I’ll be frank with you: I do not like Mitt Romney. No, it has nothing to do with Romney being a Mormon. It has to do with his politics!

The man is not a Conservative. He looks like a “Used Car Salesman To Me.”

I don’t trust used car salesmen!

Mitt Romney is another one of those politicians who will tell you what he thinks you want to hear. Personally, I am sick and tired of these transparent politicians.

Romney sought the GOP nomination for President last year. He failed: And we got another bogus Conservative by the name of, John McCain.

The GOP is rife with “Moderate Conservatives.” These are people who like to take leisure strolls over to the other aisle and vote with Democrats on major pieces of legislation. Of course, the socialists press loves this, and will laud “Moderate Conservatives” like Arlen Specter, Susan Collins and Olympia Snowe!

These three idiots helped to push Hussein-Obama’s “Porkitus Bill” through the Senate recently!

The socialists press will praise Moderate Conservatives, because they are “Useful Idiots” to not only the socialists media, but to socialist Democrats.

Mitt Romney is back at it. He makes no bones about it, he wants to lay claim to the GOP nomination to run for President in 2012. I am predicting here and now, if the GOP pulls the same stunt that it pulled in nominating John “The Maverick” McCain” in 2008, this party will go down in flames once again to our socialist President!

Mitt Romney is no Conservative!

But, apparently the folks at the Conservative Political Action Committee thinks he is. Members of CPAC voted for Romney in a straw this past weekend in Washington, D.C. Louisiana Governor, Bobby Jindal, who is a “Real Conservative,” came in second to Romney.

Alaska’s Governor, Sarah Palin, another “Real Conservative,” placed third!

These people seem to like Romney. This is his third straigjht CPAC straw poll win.

The good news regarding this “Poll” is that individuals had to “Pay In Order To Register.”


Obviously, this wasn’t a serious poll. As we watch this man in the White House destroy the futures of our grandchildren and their children, we are going to need a strong Conservative candidate to defeat this guy!

Alas, there are still too many stupid people in this country who are swayed with “The Messiah’s Speeches.’

Many of these nitwits could be standing in soup lines in another four years, and will still vote for Hussein!

I agree with Rush Limbaugh. America is a “Center-Right Country.”

By the way, “El Rushbo” gave a stem-winder of a speech to the Conservatives on Saturday. If you get a chance to see a replay of this well received speech, I recommend that you check your Fox News listings!

Here’s a well kept secret: Americans would have voted for a Conservative last Fall. However, Republicans served them”John McCain.’

McCain is just as liberal as Hussein is. Given his ability to wax poetically, it was no surprise that this socialist defeated McCain.

You will never convince me that in this huge country of ours, there is not a true Conservative who will answer the call and return our country back to us.

Americans who not only love our country, but who also believes that a President should follow the Constitution, not “Shred It.”

Are you listening President Obama?


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