Remember how Hllary Rodham-Clinton showed up at a Jewish-American conference last year to vouch for our now socialist President, Barack Hussein-Obama?

Clinton looked these Jewish-Americans in the eye and “Lied” by saying that Hussein-Obama would stand behind them if elected President. Hillary knew that she was lying, but what the hell, just another “Socialist Providing Cover For A Fellow Brethen.”

And after all, these were “Just Jews.” Hillary and her philandering husband have deceived the Jewish people over the years.

The Clintons have to protect their “Donors.”

It’s “Just Business.”

Who do you think ponies up all of that money to Bill Clinton when he speaks “In The Middle East?”

Right, Arabs!

Jewish-American voters were so convinced that Hussein-Obama had their backs they gave him Florida during the Presidential Election last year. Now that he is in the White House, Hussein-Obama is starting to pay them off, “In Spades.”

 Earlier this week, the Hussein-Obama White House announced that nearly a, “Million-Dollars Of Your Tax Dollars Would Be Used To Rebuild Gaza.”

This after the Israeli invasion. Bad, Bad  Israelis!

 How dare these people go into Gaza where rockets are launched into Israel on a daily basis, and give these terrorists a well deserved “Arse Whipping?”

So, in order to show where his allegiance truly is, Hussein-Obama is giving “Hamas,” I mean that reputable body, “The United Nations:”

“900-Million-Dollars” to be, “Channelled Through The UN And Other Bodies And Will Not Be Distributed Via The Militant Group Hamas.”

Now, ladies and gentlemen, I know you aren’t that stupid. But, your President thinks you are. First of all, I wouldn’t trust the U.N. as far as I could spit. Secondly, if you think that money isn’t going to fall into the grimy hands of the terrorists, “Hamas,” well, you’ve got a lot to learn!

The United Nations is as crooked as they come. To think that “Wonder Boy” is giving them some of my money, simply fries me!

It should fry you as well, because Hamas has probably put in an order with Iran and the Soviet Union for more ordinances to be used against Israel. To think the Israelis thought this socialist was going to stand behind them.

The fact that Hussein-Obama  said he would stand behind Israel should have given them pause!

You know, the old knife in the back trick?

As if giving Hamas almost a million-dollars wasn’t enough, Ms. Clinton has announced that Iran would be given a seat at the diplomacy table to discuss the future of “Afghanistan.”

Imagine that?

We have lost a number of our Marines, Navy Seals, Special Army Forces in Afghanistan, and this socialist President shows them just how much he appreciates their deaths by agreeing to allow diplomats from Iran to sit down at a high level conference?

This nitwit of a President thinks that he can sit down with these terrorists from Iran, and they will tell the Taliban and al-Qaeda to play “Nice-Nice With Him.”

President Ahmadinejad of Iran is going to make a fool of this amateur!

 Mark my words!

Over the past couple of years, the Taliban has made a come back in Afghanistan. The Bush administration focus has been in Iran. Although he pledged to send some seventeen-thousand combat troops into Afghanistan to deal with the resurgence of the Taliban, I am not convinced that Hussein-Obama has the stomach to fight a protracted war with these savages!

He has intimated that he would like to see a “Broader, Unified International Approach To The Conflict In Afghanistan.”

Translation= American troops will be pulled out of that embattled country.

I pity the people in that country. Remember, under Taliban rule, women had to assume a subservient role to men!

Here are some other things the Taliban meted out to the non-compliant before an international force, lead by the USA ran these animals off to their caves:

* Thieves had their hands amputated

* Public executions were held for sport

* Prostitutes caught plying their trade were

shot in the back of the head in a sports stadium

* Robbers routinely had their throats slit

* Women were physically punished if they “Showed

To Much In Public”

* A group of homosexuals were made to stand under

a wall while it collapsed

* A married couple found engaging in extra marital

affairs, “Were Stoned”

My heart is heavy for the people of Israel and Afghanistan today. I fear that the people of these two great countries are about to be left to fend for themselves by what used to be a great and honorable country!



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