That old smooth talking, B.S. artist from Arkansas has looked out on the horizon, and he doesn’t like what he sees!

So, Bill “I Never Saw A Dollar That I Didn’t Covet” Clinton is telling this nation’s “Socialist President” to lighten up on the doom and gloom stuff. Clinton wants Barack Hussein-Obama to go back to the “Happy Talk Of Change And Hope.”

You know? Go back to lying to the American people, in only the way this narcissistic socialist can do!

Clinton understands that Hussein-Obama is depressing the masses, with all of his daily pronouncements of, “The Sky Is Falling.”.

A deeply depressed people can spell trouble for socialist Democrats in 2010. That is, if the Republican Party can ever get its act together, and come up with a clear message that explains to voters why they should ever be trusted with the reigns of government again!

It is clear that Hussein-Obama has given himself a lot of rope. It is also clear that this moron will hang himself because of his unbridled, “Arrogance Of Power.”

I have never seen such a self-centered, ego maniacal President in all of my years of covering politics. To have self-confidence is one thing, but to be so outwardly egotistical like this man is, is repugnant!

Bill Clinton realizes that the American people are assessing this brazen President’s every move. Clinton not known for having a discipline tongue, told ABC News that Hussein-Obama needs to “put a more positive face when speaking to the American people about the economy.”

In a way, I am shocked at this Bill Clinton statement. Here is why!

 Democrats are known for liking to keep Americans in a constant state of fear. This is how they control you. Think about this for a moment!

Hussein-Obama knows that there  is no such thing as global warming. However, he had placed billions of your tax dollars in his “pork bill” designed to pay off his lackeys who support this charade.

The point of global warming is to made you afraid. Once that is accomplished, all that people like Hussein-Obama, Al Gore, Bill Clinton, etc. have to do is pick up their “Shears And Proceed To Fleece The Flock.”

In other words, get into your pocketbook by having you buy billions in their global warming gadgets!

This bogus stimulus package is designed to scare the pants off of every Americans. The point of Hussein’s pork bill is not to dig us out of this economic crisis, it is to force Americans to depend on big government!

As millions of Americans hold out their hands, hoping that “Sugar Daddy” greases their palms, they are shutting the door on democracy, and opening the door to “Socialism.”

This Marxist President thinks he has Americans where he wants them. However, as more and more Americans wipe the scales from their eyes, they are beginning to recognize this “Freedom Hater For His Affinity To Such Characters As Castro, Mao And Karl Marxx.”

I must confess that I have expressed concern regarding our young people, and the future of this country. They are indoctrinated every day once they enter the classrooms with socialists propaganda!

The kids at Dobson High School in Mesa, Arizona made me so proud the other day!

Hussein-Obama who thinks he has the young people of America wrapped around his socialist fingers, didn’t impress the kids in the Advanced Placement Classes at Dobson High School!

This story comes from the wire service’s Associated Press, which is clearly “In The Tank” for Hussein-Obama. How this story seen the light of day is anyone’s guess, because normally a socialists editor would have thrown this story into the “Circular(Waste Paper Basket) File.”

The A-P says Hussein gave one os his “Vintage Speeches” to the students:

” Some of the students attentively watched the speech, giving questioning looks and comments, shaking their heads and laughing at some of Obama’s words. Other students listened, occasionally glancing up to watch, while texting on their cell phones, reading a book or finishing school work”

See what happens when “You Are A Thinker?”

A politician can’t just open his lying yap with a thinking people, and utter a bunch of mumbo-jumbo, and they  say, “Yeah, I Agree.”

Folks, these were just, “High School Kids.” Nonetheless, this Marxist wasn’t able to pull their wools over their eyes. Not only do I credit their teachers, but I must give an enormous amount of credit to their “Parents,” who have not allowed the socialists in this country to “Take Their Children’s Brains Out Of Their Heads And Wash Them.”

By the way, the A-P reports, “The Reaction Of The Students To The Speech Ranged From Skepticism To Outright Hostility.”

A student by the name of Brandon Miller wore a T-shirt with Obama’s face on it. However, the words on the T-Shirt said it all: “Even Hitler Gave Good Speeches.”


In performing the research for this story, I went to the website,, there, I found some comments from Americans who can look right through this charlatan:

” In one of 44 speeches, he used the word “crisis’ over 25 times. But what kind of an economic crisis is tempered by throwing billions of dollars to the Endowment for the Arts, NASA, weatherize modest income homes, and on and on….? If he truly wants to save us money, why doesn’t he sign these bills in the White House’s Rose have most of the recent Presidents? Also, why does he always sign bills with none of his staff or party favorites surounding him? Why is he the only one in the picture?

Because, “It Is All About Barack Hussein-Obama.”

That’s why!

A final thought: Some “Five-Hundred Parents” were in attendance “Protesting The Messiah’s Visit.” Did you see them on your six 0’clock news?

I didn’t think so!

This is going to be a long fight folks. This man has unfurled his colors, and they are the colors of a, “Marxist.”

The quiet revolution on the grassroots level has begun.

What are you doing to save this great nation from this con artist?

If you want to learn more about socialism, and how these people took over the Democrat Party, get yourself a copy of my new book, “Democrat: Thy Name Is Narcissist.” You can find my book at, WWW.Amazon.Com, or at, WWW.Borders.Com.


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