To be perfectly honest with you, I was not shocked when I read  the news that socialist United States President, Barack Hussein-Obama, was planning on cutting funds to our brave men fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan!

America, this man is a committed “Marxist.” He is not interested in preserving your democracy. In less than one month, he has proved that he is determined to turn this nation into a socialist country by fiat!

He is much too smart to come out and hold a frank discussion on whether we want to go the route of Russia, Spain, Canada, or even England. Instead, he hides his true intentions for this country in spending bills.

You have heard the term, “The Devil Is In The Details?”

Well, Hussein-Obama’s details for socialism can be found in the bills that he has recently signed into law.  Now is the time for you to take stock of what this man is doing. Don’t believe him when he says he loves America. If he loved this country, he would not be at loggerheads with half of the people here!

If he loved America, he would preserve her democracy, not go the route of Castro’s Cuba!

Those of us in the trenches understand all to well what he is doing. Those of you who have invested your time in educating yourselves on the politics of the day understand what the left is doing!

The rest of the country, those who support Hussein-Obama,  are either too stupid, or simply don’t care if their democracy is supplanted with socialism!

These are the people who could’t care less about:

* The Battle Of Bunker Hill

* Lexington And Concord

* Fort Ticonderoga

* Gettysburg

* Vicksburg

* Iwo Jima

* Guadalcanal 

The socialists in this country probably couldn’t tell you about any of the aforementioned events in this nation’s history, given the myriad of socialists and communists teachers and professors who have charge of our young kids brains!

It is a shame that there are so many who despise their own country, for whatever whacked out reason.

For your edification, Hussein-Obama is just about finished with his first budget. In it, he has outlined plans to severely slash spending on the war against terror.

Forget that dog and pony show that he put on the other week, where he announced that he would be sending another seventeen thousand troops into Afghanistan. That is just a smoke screen, because I believe that this coward will eventually pull all of our troops out of that embattled country!

The people there will simply have to fend for themselves!

This man is Bill Clinton, “Part Two.”

However, he is more dangerous than Clinton ever was. Remember, it was Bill Clinton who could have had Bin Laden killed, but ordered U.S. Troops “To Stand Down.”

I know that this pathological liar says something different nowadays, but the record clearly shows that it was William Jefferson Clinton who ordered our men to not kill Osama Bin Laden: End of story!

Also, remember that the cowards who attacked us on September 11th, 2001, “Came Out Of Afghanistan.”

Pulling out of Afghanistan will give the Taliban and al-Qaeda a place to launch another strike on the United States. Make no mistake about it, our enemies will strike this country again, if we allow Hussein-Obama to weaken our resolve against the Islamofascists!

So, why is Hussein-Obama acting so reckless? One, I think this guy is more arrogant that the mythical character, “Narcissist.”Two, he is way over his head. He doesn’t understand that we are in a war with 12th century savages, one that could last a couple of generations.

I really believe that this man thinks he can “Talk To America’s Enemies.”

He may be able to make MSNBC’S Chris Matthews experience a, “Tingle Go Up His Leg,” however, he will get nowhere talking to the Islamofascists. The only thing that these animals understand is brute strength.

Look at what is currently taking place in Iran. Even the United Nations is saying that Iran now has the capabilities to produce its first nuclear bomb.

I shutter over what Iran will do. The angst in my body is increased exponentially, when I think of who now occupies the swivel chair in the White House!

Don’t expect this “Rookie” to stand in the way of Iran. With that said, I do expect that he will attempt to strong arm Israel into doing nothing to stop Iran from wreaking havoc on the entire Middle East once it produces its initial nuclear bomb!

I keep hearing people say, “Give Him A Chance.”

To that I say, “A Chance To Do What?”

Roll out a red carpet so that our enemies can march in, in glorious, unfettered style? Our military is exhausted from fighting two wars. Now, Hussein-Obama is about to give them a long rest, by “Gutting The One Thing That Provides Us With Safety.”

Then you have the gungrabbers, people like this nitwit, David Hasslehoff, who took time off from his busy avocation of being one of Hollywood’s biggest drunks to offer America some of his sagacious advice on guns.

This out of touch moron recently said that he won’t have guns in his house, because, “They Encourage Violence.”

If you think the above comment was stupid, listen to this gem. Mr. “Authority” on the 2nd Amendment opined:

“My daughter lives in Atlanta and they are allowed to carry guns in their cars. It’s like the Wild West there”

Not only is this fool a bold-face liar; it goes to show you America the lengths these insipid, moronic imbeciles, will go to. Since when did the comments from an air headed Hollywood actor become so important?

It’s like I said earlier, it is people like this clown who has no knowledge of this country’s history, who are willing to sell us down the river to socialism! 

Because of the precious blood that has been spilled by our men in past wars, this ungrateful, out of touch “Lush,” can open his pie-hole and spew out lie after lie!

Speaking Personally, David hazzlehoff can go to hell!

A Final Thought: To those of you on the left, like Hasselhoff, who think the United States is a war mongering nation, I say, “Get Ready For The Real Pain.”

They don’t know it, but the Islamofascists will signal out people like David Hasslehoff, “FIRST, FOR THE RUSTY KNIFE TREATMENT.”

Learn how the socialists took control of the Democrat Party. You can do so, by purchasing my new book, “Democrat: Thy Name Is Narcissist.” Go to WWW.Amazon.Com, or WWW.Borders.Com.


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