Backed by their media harlots, the socialists press, Barack Hussein-Obama has unleashed his “Attack Dogs” on talk radio maven, Rush Limbaugh!

It is the goal of the Hussein-Obama administration to isolate Rush, providing him with no route of escape; and making sure that no one from the Republican Party will support him. Finally, Hussein-Obama and his henchmen hope to “Sever Limbaugh’s Tongue, Metaphorically Speaking.”

Obama has stooped so low as to, “Lie” about Mr. Limbaugh. The socialists press which lost all credibility with half of America years ago, is gleefully helping to foster the lie that “Limbaugh Wants Hussein-Obama To Fail.”

Welcome to today’s “Yellow Journalism”, which has its roots in, “Marxism.” 

I know that for many of you, you haven’t a clue as to what “Yellow Journalism” is. Public schools, colleges and universities stopped teaching about socialism and communism a long time ago. If these two entities are taught, they are fraught with nothing but lies, favorable to socialism and communism!

A “Yellow Journalist” is one who is “Irresponsible In His Writing, Or Reporting.” It is the job of the “Yellow Journalist” to ‘Exploit, Distort, Exaggerate, And Embellish On A Story.’

Those in America’s socialists press also like to “Scare” its victims. Case in point, look at the reporting of these fools on the hoax of global warming. They have been telling us “Non-Stop” that “We Have To Do Something, Because Man Is Destroying The Earth.” A lot of malleable people were frightened out of their wits. They went out and purchased these little cars that resemble the clown cars that used to be driven in circuses, with clowns inside and outside of the vehicle!

Those scared by the apocalyptic message of the global warming crowd also went out and purchased solar paneling, they paid to have thousands of new trees to be planted, all to save “The Earth.”

Many of these people were genuinely scared by these “Yellow Journalists” who “Over-Dramatized” the hyped-story that the earth was over-heating.”

The other thing these “Yellow Journalists” did was to “Under-Dramatize” how our men were winning the war in Iraq. Recall how all they would show was blown up vehicles; and angry Iraqis who wanted America out of Iraq?

They made it a point to “Never Show You The Progress That Was Really Taking Place In Iraq.”

There was a method to their madness. There always is, with a “Yellow Journalist.” 

The other day, Matt Laurer who is nothing more than a “Shill” for the Hussein-Obama administration had Michael Steele, the lying, spineless Chairman of the Republican National Committee on his air!

Steele who accused Limbaugh of being “Ugly And Incendiary,” refused to confront Lauer over his half truths regarding the statement made by Rush. Steele giggled like a “Fourteen Year Old Teenage Girl Out On Her First Date,” and danced around question after question thrown his way by the Hussein-Obama “Spokesman.”

Lauer tried his best to get Steele to “Denounce Rush” over the statement. Here was Steele’s chance to confront Lauer, and “Demand To Know Why He Was Lying About Limbaugh.”

Furthermore, he could have demanded to know why was Lauer “Carrying Hussein-Obama’s Water.’

This is what a Chairman should do, Michael Steele!

This guy tried to have it both ways. In the end, he looked like the “Two-Faced Weasel” that he is.

America, the Politico is reporting that the Hussein-Obama  administration is trying to divert attention from the mess that he is creating– by having you focus your attention on Rush Limbaugh, “A Private Citizen.”

It is the  old sleight of hand trick used by magicians. While you are focusing on the magician’s right hand, the left hand is busily setting you up.

In Rush’s case, there are, “Four Magicians” attempting to work their magic on the American people. According to the Politico, Democrat strategists, Stanley Greenberg and James Carville placed Limbaugh’s name in a poll they conducted last Fall. They learned that Limbaugh “Their Longtime Tormentor” dating back to the Bill Clinton days, “was deeply unpopular with many Americans, especially young voters.”

By the way, the third and fourth magician working their “Black Magic” is Paul Begala, another Clinton flunky from the 1990’s, and current White House Chief of Staff, Rahm Emanuel, who also worked for “Bubba”!

According to the Politico, Democrats who needed another “George Bush Beelzebub” they could “Demonize”, and distract the public with, “Selected Rush Limbaugh.”

However, they needed an opening. That came, when Rush said, “I Hope He Fails.”

Remember, these are not honorable men. They know that Rush said he wanted any of Hussein-Obama’s policies which are not good for the country “AS A WHOLE, TO FAIL.”

They are hoping that you, Mr.and Mrs. America are too stupid to figure out their diabolical scheme!

I want you to also remember that Rahm Emanuel was said to be at one time in charge of Bill Clinton’s “Dirty Tricks Department In the 90’s.”

These are Machiavellian creatures!

They would step on their grandmother to protect the, “Chosen One.”

So, we have four men operating out of the “White House” running a “Smear Campaign” against a private citizen. The “Yellow Journalistic Press” is ensconced deeply in the back-pocket of one, Barack Hussein-Obama.

How disgusting is that?

The goal is to paint Limbaugh as the “Titular Head Of The Republican Party.” Any Republican member of Congress or the U.S. Senate who doesn’t condemn Rush, is painted by “Yellow Journalists” as agreeing with Limbaugh when he says, “I Hope He Fails.”

Republicans seen this way are viewed as “Obstructionists By Yellow Journalists, Like Matt Lauer.”

Hussein-Obama is choreographed by these evil men to be this “Sanguine Choir Boy,  Who Wouldn’t Hurt A Fly. Therefore, Why Aren’t Republicans Supporting His Massive Spending Plans?”

The real message, and that is, “This Man Is Destroying The Futures Of My Grand-kids And Their Kids, Isn’t Being Reported.”

How are you feeling about this choir boy now?

For his part, Rush isn’t backing down from the “Four Horsemen, Nor The Messiah.”

In fact, Rush, no stranger to attacks from “lightweight Presidents, I.E., Bill ‘B.J’ Clinton,” is calling on Hussein-Obama to “Debate Him.”

Rush has even gone so far as to tell Hussein that he would fly him down to his Florida radio studio, put him up in the finest hotel; and treat him his favorite meal. Hussein-Obama loves to spend “Your Money America, On 100-Dollar A Pound Beef.”

At this writing, Rush is awaiting a reply from “The Messiah.”

By the way, should “The One” accepts Rush’s offer, there is one stipulation.

No teleprompters!



  1. Charley Blum
    Posted March 6, 2009 at 3:11 am | Permalink

    One of your best columns ever. I hadn’t heard the term “yellow journalism” in a long time. I bet it’s not even in the history books now. Keep up the good work.

    Thanks, Charley

  2. Posted March 11, 2009 at 8:45 am | Permalink

    Thanks Charley. I call it the way that I see it. It is disgusting to watch this country deteriorate. It is as though Americans have fallen asleep. Nonetheless, I continue to firmly believe that at the end of the day, Conservatives will help America find her moral compass. Remember, America was founded on “Conservatism.” If we had people like B. Hussein-Obama establishing this country at the outset, we would simply be a footnote in history at this point. Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment. God bless the USA!

    Dr. Lewis

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