There was a saying in the Black community in Brooklyn, New York when I was a kid growing up in the 1960’s: “If You Find A Fool, You Bump His Head.”

I never really could solve this conundrum of words. It seems to me that the unknown author of this saying was attempting to convey the following advice:

 ” If You Find A Sucker, Dumb Enough To Believe Your Bull, Milk The Stupid Bastard For All That He/She Is Worth.”

Sorry socialists, but in the real world, people do walk on others. Witness what socialists Democrats in the House and Senate did in passing B. Hussein-Obama’s “Porkitus Bill.”

These people, the Congress, and your socialist President are walking all over Americans because “You Have Allowed Them To Do It.”

You have given them carte blanche to screw you royally by stupidly voting for these people time and time again. What other results did you expect? Did you really think that Hussein-Obama meant what he said on the campaign trail?

Remember that campaign pledge of taxing anyone making a quarter million dollars or more? Haven’t heard that from “Mr Wonderful” since you elected him President, now have you?

Remember when he said if, “I’m Elected President, I Will Have All Important Pieces Of Legislation Posted Online For Five Days–Before A Vote Is Taken–So That The American People Can Read It?”

What’s that? You didn’t get a chance to read the so-called stimulus bill in its entirety? You’re not the only one. The clowns in the Congress didn’t read it either. Hell, they got the bill only hours before they voted on it.

These morons voted on the biggest bail-out bill in history, “And Never Read It.”

Change that we can believe in?

No, this liar, Hussein-Obama, is just like Henrietta Hughes, “He’s Porking The American People.”

Really, think about this for a moment. It is the same concept that Henrietta Hughes and her son Corey are using, but on a smaller scale. Nonetheless, it is still the same, “Rip Off Approach.”

I published a column the other day on Ms. Hughes and her son. I called them slackers, because there is no way in hell these two lazy bums will ever convince me that they can’t find a job, or a place to live, “On Their Own.”

Hussein-Obama tried to look like, “Joe Cool” as he ambled up to this phony and gave her a peck on the cheek, and declared, “I Will Have My Staff Contact You.”

I thought at the time, “What An Outrage.”

The President of The United States, is now in the business of acting like a Case Manager For Two Gold Brickers?

I knew that as the days passed more would come out on this woman. Not from the socialists press, but from bloggers like this writer and the good folks at WWW.WinkNews.Com.

This website is reporting that it has information that old Henrietta isn’t being forthright regarding her plight.

The Dickens you say?

WinkNews is saying that Tanya Johnson, the Director of We Care Outreach Ministry has told them that her organization:

 “Just Last Month Offered Henrietta Hughes Permanent Housing And A Place To Stay Free For Three Months, But Hughes Refused”

Ms. Johnson added, “we would have allowed her to stay for the first 90 days, no income, you know free.”

Ms. Johnson also said she “Gave” Henrietta and Corey, “Money, Food And Offered Corey Job Training Courses, But It Was Refused.”

Are your eyes starting to open a bit? As a Clinical Psychologist, I used to refer people like Henrietta and her son to our Case Managers. Many accepted the help and concomitant advice of our Managers, however, there were always a, “Henrietta Hughes And A Corey Hughes.”

These people weren’t interested in working. They wanted everything, and I mean “Everything,” handed to them on a silver platter.

This woman is a product of our society. Guess who taught her how to leech off of  society?  If you said socialist Democrats, you are right.

See, Democrats love people like Henrietta Hughes. The dumber they are the better. The more they seek out welfare, and other social service agencies, that’s even better. Democrats are creating a, “Useful Idiot For Life.”

And by the way, an idiot is no threat to socialist Democrats. They don’t “THINK!”

They are a wonderful propaganda tool against Republicans and Conservatives. We are called non-caring, intolerant, racists, if we say people like Henrietta Hughes and her son, “Should Work.”

It’s called being “Independent, Rather Than Dependent,” the way socialist Democrats like people!

When I opened my local paper on Friday morning, I was shocked. Folks, Henrietta Hughes used to live in Rochester, New York at one time. The story was written by the Associated Press which tells me a lot about the local paper. Its readership is down, therefore, the paper has had to lay off a number of people. The situation involving the Democrat and Chronicle is typical of a many hometown newspapers.

Because of their “Liberal Slant On The News,” people have grown tired of he bias. So, a lack of readers translates into the demise or soon to be death of many local papers!

The AP did a terrible job on Henrietta’s connection to Rochester. First, the AP doesn’t tell us how long the two lived here. Secondly, we are not told if Herietta and Corey, “Worked.” Something the two appear to have built up an aversion to!

According to Henrietta’s “Spokespeople”, the Associated Press:

” Both had college associates degrees, computer skills and experience in fast food and housekeeping. They seemed like a good fit for the state’s tourism industry”

Now, this is a news gathering organization “reporting” on these people. However, the quote sounds like the AP had taken on the role of job finders for the duo. What does having experience in housekeeping and having an associate degree have in common?

I’ll believe that they have an accredited degree from a major accrediting body when I see it!

Here’s a final thought on how our society creates “Dependence.” Henrietta and her son are living, “Rent Free” in the home of Florida State Representative Nick Thompson and his wife, Chene. WINK News reports it confronted the Thompson’s and explained that the Hughes sold some property “They Owned” in 2005 for a whopping, ” Forty-Seven Thousand Dollars.”

That’s a lot of dough. Invested properly, well..

Chene Thompson who apparently likes being make a fool of said, “That Was All Of The Money They Had For Several Years And It’s Gone.”

Showing that she could say something even dumber, Mrs. Thompson said:

“They have nothing today. They need help today. They didn’t need help in 2005. They need help today. So whether they had $47,000 or $147,000 in 2005. It doesn’t matter. They don’t have any money today”

All Righty Then!

Some people are just “Slow Learners.”

Right Henrietta?


By the way, for the Thompson’s, when your home is trashed, keep your pie-hole shut!


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