The enemies of former President George Bush can lie all that they want to, but the Texan was a man of his word. Unlike the socialist who now inhabits the White house: B. Hussein-Obama changes his mind the way that most of us change our socks!

To be honest with you, I wouldn’t trust this guy as far as I could throw him. Some of the left wing policies that he has implemented over the past month should give any freedom loving American, the chills!

It should also make you wonder what will happen to this country, if Hussein-Obama continues on his anti-American Odyssey, un-checked.

I listened carefully the other day as former Tennessee Congressman, Harold Ford, Jr. advised Republicans to not oppose, “This President.”

I found this warning ominous and also incredibly arrogant!

 I have read letters to the editor in my local paper, and many of the kool-aid drinkers are saying the same thing; and that is, “Follow Blindly Behind ‘The Pied Piper.”

Keep in mind that these are the same people who hounded George W. Bush for eight years. However, now that the “Messiah” is in the White House, all must genuflect at the feet of “The Chosen One.”

I think not!

America remains a democracy; and one of our rights is, “Free Speech.”

Not even “The Great One” will be able to squash all dissent. So to the socialists in this country, I say, “Get Used To Having Your Leader Bashed.”

However, unlike the left, this page will not just attack Hussein-Obama for the sake of some macabre thrill, I will hold up his socialist policies for all to see: “You” will be the judge on whether you want to give this single individual complete autonomy, because this is what he really wants, along with his minions.

You can either give him complete power to rule over you, or, we can  get ready to show these people the door, starting in 2010!

I say, “Let’s Throw The Bums Out, Starting In 2010.”

Hussein-Obama had been in office less than a month, when he stupidly signed an Executive Order closing down Guantanamo Prison. It was only after he made this impulsive, and ill-advised decision that Hussein-Obama had no answers when asked, “Where Will You Send The Terrorists Once The Base Is Closed In One Year?”

Although this egoistic amateur closed “Gitmo,” I do not believe that the day will come when terrorists will fan out across America, to be housed in civilian prisons. I am predicting that Gitmo will stay open because, even the most ardent leftist isn’t clamoring for a single one of these animals to be sent to their hometown!

So much for compassion–along with feeling the pain of these thugs and killers!

President Hussein-Obama kicked al-Qaeda and the Taliban in the cajones on Saturday. He also gave his pals on the left a well deserved slap in the face, when he announced that he would maintain George Bush’s position regarding terrorists captured on the battlefield!

Lawyers for the administration marched into federal court late Friday and said that it will maintain the Bush policy that says, terrorists being held without charges are not entitled to Constitutional Rights to challenge their detention!

Well hurray for nothing!

Welcome to the maturation of one, Barack Hussein-Obama!

Any moron could have told the Hussein-Obama administration that giving these nitwits Constitutional Rights would be the dumbest thing in the world to do. Imagine the chaos that the terrorists, not to mention disgraceful lawyers could have caused.

They would have made a joke out of our system of jurisprudence. What Hussein-Obama did at Gitmo was dumb enough. No, he didn’t need to extend his “Largess To Our Enemies Any Further.”

You need to know that the United States is surrounded by enemies, here and abroad!

This is not paranoia, but rather the truth. The sooner you understand this, the quicker will you will start educating yourself about socialism! 

Those of us who treasure our freedom need to keep an eye on so-called, “Human Rights Groups.”

It was human rights people who supported five prisoners being held at Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan,. They wanted these terrorists to be given Constitutional Rights.

Do you still believe these people are our friend? Do not be fooled by a benign name like, “Human Rights.”

Remember, we have no idea who these “human rights” people are. We know this, “They Are No Friend Of The United States.”

These scum bags were pointing to the Supreme Court’s ruling last year, which was a huge mistake, that conferred Constitutional Rights on the prisoners at Gitmo.

What the High Court did defies logic. Here we have a band of murdering criminals who are fighting without a uniform, or country, yet, the Supreme Court says they are entitled to rights?

The majority of these Justices are the same ones who said the 2nd Amendment does not apply to an individuals right to bear arms.  These same muscle heads say a terrorist had Constitutional Rights.

Some neuropsychological testing maybe in order for some of these Justices. I would recommend looking at their frontal lobes!

Hopefully, what Hussein-Obama has done is a signal that henceforth, all terrorists captured overseas, “Will Stay There.”

Our men should quickly turn them over to the respective governments of Iraq and Afghanistan.

Then, let’s hear the whining from the socialists in this country and abroad about the “rights of terrorists.”

Somehow, I do not believe those governments will give two-cents what these troublemakers have to say!

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