It is a damn shame when a group of lawbreaking illegal aliens from Mexico can enter our country and be handed on a silver platter, “Constitutional Rights.”

People who have no legal right to be in this country in the first place,  are given the same “Constitutional Rights” that you and I enjoy. We can trace our roots in this country all the way back to several hundred years. Many of us, this writer included, can go back even further, because of our Native American ancestors!

Yet, poorly, uneducated peasants, who have no connection to the United States of America, and  who boldly crash our borders every day, to sell drugs, commit a plethora of crimes, and spread diseases, are handed the same identical rights that we, “Legally Enjoy.”

Something is awfully fishy between the bureaucrats in Washington, D.C., and the slime-ball government of Mexico. We all know that this country hasn’t broken a sweat in its attempts to stop the hordes of illegal aliens coming from South of the border and breaching this country’s sovereignty!

So, my question is twofold!

Who are the bureaucrats on our side who are working hand in hand with the Mexican government? Secondly, who are the people in Mexico working with the scum bags in Washington, D.C.?

Since we have a socialists press that has surrendered its duties to inform the people, but to carry the water for the Democrat Party, we really have no one who can do investigative stories on what is taking place along our borders with Mexico!

Those brave souls on the other side of the border, that is Mexico, who attempt to write hard hitting investigative exposes’ are found either beheaded, or shot to death!

America, “Something Is Rotten, And Its Stinks To High Heaven!”

How else could you explain the story of Arizona rancher, Roger Barnett!

If you will recall, I wrote a story, just last week on Mr. Barnett. This man, single handily has been doing the work of the Border Patrol for years. When I say that he has been doing the job of Border Cops for years,”I Mean It.”

This man has stopped, and held, “Thousands Of Brazen Illegal Aliens,” Who Have Used His Property In Order To Get To The Promise Land.”

These people were eventually turned over to the Border Patrol: And your guess is as good as anyone else as to what happened to them after they were, “Arrested.”

Chances are good that many of those apprehended by Mr. Barnett were rewarded, and allowed to stay in this country, in-perpetuity!

It happened that way when an illegal used to fail to show up for a deportation hearing!

President Bush, the man that many are wishing was still in Washington, given the debacle that Hussein-Obama has created, ended what used to be called, “Catch And Release.”

Millions of illegals who came here before “Catch And Release” was implemented, are part of the package of illegal aliens that “King Obama” will eventually shove down the thoat of the American people, in the form of an amnesty bill.

Belive me, it’s in the hopper!

Apparently, Roger Barnett went too far according “To The State.”

Some criminal judge out in Arizona said, “Hell Yes,” illegal aliens were within their “Constitutional Rights” when they filed a frivolous lawsuit against Barnett five years ago.

This muscled-headed judge allowed these criminals to file a multi-million dollar lawsuit against this “American” all because he detained a group of criminals who were trespassing on his property.

What ever happened to, “A Man’s Home Is His Castle?”

By the way, it wasn’t hard for the criminals to find a group of dirt bag lawyers who thought they would be in for a hefty payday by ripping off another American!

The illegal aliens charged Barnett with not only violating their Constitutional Rights. Boy, does that stick in my craw.!

They also said that he caused them emotionally distress. This from a band of criminals coming out of the crime ridden country of Mexico!

What these scum bags were hoping to do was to become the owners of Mr. Barnett’s 22-Thousand-Acre working ranch!

You could see that coming a mile away.

What a number of Hispanic groups were also hoping to do was emasculate Americans who own property along the border with Mexico. 

If you wonder how the illegal aliens found money to pay their lawyers, look no further than Hispanic groups.

This was indeed a, “Watershed Case.”

Keep in mind, Barnett caught this garbage on his property. Yet, the Mexican government issued a, “Formal Complaint” to this government over what it complained to be, “Vigilante Actions.”

I’ll tell you what. Go down to Mexico and trespass on the property of some high government official. After your arse is thrown in a rat/roach infested jail cell, petition the Mexican government. Tell them that you want to exercise your, “Mexican Constitutional Rights.”

That laughter that you are hering is coming from the President of Mexico!

We have lost our damn minds in this country. When will the madness stop?

Well, at least the eight member jury hearing the Barnett case wasn’t altogether crazy. The criminals didn’t get their “Pot Of Gold, Which Included the Ranch.”

The swine lawyers didn’t end up with a big payday, either. However, the jury did award the criminals with a little more than “Seventy-Seven Thousand Dollars,” of this good man’s hard-earned money.


Barnett was found guilty on four claims of assault and four claims of infliction of emotional distress!

Give me a major break, with you!

I wonder, what would these “great americans” judging Mr. Barnett have done, had he, Barnett,  and members of his family been murdered by these criminals?

Right. They would have gone on with their miserable lives, probably not giving a thought to the news of his demise.

My advice to the jurors hearing this case. There is a little thing called “Karma.”

In essence, it says, “What Goes Around, Comes Around.”

Your day will come, and it will involve an illegal alien, the people that you conferred “Rights” to.

For your sake, I hope that it’s not two o’clock in the morning, and you awake and find some slimy illegal alien standing over your bed!

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