Once upon a time in this great nation, we were a people who revered God with the utmost respect. Today, we are a people who “Play At Knowing God.”

Christians have allowed the secular left to beat them into submission. All that the left had to do was to find a so-called, hi-profiled Christian who had strayed from God, and “Bingo,” that person was targeted with an onslaught of negative reporting by a bunch of jackals whose ultimate goal is the destruction of “True” Christianity!

Over the years, Christianity has been the object of much revile from the left because of its teachings. The teachings in the Bible are clear and concise, when it comes to how God wants us to conduct ourselves.

This is what rubs the secular left the wrong way. They don’t want to be told what to do by anyone, and that includes, “God.”

Whenever a Christian engages in apostasy, the secular left media isn’t interested in hearing that, “One Person Does Not Make Up The Entire Christian Church.”

These laughing hyenas have been on a mission to destroy the morale of Christians in this country for decades. At the same time, they have been determined to prop up immoral people as their “Ideal Christians.”

The socialists press has conferred sainthood on homosexual preachers: Although the teachings in the bible denounces homosexuality. That doesn’t matter to the socialists press in this country.

Lesbians have also been lifted up by the press and canonized in the secular church!

You might not agree with the Muslim faith, but this much I do know. The secular left in this country would not dare lampoon “Islam.”

They would not make movies showing their God, “Allah” as an idiot. Why is this? The left has a healthy respect for the Muslim faith, that is why.

Why is it that Muslims can pray in schools, but Christians are taken to court by overzealous lawyers from that socialist group known as the, ACLU,  if they so much as think of conducting prayer in school?

If any of the Founders were to come back to today’s America, they would pick up their old muskets.  Remember, it was that old “God Loving Thomas Jefferson Who Once Said:


Frankly, I  believe the Framers would be appalled at the conduct of the people here. Not to mention what Hussein-Obama and his socialists friends are currently doing to our Constitution!

Furthermore, they would be shocked at the “Spineless Christians That Are In This Country.”

The left wants you to believe that there is no such thing as “Good And Evil.”

If someone has the courage to articulate the difference between good and evil, they are quickly shouted down and labeled as,”Hate Mongers.”

These people own the socialists press, yet they have the nerve to say talk radio is “Not Fair.”

What they are saying is, they want “Total Control Of Our Speech.” Pay attention, because these “Goose Steppers” will soon target people like this correspondent!

The purpose of the torrent of noise from the left in shutting down a righteous people is to get you to shut up.

Sadly, this has worked!

When prop eight was passed in California last year, thousands of homosexuals took to the streets in several cities and targeted the Mormon Church. Even Tom Hanks who would like you to believe that he is a “Patriot,” called the Mormon Church, “Un-American.”

Sure he apologized. However, we all know that Hanks felt the heat, and offered up a phony apology!

The Mormon Church was left to fend for itself as brazen homosexual harangued this Church night after night. Where were the other Christian denominations?

Probably “Yelling And Screaming In Their Individual Churches All About The Sins Of Homosexuals.”

At least, this is what happens in Black “Fundamentalist Churches.”

A Fundamentalist Church is one that preaches the gifts of the spirit, i.e., speaking in tongues, etc.

What these people could have done was to lead several days of fasting and prayer in our nation’s Capitol. Instead, they opted to be quiet, giving the left the entire stage to vent and lie about the Mormon Church!

Shame on these so-called Christians!

Homosexuals said that it was the Mormon Church’s funding of prop eight that caused it to pass. Two things: One, we continue to live in a free society, and people have a right to vote for whomever and whatever they choose: Two, a number of big Hollywood types, including Tom Hanks, poured tons of money into the homosexual camp, hoping to sway the minds of voters to jump into the sewer with them!

When voters in California said that a marriage is between one man and one woman, homosexual aided by their pals in the socialists press and Hollywood, went on the “War Path” with a mountain of propaganda!

How did we come to this point where homosexuality which was labeled a “Mental Health Disorder” less than twenty years ago by the very same hypocritical mental health people, who now says, “Ah, We’ve Changed Our Minds?”

Folks, this nation is spiritually bankrupt!

We have crooked politicians who don’t pay their taxes, but yet are allowed to be leaders in Barack Hussein-Obama’s administration.

We have a socialist President who believes more in spending money, then he does in God. But then, we shouldn’t expect a socialist to believe in God!

We have little children as young as eleven, picking up shotguns and blowing out the brains of another human being. Here in my town of Rochester, New York, a young fourteen-year old boy shot a police officer in the back of the head with a .22 rifle!

The officer is recovering slowing. The left will tell you that it is the “Evil Gun” that is the problem. Actually, the problem is America listening to these “God-Less People From The Socialist Democrat Party.”

I don’t care what the left says. America, “You Were Founded On Judeo-Christian Principals.”

Our fledgling nation would not have gotten out of its embryonic state, if it had given into to the decadence that is so prevalent in our society today.

If you simply consult your surrounding, you will see that America’s Framers had a close relationship with God.  And this is what made America so prosperous, and at one time “Safe.”

I understand this is language that those of you on the left hate to hear. You also hate the fact that the public is actually given a choice to, ‘THINK.”

Rather than to be lied to–and to be made promises that you damn well know can not–and will not be kept!

I am referring to, “King Barack Hussein-Obama III”!

America, Someone has to tell the truth, it may as well be me!

When I started my daily columns, I had no idea that this was my calling.

And “By God, I Will Continue To Research And Write The Truth, Until Every Enemy Of This Nation Is Vanquished.”

If you still don’t believe these people, “The Socialists” aren’t the fifth column that walks in our midst–you Sir and Madam, are a lost soul!

In my book, “Democrat Thy Name Is Narcissist,” I show who some of these people are. Further, I show how the Founding Fathers used God in their political lives as well as in their personal endeavors. The information is out there folks. Stop listening to these God-hating people, and research these issue for yourselves!

Conservatives are meeting in the nation’s Capitol this weekend. Senator Jim DeMint of South Caroline hit the nail right on the head when he said, “Barack Hussein-Obama Is The World’s Best Salesman Of Socialism.”

DeMint said something that I have pondered since this mad man took the reigns of government a little more than a month ago. He said that it’s:

” Possible that Conservatives will have to take to the streets to stop America’s slide into socialism”

Of course left wing bloggers had a field day with this comment. These idiots have no clue where Hussein-Obama is taking us. Like Chris Matthews,  Hussein-Obama, ” Makes A Tingle Go Up The Legs Of These Effeminate Little Boys.”

Hussein-Obama’s soaring rhetoric does nothing for me. Because the Creator has given me the ability to “Cut Through The B.S.”

This is all that this guy is good at serving up!

You can take this next comment to the bank.

There is a “Quiet Storm” that is forming all across America!

Of course this arrogant, unqualified President can’t see or hear it. He is too “Full Of Himself.”

People are tired of what they are seeing coming out of Washington. And, they are, “Tired Of Seeing This Man’s Face Everyday On Television.”

He is just as obsessed with the television camera as Fidel Castro was. Hell, they are a kindred spirit!

A “Spark” will ignite this storm. Once that happens, you will see massive, I’m praying, “Peaceful Protests” all over this country.

This is not all of Obama’s fault either.

However, as my sagacious grandmother used to warn me, “Be Careful What You Ask For, Because You Just Might Get It.”

My new book, “Democrat: Thy Name Is Narcissist,” is now on sale at the following venues, WWW.Amazon.Com, and at, WWW.Borders.Com.


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