BY: Dr. Forest Lewis

I have sat and listened to people who genuinely want to change liberals into Conservatives. It isn’t going to happen. Liberals are the way that they are because of, “Choice.”

Conservatives are the way they are because they chose to be. It is not your right or responsibility to go out and perform a frontal lobotomy on some poor soul just because you don’t agree with his or her political ideology!

As I watch this Chicago thug who also happens to be our President  dismantle our precious Constitution, I continue to cling to hope: Not the smoke and mirrors kind of hope that Hussein-Obama used on the masses during the Presidential campaign. The hope that I cling to is that Americans will come to their senses before we are destroyed by this man!

What is it that makes a person want to be a liberal? Well, we have to consider family of origin issues and also friends, teachers, college professor, etc. Liberals truly believe that they are doing “The Lord’s Work.”

However, if you look at the deleterious effects of liberalism over the past 60+ years, you will conclude that these people have wreaked havoc on our entire society!

Instead of reversing course and stopping this madness, liberals continue to push for massive spending policies; and attack  everything that is right with this country.

Do they realize the damage they have caused, and will continue to mete out on our society? I have to believe that they do.

However, for many of these people, they are driven by anger. Take for example, the loud liberal applause they are giving to socialist, Barack Hussein-Obama, when he talks of “Distributing Wealth In This Country.”

They know this is socialism, yet they are chomping at the bit and salivating like Pavlov’s dog, “Demanding” that Hussein take us deeper into socialism!

Witness how these people cheer for Hussein when he rakes bankers over the coals, or when he announced that he is going after anyone who makes over a quarter-million dollars: Or, when he said the other day that he was going after “Foreign Bank Accounts.”

You can almost hear these people egging Hussein on with, “You Stick It To Those Rich Bastards. They Have Caused The Poor So Much Pain Over The Years, Now It is Their Turn To Feel Some Pain. Yeah, Barry You Make The SOB’S Squirm.”

Liberals don’t care if small businesses which are the life’s blood of this country, go belly up as this anti-capitalist President seeks to redefine America into his, “Image.”

They don’t care if the Iraqi people die by the thousands, just pull out “Our Troops.”

Yet, these confused and misguided people claim to care about life!

These people hate our “Marines, Sailors, Army, And Air Force Members.”

However, thanks to “Pravda West, The Socialists Press,” has convinced ignorant Americans that liberals not only care for the military: They carefor them also!

We know that is a lie. Take a look at how liberals from Hollywood and liberals in general treat those of us who are Conservative.

They despise us. Many of us return the favor of “Despising Them Equally.”

I agree with Rush Limbaugh who said liberals love to talk about their “Good Intentions.”

However, they don’t want to look at the results of their programs. These people have been abject failures over the years. In the process, they  have made an entire ethnic group, African-Americans,  And Latinos, “Abject Failures.”

I am speaking of the millions of African-Americans and Latinos who have been on welfare from one generation to the next!

Over the years,  I have studied liberalism. I have concluded that there is only one group of actual liberals. They are a small/dying breed of people.

The other group is masquerading as liberals.

But, they are really”Socialists.”

From FDR on down to Barack Hussein-Obama and Hillary Rodham-Clinton, America, these are the people who have wrecked this country!

Currently, Hussein-Obama is “America’s Number One Socialist.”

There is nothing liberal about this man! 

True liberals are not out to control you; nor are they authoritarians.

I know “True Liberals. Believe it or not,” They Really Are Good People! “

These are the ones who can be converted. Forget the socialists. These people really “Hate America.”

So, don’t buy their crap about how they “Love Their Country. They Hate Everything About Her.”

So,  let’s discuss the liberals who can change. They will not change by Conservatives “Opening Their Mouths, And Ramming Their Views Down Their Throats.”

They will change by how we conduct ourselves. Here are some things we should all strive for each day:

* Be firmly rooted in God

* Love your country

* Know the history of your country

* Do not support immorality, whether

in government or otherwise

* Be a solid role model for your family

* Be a solid role model in your community

* Be the best spouse that you can be

* Do not be ignorant of the political issues

that surround you

* Say what you mean, and mean what you say


I truly believe that if we conduct ourselves in the manner listed above, we can change the hearts and minds of “Real Liberals.”

Again, “Forge The Socialists.”

We have to “Root These People Out–And ‘Crush Them,’ Politically, Speaking.”

If not, I believed my beloved America will be a ,”Communist Nation Before My Grandchild Are Grown.”

If you doubt this, look at the policies enacted by socialist, B. Hussein-Obama. They aren’t the policies of a capitalist!

They are more in line with what Putin of Russia and Chavez of Venezuela get giddy over!

Two tragedies occurred in 2008/09. America elected a socialist as its President. In 2009, this socialist was sworn into office and immediately started to change the face of this nation: Yet, the majority of the American people continue to give him high marks!

Why is that? We do not have a press that is doing its job. The socialists press has turned into nothing more than lapdogs for the Hussein-Obama administration.

These people are just as socialists as Hussein is!

Long gone are the days of a press that used to do real investigative work. Imagine if we had an Edward R. Murrow, or a Charles Collingswood in the media?

Barack Hussein-Obama would never have been President, because these men would have dug and dug, until they found out who “The Real Barack Hussein-Obama is.”

Furthermore, they would have told you, not in a bias way that today’s media acts. They would have given you an honest assessment of this fellow!

If this had been done, this man would be reporting for work in the U.S. Senate this morning, opposed to marching out in front of television cameras to announce his latest anti-American project.

Remember, if you live your life as the Creator expects you to, you will have a chance to cause “True Liberals to experience a political epiphany!

This is what people like Rush Limbaugh has done. Guess what?

I have heard former liberals call Rush Limbaugh and express how they “Used To Hate Him, But After Listening To Rush, Conservatism Lead Them Out Of Democrat Political Bondage.”

So, don’t give up on the true liberals. Give them time to experience what Psychologists call, an “Aha Moment.”

This guy, B. Hussein-Obama is doling out so much pain, that I do not believe that Americans are that stupid that they will continue to stand behind this Maoist!



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  1. ahrcanum
    Posted March 4, 2009 at 5:46 pm | Permalink

    Look out, the Fairness Doctrine will be brought back under O- futher limiting opinion for the masses. Can we help it if advertisers don’t want to buy liberal radio?

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