I watched in amusement as the Chicago news media dismantled “senator” Roland Burris on Sunday. They peppered the little guy with question after question. There were a number of female reporters on hand. One spoke so fast, I thought at one point that she would launch her head into outer space!

This woman needs to lay off of the caffeine!

As I watched Burris react like a “Trapped Animal,” I thought, “These Activists Democrat Supporters (REPORTERS) Do Know How To Rip A Democrat.”

There was an addendum to my thinking: “That Democrat Who Is Being Ripped–Has To Be On The ‘Hit’ List Of ‘Harry Reid And Nancy Pelosi.’

None of these people wanted Burris seated in the first place: And this included members of the socialists press.  If you will recall, Reid, a two faced little weasel, if ever there was one, said that Burris would not be seated, initially. However, when the, “Race Card” was introduced, Reid and the rest of his hypocrite allies had no choice but to move aside, and allow Burris to be seated!

By the way, a Chicago court had also ruled that Burris didn’t need the signature of the Secretary of State from Chicago in order to take over the seat left vacant by another slimy Chicago politician, that being the current President of The United States, B. Hussein-Obama!

Burris called the Sunday news conference in order to clear up questions that he perjured himself while testifying before a Illinois State House committee, which was considering impeaching then Governor, Rod Blagojevich. Reading a prepared statement, Burris said, “I Never Misled Anyone.”

Then the wheels came off of the Roland Burris’  “Little Red Wagon. ”

It was all down hill after Burris started to take questions from what appeared to be, “Sharks Who Had Smelled Blood In The Water.”

Obviously, doing the bidding of the Democrat National Committee, these in the tank “reporters” zeroed in on the frail little Burris like a fighter pilot using a laser to acquire a better sight picture of his target!

Yelling and screaming at Burris, the reporters, with no sense of decorum, questioned Burris about his role in quietly filing an affidavit, which now appears to contradict his January testimony about then Governor Blagojevich!

In the affidavit, Burris admits that “Yes, He Did Have Contact With The Governor’s Brother, Robert Blagojevich.”

Burris says Robert asked him for campaign funds. Coincidentally, right before the Governor appointed Burris to the Senate seat.

Why is this important? Well, when Burris testified before the Illinois State House Committee in January, he flat out denied that he had ever spoken to Robert Blagojevich or anyone else about the seat. However, his affidavit says Robert wasn’t the only one he spoke to. It now comes to light that Burris spoke to several other people. Hm mm..

Even with this new information, Burris is maintaining that he was “Honest As The Day Is Long.”

According to Burris, it was he who voluntarily submitted the affidavit explaining his contact with the Governor’s brother. He said that he did this in order to, “Clarify His Earlier Testimony”:

” There is no inconsistencies. There is no type, any type, of hiding or trying to slip something by someone. It’s completely honest, completely forthright, and it certainly is the truth”

So why didn’t Burris tell the Committee that he spoke to Blago’s brother? Well, if you can believe this, Burris said, the Committee took him “In Another Direction–And That He Wasn’t Given Time To Correct The Record.”

Sorry Roland, but “That Dog Won’t Hunt.”

During his questioning in January, Republican Jim Durkin couldn’t have been more clearer!  He asked Burris if he had:

“Expressed interest in the Obama seat with ‘Any’ members of the governor’s staff or anyone closely related to the governor and specifies six names, Robert Blagojevich among them”


Durkin also asked Burris:

“Did you speak to anybody who was on the governor’s staff prior to the governor’s arrest or anybody, any of those individuals, or anybody who was closely related to the governor?”

This is how Roland Burris answered:

” I reall having a meeting with Lou Monk”

Burris whose tail is firmly in the cracks and will soon be severed, “Never Mentioned The Name Of Robert Blagojevich.”

Not smart, Roland!

However, in his affidavit, Burris’ memory “Was As Clear As Crystal.”

He testifies that Robert Blagojevich did indeed call him “Three Times.”

Roland, let me see if I can help you out here!

It appears that you attempted to “Bury” your affidavit so that no one would ever find it. By doing this, you could say, “I Never Lied.”

But, sorry. It looks like you did!

The Republicans in Illinois are calling for Burris to resign. That’s not all. The Republicans are also calling for a criminal investigation into whether Roland Burris, the former Attorney General of Illinois, “Perjured Himself.”

Harry Reid’s office is reportedly looking into this volatile case. Reid would probably love to show this guy the door. Don’t forget, he didn’t want Burris up on Capitol Hill in the first place!

Burris looked like a cat on a “Hot Tin Roof On Sunday.”

Frankly, I am glad to see Republicans turn the tables on socialist Democrats: And give them a taste of their own medicine!

Ironically, the GOP is using the Democrats favored weapon to go after Roland Burris, “The Lying Socialist Press.”


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