The wolf is no longer at the door.  America, he is now in your house!

The wolf in this case is the ever dangerous, Mexican Drug Cartels. These cartels just didn’t spring up over night. Your national news media has been, “Missing In Action” in keeping you abreast of these deadly people!

I don’t know if you have noticed it, but our “Chicken Hearted” socialists press members are great at, “Lying, Spewing Out Half-Truths About Republicans And Conservatives,” however, when it comes to performing any serious  investigative work on “Islamofascists Or The Mexican Drug Cartels,” these cowards are, “At A Loss For Words.”

They are off “Hiding Under Their Desks.”

This is why you know very little about the headway the Mexican drug gangs have made in your country. These people, the drug cartels,  have been, “The Pusher Man” for Americans insatiable appetite for a litany of drugs for years. Again, these are brutal people who operate these cartels. They are not afraid to take on anyone who threatens their lucrative profits!

Why just last year, some five-thousand people were murdered in Mexico by members of these nefarious cartels. Their methods of murdering their victims would even make members of the U.S. Mafia regurgitate.

For example, in addition to beheading many of their victims, and leaving their severed heads on doorsteps, these people have been known to give their victims a bath in barrels of lye or “Boric Acid.”

Other reports, point to victims being fed to an assortment of animals, i.e., lions, tigers, hippos, or venomous snakes!

How is your stomach feeling right about now?

I know that mines was queasy when I first heard of these acts of violence that only a monster could think of!

Both Democrats and Republicans have known of this “Gathering Storm” for sometime. Yet, they have sat on their collective hands. Hell, just the other year, President Bush along with current President, Barack Hussein-Obama, and John McCain, were ready to throw open America’s front door to “Illegal Aliens.”

They tried to shove an amnesty bill down the throats of the American people. Believe me, many of these illegals are members of notorious drug cartels. Yet, these dunderheaded politicians were willing to roll the dice, and make them “Citizens Of The United States Of America.”

WARNING! Look for Hussein-Obama to start pushing for an amnesty bill in the not too distant future!

None of them, Democrat or Republican couldn’t care less about, “U.S. Citizens Who Live Along The Border.”

If they did, they wouldn’t sound like the character that the late comedian, Jackie Gleason created, Ralph Kramden of the “Honeymooners.”

Whenever Ralph felt the walls closing in on him, he would go into his nervous, incomprehensible, “A-Hum-Ma-Na-Hum-Ma-Na.”

If someone recommends stationing the United States Marines along the border with Mexico, you will get a chorus of the Ralph Kramdens from our cowardly politicians in Washington, D.C.

Yet, they have the gall to say they care about “American Citizens” down on our borders.

If I can be frank, “That Is A Damn Lie.”

If they cared, we wouldn’t have judges giving “Constitutional Rights” to illegal aliens so they can sue landowners along the border. If they cared, these unctuous politicians would make sure that our police who are in harms way in border towns, are “Armed To The Teeth, The Way That The Drug Cartels Are.”

Phoenix, Arizona is now being called the, “Kidnapping Capital Of The United States.”

Imagine that? An American city!

Last year, some 366 people were kidnapped in Phoenix. This is John McCain’s state. But, did we hear “One Word” out of his mouth during the Presidential campaign about the problem with illegal aliens?

Absolutely not!

What we did hear from “John Boy” was, “They Are God’s Children.”

People are being kidnapped by the hundred in Phoenix, and we are treated to this kind of dribble from a man who wanted to be our President?

Do you still think that they care?

By the way, Janet Napolitano is Hussein’s Director of Homeland Security. She was the Governor of Arizona before being tapped by “The Chosen One” for her current post.

This woman is no friend of people along the border. During her tenure in office as Governor, Napolitano vetoed a bill that would have cracked down on fake matricula consular cards for illegal aliens.

She also said no to allowing local law enforcement to work closely with the feds on the illegal alien problem.

WAIT: Because there is more from this woman who has the charge of  “Protecting All Of Us.”

She rejected an assimilation bill that would have required immigrants to learn English. And “Good Old Janet” stood in the way of an ID bill designed to stop voter fraud.

Napolitano was up on Capitol Hill today. Not “Once” did the words, “War On Terror Come From Her Mouth.”

The dreamers in the Hussein-Obama administration want you to believe that there was never a war on terror. Remember, Democrat, John Edwards said the war on terror was a, “Bush Bumper Sticker Slogan.”


The Mayor of Juarez, Mexico had to flee his country after receiving death threats. He and his family are now living in El Paso, Texas.

Do you believe that he is safe?

Not according to the death threats that Mayor Jose Reyes Ferriz is still receiving from Mexico.

El Paso Texas detective carlos Carrillo:

” We received information that the Juarez mayor lives in El Paso, and that possibly they are going to come to El Paso to get him. He has not asked us for our help, but it is our duty to protect any resident of our city who may be under threat”

While politicians bury their heads in the sand, the people of this country are in danger. It is only a matter of time before members of Mexico’s drug cartels unleash an attack on U.S. soil.

Who’s going to stop them anyway?

Perish the thought that our politicians  will do something to protect a single American citizen. Here is a refresher course for all U.S. Congressmen, Senator, and yes, “The President Of The United States.”

I present to you the oath of office each of these cowards “Swore To Uphold”:

” I do, solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter: So help me God.

I have but one question, how can any of the people in Washington say they have been true to their oath of office?

My God help us all!

EDITOR’S NOTE: Late Wednesday afternoon, U.S. Attorney General, Eric Holder announced that some 750 suspects from the Sinaloa cartel, operating in western Mexico, had been arrested. The arrests were made in Chicago, Minneapolis, Boise, Atlanta, San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Houston, San Antonio and Miami. Surprisingly, no one was arrested in the entire state of Arizona, Colorado, Nevada, or New Mexico. Holder warned that the cartels, “Will Be Destroyed.”

This operation started some twenty-one months ago. Guess who was in office? President George W. Bush. Do you think his administration will receive the credit that it is due? Perish the thought.  The socialists press will heap praise upon “The Messiah.” Remember, if there was a screw up during the past eight years, Obama’s template is to,”BLAME BUSH!


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