WAKE UP AMERICA!  Socialist Democrats are in the process of hijacking your country right from under you. These brazen people aren’t doing it in baby steps either. They are making bold moves every day. Their proposals may seem benign to you, however, if you open your eyes, you will see that these people are “An Enemy Of America.”

Why do I say this?

First, we have a socialist President, along with his confederates in the Congress and United States Senate who tried to sneak Universal Health Care into his so-called stimulus bill. Oh, Universal Health Care, at least the start of this socialist program is in Hussein’s package, but he was hoping that no one caught it.

Next, he is marching to the orders of the United Nations on the issues of so-called global warming. This arrogant President is trying to force this hoax down the throats of every God-fearing American. This despite the fact that credible scientists have warned, “The Earth Isn’t Heating Up, It Is Cooling.”

Now, the Washington Post is reporting that a group of law professors and judges have sent a letter to congressional leaders saying:

” There is no reason Congress should consider the operation of the Supreme Court sacrosanct”

In other words, it is okay for socialist Democrats to start their march toward “Tearing Up Our Constitution.”

America, The Constitution grants “All Supreme Court Justices Lifetime Positions.”

I want you to consider something. If socialist Democrats can step on the Constitution and by that I mean, “Re-Write It,” how long do you think that our present day Constitution will continue to look the way that it does now?

This proposal has the finger prints of Barack Hussein-Obama’s all over it. This man is a total fake. He does not believe in democracy. He believes in people being “Loyal Subjects.”

We can thank the socialists press with filling the brains of ignorant people with this idea that this man is, “The Messiah.”

He is no such thing, but there are millions of dumb people who can’t think or reason in a concrete fashion, who truly believe that this guy “Walks On Water.”

I need you to consider this point!

Imagine if George Bush had impaneled a committee of Republican and Conservative lawyers and jurists. Now, picture this committee coming back and recommending that the President change our Constitution!

Barack Hussein-Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Hillary Rodham-Clinton, Chuck Shumer, John Kohn-Kerry, and the “Socialists New Media Would Bray Like Stuck Pigs.”

They would accuse Mr. Bush of trying to establish a dictatorial “Government For Life, For King George Walker Bush.”

You know that these same villains would say just that. And, the socialists press would go into overdrive, writing and reporting stories warning that Bush was in the process of having the Generals, Admirals, etc. report directly to him, because he wanted “Total Control Of The Military.”

What Hussein-Obama and others are doing borders on a seditious act in my opinion!

This is your country America: And these people are brazenly taking it away from you!

 Have you been asked for your opinion on this matter? Of course not, because these arrogant people lost respect for you a long time ago. They lost respect for you, because of your apathy towards politics.

Until you can build up a fire in your belly, and confront these liberty snatchers, they will continue to gobble up the freedoms bequeath to you by the Founders of this great land!

By the way, nowhere in the Post story does it say who impaneled these haunty law professors and judges. Furthermore, the Post does not provide us with the names of these enemies of freedom. Nor do they tell us where they work, or who told them to perform this anti-American work!

The story does say that a professor by the name of Paul D. Carrington, who teaches at Duke University organized the group of thirty-three who signed off on the letter.

The Post would have you believe that this socialist, Paul D. Carrington andhis other thirty-three comrades were just sitting around one day and decided to attack the United States Constitution!

As I see it, “All Of These People Need To Be Investigated By The FBI.” Since Hussein-Obamais no doubt behind all of this, there is little chance that an investigation will ever see the day of light!

Socialist Democrats have been wanting to shred our Constitution for decades. Now that they have both chamber of Congress, and the Presidency, I fear that nothing will stop them from continuing to act like a bunch of lunatics!

There is one group that can stop these democracy haters dead in their tracks.


There are four proposals in the letter that these sneaky cowards sent to:

” The chairmen and ranking minority-party members of the congressional judiciary committees, Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr., and Vice President Biden–are drawn from various studies, commission  and reform efforts that have foundered in the past”

My question is this. Since Republicans know what is going on, why have they been taciturn on this critical issue? Why aren’t they screaming at the top of their lungs that this is an attack on our freedom?

What is proposed in the letter includes the following. A move to give term limits to Justices. Moving Justices to senior status after they serve eighteen years on the bench.

Here is the point of this traitorous attempt to shred our Constitution:

” The proposal says that justices now linger so long that it diminishes the likelihood that the court’s decisions  will reflect the moral and political values of the contemporary citizens they govern”

Translation, the socialists in this country want to appoint justices that agree with their contemporary view of what is going on in society today.

For example, they want justices who will say that the 2nd Amendment was needed back during America’s infancy, however, at this stage, the 2nd Amendment has “Outlived Its Use.”

These SOB’S want justices who will say that there are limits to freedom of speech. For example, in Canada, a preacher can no longer preach against homosexuality. In Canada, preaching against homosexuality is considered, “Hate Speech.”

The person doing the preaching against this perversion, “Can Be Locked Up.”

Is this the type of country that you want to live in?

I know that I don’t. I didn’t fight for this country in Vietnam so that a “Socialist Who Hasn’t Done One Damn Thing For This Country, Attempts To Rip Her Sunder.”

Are you beginning to see where Barack Hussein-Obama wants to take us?

Please tell me that you do!

We will no longer be a free country. I believe that his socialist views will quickly morph into communism.

What these people are proposing is the establishment of a “Dictatorship In America.”

It is interesting that these so-called erudites didn’t recommend that Federal Judges’ lifetime positions be changed as well. The reason why Federal Judges weren’t targeted is because they do not have the ultimate say on the issues of the day.

Do you follow me?

This “Major Story” has flown completely under the radar screen of the socialists press. You need to ask why am I listening to these people? All that you are getting from them is propaganda from the Hussein-Obama administration!

America, if this doesn’t wake you up, nothing will!

This country is in the firm grip of socialism. My new book, “Democrat: Thy Name Is Narcissist” will explain how the Democrat Party Was Hi-Jacked” by socialists. You can pick up your copy at WWW.Amazon.Com, or at, WWW.Borders.Com.  You need to know how your enemies think, America!


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