Remember all of the “Hot Air” that B. Hussein-Obama gushed out last year about African-Americans needing to take more responsibility, and make sure their children turned off the television and study more?

Hussein-Obama chided Blacks by saying that, “I Can’t Do It For You, You Have To Take Responsibility.”

Prior to Hussein-Obama stepping up and urging Blacks to be more of a nuclear family, no other high profiled Democrat in this country, had ever issued such a challenge. Some would say that being Black, Hussein-Obama could get away with it. But, what about  the two race-baiters?

Jesse Jackson and Al “Hamhock” Sharpton.”

I never heard either Jackson or Sharpton tell Blacks, “Stop Whining About It’s The White Man’s Fault, And Start Acting Like You Have A Brain.”

These two “Big City Hustlers” didn’t take this route because it wasn’t in “Their Best Interest.” Playing the race card, and laying a guilt trip on Whites is what has made Jesse Jackson a wealthy man. Sharpton may not be rich, but he’s not doing too back!

When Hussein-Obama stepped out and attempted to act like Bill Cosby, this charlatan was saying one thing, and thinking something else!

I will explain that last statement later!

This is what Barack Hussein-Obama told members of the NAACP at their convention last year:

” Now, I know there’s some who’ve been saying that I’ve been too tough, talking about responsibility. I’m here to report, I’m not going to stop talking about it”

It was good old Jesse who had criticized Obama for “blowing the whistle on millions of these lazy, whining ne’er do wells.”

Heck, that is Jesse’s “Bread And Butter.” Keep the people dumb and stupid. Keep telling them that it is the White man who continues to keep them down!

Right On?

And all the while, tell them that their monthly “Welfare Check, Is Their Money.”

It is money owed to them, for their forefathers “Blood, Sweat And Tears In Building This Country.”

You probably have a look of incredulity on your face after reading that last line. Believe me, I grew up in the Black community: And I know the crap these people are fed by “Community Organizers.”

Wasn’t “The Messiah” a community organizer?

By the way, Jackson also lashed out at Hussein-Obama for letting out another secret in the Black community, ” Absent Fathers.”

You know the ones who is  a “Baby Daddy,” to multiple children?

It was interesting that while giving Blacks a tongue lashing last year, Hussein-Obama said that it was the “Fault Of Washington And Wall Street” for not addressing the economic ills Blacks had to face.

He also threw in the same old tired socialists rhetoric of:

* A lack of affordable health care

* Inadequate public schools

* Income inequality

You have to remember that this fraud was running for President when he took indolent members of the Black community to the proverbial woodshed.

Believe me, he didn’t mean a damn word of what he said!

Barack Hussein-Obama couldn’t care less about anyone or anything in the Black community. This guy only cares about himself and his family. Witness how many people he threw under the political bus during his run for the Presidency.

Folks, “It is all about Barack.”

Now, he has signed his pork barrel spending stimulus bill. Hussein-Obama performed his little dog and pony show while in the Mile High state of Denver, Colorado. But, there is one part of his bill that the socialists press has completely overlooked!

The sweeping welfare reform program which was started by Ronald Reagan in the 1980’s and pushed through the House by Bill Clinton, has now been “Removed From The Books,” by the President of the United States, Barack Hussein-Obama.”

This was a major piece of legislation that forced good for nothing, crack-smoking, dredges of society, to either work, or they would receive no welfare.

Millions of these leeches were taken off of the welfare rolls across the country, thanks to this legislation.

But now, they are, “BAAAAAACK.”

In fact, what Hussein-Obama has done is to encourage even more people to live off of welfare, because there is no longer an impediment to stop them from becoming a welfare “Addict” for life.

Robert Rector is a well known welfare researcher. He was one of the architect’s of Clinton’s 1996 Welfare Reform Bill. He says what Hussein-Obama has done will open the floodgates to a, “Welfare Spendathon.”

Rector went a step further by saying that Hussein-Obama’s “Spendathon” will see this country realize the “largest one year increase in government handouts in American history.”

So, when you go to work today, think of the millions and millions to come, who will be laughing at you as you work your arse off, “To Support Them, And Their Families.”

You can thank our socialist President for that!

What Barack Hussein-Obama has done is unconscionable!

He talks about having our kids go to college. Whose children are he talking about? Certainly not poor Black, Hispanic and Whites!

 He has encouraged members from these groups to become “Professional Welfare Recipients.”

He talks about Black parents taking responsibility. What segment of the Black population was he talking to? Certainly not to those in our inner cities. This is where you will find the lion share of African-Americans who live on welfare!

This is where you will find a sea of polysubstance abusers!

A polysubstance abuser is someone who uses all types of drugs.

How in God’s dear name can these people be called on to take more responsibility, when double-talking “Pushers” like our current “Socialist President” is encouraging Blacks and other poor people to “Live Off Of Welfare For Life?”

Yeah, his speeches on Black fathers stepping up–and Blacks in general taking more responsibility sounded good.

But, we must remember, “The Cameras Were Rolling When This Hot Dog Was Speaking.”


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