Those of us in the trenches knew that it would happen, however, the question was when!

Socialist Democrats are intoxicated over the amount of power that lies within their “Bolshevik Hands.”

As you know, the Democrats are now in control of both Houses, the Presidency, the socialists news media, and also Hollywood!

Why is Hollywood mentioned? It is because of the number of leftists that live and make movies out West. These people are known for, shall we say, “Stretching The Truth,” when it comes to history.

They have the power to shape the minds of individuals on a number of salient hot button issues!

Lying about Conservatives and Republicans in their movies, has never been a problem for these committed socialists. In fact, they feel it to be their duty to present to the public, a clearly distorted picture of those on the Right!

At the same time, “pump out movies placing those on the left in the role of heroes, or ‘saviors’ of this nation.”

To say that these movies can be nauseating, would be a major understatement!

But back to the Democrat Party for a moment. Not only will they now  implement their socialist programs that they have been chomping at the bit to do for more than twenty years: They will now go after what they perceive to be their “Enemies. ”

I reported on these pages recently that Congressman John Conyers would like to investigate former President George Bush and his erstwhile Vice-President, Dick Cheney, for alleged War Crimes Acts!

Conyers is a loudmouth hypocrite, whose only interest is to shame Mr. Bush. He doesn’t care that if he gets the chance to launch a bogus investigation of the former President, it will cost millions of dollars, a grandstanding “investigation,” could also place the safety of America’s people in danger.

In order to receive any semblance of a “fair trial,” Mr. Bush would have to reveal “Top Secret Information.”

These Bozos in Washington couldn’t care less about releasing sensitive top secret information. People like this John Conyers character are more interested in the plethora of television cameras and lights that will envelope his little “High Tech Lynching Courtroom.”

These Marxists in the House and Senate have waited for more than two decades to mete out punishment to Conservatives and Republicans. A word of caution to these “eager beaver,” the political pendulum will one day swing back to the Republican side, and the retribution from the GOP and Conservatives will be earth shaking. So, have your fun at stripping the U.S. Constitution, while you can!

Speaking of Congressman John Conyers, he and three other members of the House have called on the Obama Justice Department to conduct a civil rights investigation regarding immigration and crime sweeps conducted by the Arizona Sheriff’s office.

Anyone who knows Sheriff, Joe Arpaio, understands that he is a tough as nails, law enforcement officer. Another way to put it, Sheriff Arapaio is not in the business of “Coddling Criminals,” the way that socialists in this country want law enforcement to do!

You need to know that this request from Conyers and the other three socialist Democats is political. These people don’t like how Sheriff Arpaio and his deputies do their job, “weeding out people who don’t belong here.”

This is what is at the heart of the stunt that is being pulled by Conyers. It is about, the Democrats are now in power, and it is pay back time for anyone who has attempted to thwart their efforts to “Provide A Sanctuary” for Mexico’s illegal aliens, said to be in the million in this country!

By the way, it is being reported that half of those arrested during sweeps by the Sheriff’s department last year, “Were Illegal Aliens.”

Sheriff Arpaio is apparently doing his job too well in the opinion of one, Congressman John Conyers!

In Conyers, and other socialist Democrats, various Hispanic groups have found a friend. Conyers and another socialist, Maxine Waters have either co-sponsored or introduced legislation favorable to illegal “Mexican” aliens.

To say that he has “No Dog In This Fight,” would be untrue. Conyers is using his office to go after a great American.

Did I mention the group “The Reconquistas?” These people believe that the United States “Stole” California and the Great Southwest from Mexico.

They “Want All Of It Back.”

I kid you not!

Meantime, our government is now in the hands of a group of radicals, who will support criminals from another country, over a “True American Hero.”

Will the Obama Justice Department investigate Sheriff Arpaio?

Of course it will!

It is like I said, these people are intoxicated, “drunk off of their own wine.”

Remember what they say about “Pay back Congressman Conyers.”

Your day will come, and you will not be able to “pull out the race card.”

Ladies and gentlemen, what John Conyers is doing, is another “Overreach By Democrats.” Remember, Barack Hussein-Obama went after private citizen, Rush Limbaugh!

He told Republicans, “To Not Listen To Rush Limbaugh.”

The actions of Hussein-Obama were despicable. Now, we have John Conyers attempting to force the Justice Department to stick its nose into the affairs of an “Elected Sheriff.”

These people aren’t proponents of freedom, they want the people of this once great nation to sing of one accord, the praises of, “Socialist Democrats.”

If you happen to step out of line, “The Hammer And Sickle Will Drop On You.”


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