings us back to Hussein-Obama promising to have, “My Staff Contact You.” The man didn’t  have the common sense to say, “I Am Sorry For Your Situation, But there Are Public Agencies that Can Help You.”

These agencies have what are called “Case Managers.” They have ample knowledge of how to negotiate the various institutions in their cities.

But, to be honest with you, I believe that Henrietta Hughes and son, Corey, know as much about these places as a case manager!

I have no personal axe to grind with this woman, but I believe that she out-hustled the “Biggest Huckster To Ever Sit In The Oval Office.”

Can you imagine what the socialists press would do to this couple, had this been “Joe The PlumberAnd His Wife Or Child?”

But, don’t worry, these two-faced jackals won’t run this story. They love victims as long as they are people living on, “The Democrat Plantation.”

By the way, it is, “Not The Job Of The President To Find You A Home.” But, there are, “New Rules In Washington, Now That His Highness Has Arrived.”

Folks, Henrietta’s problems started long before our economic crisis began. We have all been faced with the loss of not having a job. What did we do?

We damn sure didn’t sit down and cry the blues!

No, we hit the bricks ourselves. We relied on family. We relied on Friends. “NOT THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!

Hussein-Obama may have thought that he “Played Old Henrietta,” but sometimes the best of us can, “Get Played.”

Here is why I say this. Henrietta and her son, now have new digs. I should say, “A Free Home, At Least For Now.”

Chene Thompson and her husband, State Representative, Nick Thompson have offered one of their homes to Henrietta and son Corey. Nick by the way is a Republican, however, you will not hear this from the socialists press!

The home that Henrietta and her “Grown Son” will live in is located in LaBelle, Florida. I wish the Thompson’s good luck in getting them out. I don’t think that it will be an easy task. But, the Hughes’ have moved in for now. And you can bet the “Farm” that these two slackers are going to milk this for all that it is worth!

This is what Henrietta told her pals in the media, who just ate it up:

“I don’t feel homeless and alone anymore. I feel someone is not just there, they are standing by”

But wait, because it gets even better. Jim Bowlin has offered Corey, a ten dollar an hour gig at his business, known as Affinitive Concrete Cutting!

Corey said thanks, but he also plans to apply for work at the Fort Myers Police Department. i just bet he will. A police background check on these two could tell us quite a bit. So, I don’t expect Corey to put in an application with the Fort Myers Police Department, anytime soon. That was just smoke!

Remember Nick Thompson? Well, he is using his influences with the state attorney’s office, in hopes of landing Corey a job!

Here’s something about Corey Hughes that I know the MSW will not tell you about. This guy got canned from his job as a program analyst when he worked for the city of Fort Myers in 2002. Why was he fired? Poor performace and also a lack of job knowledge. You have to give him credit, because he was able to con these people for two “Long” years before they said, “enough is enough.”

Corey’s mom is said to be “Looking” for work, “Possibly” in the area os social services.

Yeah Right!

Folks, I don’t mean to be so negative. However, I have seen people like this before. It is said that Henrietta is from New York City. Well, I grew up in New York City, where  learned the fine art of, “Hustling.”

My hustling was honest. Starting at the age of thirteen, I earned my keep as a shoeshine boy. But, I was surrounded by some of the biggest con artists that you will ever meet!

This story has “Con Artist” written all over it!

This story also involving “The Messiah,” Henrietta and Corey Hughes,” reminds me of a movie that Joan Crawford starred in years ago. She played a nightclub owner known as, Texas Guinan.

Texas Guinan would greet her customers with a loud, and hearty, “Hello Suckers,” each evening. The crowd would let out an uproarious approval!

In other words, they knew that they were in a place where “They Were Being Made Fools Of.” However, they got a charge out of being used by Texas Guinan!

The question is, will the American people break out in laughter once we find out who the real Henrietta Hughes is?

My fear is there will be more like her, many legit, who will call on the President to lend them a helping hand.

He has now dug himself a hole, because he won’t be able to blow the next person off.

That’s the price he will have to pay for “Being Too Smart.”


My new book, “Democrat: Thy Name Is Narcissists” can be purchased online at WWW.Amazon.Com, and WWW.Borders.Com.


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