When word came that Judd Gregg had accepted the invitation of B. Hussein-Obama to be his Commerce Secretary, I was one of the first ones to denounce his acceptance!

Gregg is a Republican U.S. Senator from the state of New Hampshire. Hussein-Obama was attempting to convince the people in this country, you know, the ones whose brains are filled with mush, that he was “Only Trying To Act In A Bi-Partisan Manner When He Nominated Gregg.”


What he was trying to do was to pick off a Republican Senatorial seat in 2010. And I was ticked at Gregg for not having the common sense to see through this Machiavellian trick on the part of, B. Hussein-Obama!

Hussein-Obama has pulled the wool over the eyes of millions of Americans, but this is just a gut feeling: I think that Americans have shaken themselves from their hypnotic sleep that they were placed under by this phony with all of his cheap talk of “Change Coming To Washington, And Hope.”

They have seen this fraud do just the opposite. Starting with bringing back myriad individuals from the Bill Clinton days: This includes Hillary Clinton, a socialist, who actually studied at the feet of the “Marxist, Saul Alinsky.”

 This double-dealing, double-talking fake, Barack Hussein-Obama, also said that there would be no lobbyists in his cabinet.

That turned out to be yet another lie from this “Svengali.”

Recall how he was going to cut spending? Yep, another lie from the lips of “The Messiah.”

Take a look at that “Fat Porky Spending Bill” that awaits the signature of this socialist President. Hell, members of Congress nor the Senate can tell you what is  in this reckless spending package!

 Master Hussein-Obama said that he wanted the bill on his desk “Pronto,” and Nancy Pelosi and that little weasel, Harry Reid, went out and cracked the whip. These pay to play Democrats gave him what he wanted–and then some!

Thanks to three reprobate R.I.N.O’s., Republican In Name Only, this bill which threatens our democracy, and robs our children and grandchildren of their future, was passed. Yet, these three Republicans have the nerve to show their faces, and look into the television cameras and say the bill is good for America!

What  lying, hypocritcal scoundrels, Arlen Specter, Susan Collins, and Olympia Snow are!

How these three boot lickers can look at themselves each morning is beyond me. They have no pride. They have no shame!

They are shameless water carriers for their President, Barack Hussein-Obama.

The common folk be damned!

But, their day is coming. I truly believe that the Almighty continues to have his hand on this great nation, just as he has since its inception!

He will not allow socialism nor Communism choke away the freedoms of the good and  decent people of this country.

Mark my words, this arrogant President is his own worst enemy. When you start to believe that “You Are God,” this is when “The Creator” steps in and introduces you to, “Your Humanity.”

Hussein-obama was able to con a bunch of people into believing his lies once, but after they taste what this jack-booted thug has in store for America, they will run to the polls in 2010, and 2012, and reject Hussein-Obama’s and the Democrats socialist agenda!

Judd Gregg must have lost his mind momentarily when he accepted this shady man’s offer to be Commerce Secretary. However, he was able to regain his senses; just in time to see right through this enemy of democracy!

Gregg has told Hussein-Obama that he will not be his Commerce Secretary. That must have gone over well in the White House, given the fact that this controlling little man was preparing to pick up Judd’s Senate seat next year!

Here is why Judd told the Messiah(My Words) “To Stick It”:

” I couldn’t be Judd Gregg and serve in the Cabinet. I should have faced up to the reality of that earlier. I’ve been my own person and I began to wonder if I could be an effective team player. The president deserves someone who can block for his policies. As a practical matter I can contribute to his agenda better–where we agree as a senator and I hope to do that”

Hussein-Obama was later to say that he was, “Surprised By Gregg’s Change Of Heart.”

No, I think he was “Fit To Be Tied.” He thought that he had corralled a Republican puppet, that he could use and abuse;and call it, “Bi-partisanthip.” Gregg some how discovered his “Manhood,” and told Hussein-Obama to find someone else.

While I applaud Gregg’s decision to put this young upstart in his place, I wished that he had been more forceful in explaining why he decided not to be Hussein-Obama’s water carrier. Which by the way at his news conference, Gregg did say that he could carry Hussein-Obama’s water in the Senate.

Simply astounding!

What is with these Republicans trying to play nice–nice with socialist Democrats. Bush tried the same tatic, and the socialist media and their socialist Democrat pals buried the guy!

For eight years, they beat this guy about the head and shoulders. When the economy was going well, the media and Democrats said that we were “In A Recession.”

When the Democrats saw that our boys were winning the war in Iraq, they, along with Hussein-Obama, called for a speedy withdrawal of our troops.

Bush never did get it. These sick people “Hated The Ground That The Man Walked On.”

I would liked to have heard Judd Gregg say that while I thank the President for his job offer, I can not in good conscious support his programs. I am disappointed that he talks about bi-partisanship, however, with him bi-partisanship is when Republicans agree with everything that Democrats place on the table.

Forget all of this nonsense of needing to be liked by the socialist press. They only like Republicans when they agree with their “Bud,” Barack Hussein-Obama!

By the way, Hussein-Obama dissed Gregg when he recently announced that he was moving the Census Bureau to the White House.

The Census Bureau has fallen under the purview of the Commerce Department. Hussein-Obama said in effect that his Chief of Staff, Rahm Emanuel would share directorship duties with Gregg.

No he wasn’t. Yet, another lie from “The Chosen One.”

 Emanuel will be running the Census Bureau, period!

Memo To Republican House And Senate Members: You are in a fight to save this country’s democracy from the socialist, Barack Hussein-Obama. Weed out the RINO’s from your ranks; and start acting like you are grown men and women. If you have this insatiable need to be liked; seek out psychotherapy!

Americans are in need of “Patriots” in this dark hour.

But do not despair, “Light Invariably Follows Darkness.”


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