It is only my opinion, gathered from empirical data over the years: However, I have concluded that liberals are the victims of some form of, “Arrested Mental Development.”

Many of these dangerous people live in a “Fantasy World.”

A land where the “Cartoon Reel” never stops!

How else could you explain the lunacy of liberals who continue to demand that the United States be a, “Gun Free Country.”

After all, this is what they are saying when they call for, “Sensible Gun Laws.”

I mean, how many more gun laws do we need? Yes, what these people really want is for every law abiding American to go to their nearest police station, and turn in their guns. In the minds of these childish people: The only people with guns would be, “The Police And Military.”

Again, the lack of thinking in a concrete fashion causes these people to think, “The Police And Military Would Never Turn On Us, Never.”

I for one am  not willing to roll the dice on this liberal fantasy!

And, what of criminals? Have you ever noticed that the ones calling for more strident gun control laws, live in Hollywood, or some other safe area of the United States?

Or, like our “Fearless Leader, ‘The President,’ Who Hates Guns, ” but have bodyguards, equipped with “Enough Guns To Fortify A Small Army!

What these “Caring People” are saying to inner city people, and those living in less ideal environs is, “Tough.”

See what I mean about the dangers of these people? They never think through, the ramifications of their “Candy Land” policies!

Think about this!

What nitwit would pass legislation allowing people to place “Wild Animals” in their domiciles?

Well, it has happened all over this country; and the results are deadly!

You can not blame a wild animal when it gives into its intrinsic behaviors. That is the way God made them. I don’t care what liberals think of the Creator. Animals didn’t just appear on this planet by happenstance!

A “Wild Animal” is called “Wild” for a reason!

In Stamford, Connecticut, 70-year old Sandra Herold placed a frantic call to 911 the other day:

” He’s ripping her apart”

The he was Herold’s nearly “Two-Hundred Pound Live At Home Chimpanzee, Travis.”

The “her,” was Herold’s friend, 55-year old Charla Nash!

Police say the chimp, attacked the woman, ripping off both of her hands, and inflicting bites and cuts to the rest of her body. Ms. Nash is in a Connecticut hospital, fighting for her life!

Police say Ms. Nash had just arrived at her friend’s home, when the animal went berserk, and started to attack her.  Ms. Herold, according to reports, “stabbed the primate” numerous times, but to no avail. He continued with his fierce attack!

A distraught Sandra Herold then called 911!

 Travis was well known for his appearance in several national television commercials, one for Coca-Cola and the other for Old Navy!

In the end. Police had to eventually place several well aimed bullets into the animal, killing him.

What is interesting is that Stamford police Captain, Richard Conklin told reporters, this wasn’t the first time his department had to interact with the chimp. He said that in 2003, the animal escaped and “Wreaked Havoc” on the streets of Stamford for several hours!

Keep in mind, this “Liberal Woman,’ and we all know that she is a lib, so let’s not quibble, placed an entire community in danger of this thing, simply because she wanted what she wanted, “A Wild Animal Living In Her House.’

These are the same people who love to lecture others on how they should live. They are also the same ones who tell hunters not to shoot animals. Yet, it was Sandra Herold who “Begged Police To Shoot And Kill Her ‘Beloved’ Chimp.”

Personally, I think these people are a bunch of screwballs. They are constantly saying that society needs to protect them from the “Evil Legal Gun owners.”

How about society protecting us from people like this woman in Stamford, Connecticut!

And what of the nut in Yacort, Washington in 2002? This idiot lived at home with a “Rattlesnake.”

Again, it was all legal. Crazy, but legal!

This numb skull got a bright idea one day. The jerk wanted, “A Kiss From His Rattlesnake.” Well, the snake went him one better, “He Bit This Dunderhead.”

Fortunately for him, this obviously sick man lived!

 God only knows what types of critters live in his home today. Again, another wacked out liberal who like to “Shared His boundless Knowledge With The Rest Of Us.”

I would be remiss if I didn’t include the story of Timothy Treadwell and his girlfriend. Treadwell was a self-described “Bear Expert.”

Not just your run of the mill bear expert mind you, but a self-proclaimed authority on “Grizzly Bears.”

Treadwell and his girlfriend would spend their Summer vacation time in Alaska.  Once there, he and his better half would venture off into the wild, and “Play With Their Friends, The Alaskan Grizzly.”

Treadwell even had cute names for the bears, i.e., Tabitha, Mr. Chocolate, And Wizard.”

He was filmed playing with the bears, and even “Turning His Back On These Very Dangerous Carnivores.”

Long story short!

Treadwell and his girlfriend eventually became ah, “Lunch.”

They both were attacked–and eaten by the ferocious animals!

As I see it, all of these people mentioned in this story, not only need(ed) help, they posed a real danger to society!

There is nothing “Cute” about allowing troubled people to either take possession of a wild animal, or cavort with same.

Not only do liberals need a wake-up call, “They Need To Grow Up And Stop Placing Our Lives In Danger.”

Editor’s Note: Late this afternoon, word came that a Connecticut lawmaker had introduced legislation barring “Idiots” from owning primates. If only the liberals in that state had exercised common sense before this tragedy occurred!


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