So, it took this nation’s socialist President a couple of weeks to respond to the outrageous comments of his Attorney General!

Attorney General Eric Holder called White-Americans ” A Nation Of Cowards For Not Addressing The Race Issue.”

The banner headline in the New York Times this morning stated, “Attorney General Chided For Language On Race.” The person allegedly taking Eric Holder to the woodshed was B. Hussein-Obama. You know, the guy who sat and listened to the racist rants of the Reverend Jeremiah Wright for twenty years?

However, “The Chosen One” said he never heard “One Racist Sermon Come Out of The Mouth Of Wrights.”

Yeah Right!

Anyway, this phony, I’m speaking of Hussein-Obama, “Chided” Holder in this manner:

“I think it’s fair to say that if I had been advising my attorney general, we would have used different language”

That’s considered “Chiding Someone?”

According to Webster, the word chide means the following:

“To scold, or reproach, to force by chiding, to find fault”

Hussein-Obama beat Holder with, “A Wet Noodle”if you ask me!

And then as if to say to Holder, this is how it should have been said it, Hussin-Obama, the master of spewing out crap, offered these words:

“We’ve oftentimes uncomfortable with talking about race until there’s some sort of racial flare-up or conflict. We could probably be more constructive in facing up to sort of the painful legacy of slavery and Jim Crow and discrimination”

You have got to be kidding me! Where the hell has this imbecile been at? Before I answer that, folks you have to ask yourselves, why is Hussein-Obama dealing with the Holder comments now? Why didn’t he come out and rebuke this race-baiter a couple of weeks ago? Well, the answer is simple!

Hussein-Obama is doing anything that he can to “Keep You From Focusing On His Incompetence–And The Awful Mess That He Is Creating For Generations To Come.”

By spending “Trillions And Trillions Of Your Money.”

So, why not pull a little sleight of hand. He has shown that he is a master of BS!

As many of you know, I come from the South, Danville, Virginia to be exact. During the 1960’s it was the South that “Looked At The Race Issue Dead In The Eye.” It was the South that had its collective catharsis. And oh yea for the record, Mr. “president,” Southerners, “Black And White,” performed a lot of soul searching on the issue of:

* Slavery

* Jim Crow

* discrimination

People died during this painful part of history in America. However, at end of the day, the South by taking on these heretofore “Can’t Touch Issues,” emerged much more stronger because of their forthrightness with one another.

Of course, you “mr. president” wouldn’t know anything about this. You were born, “Allegedly”, in Hawaii, and you lived in Indonesia.  The only thing that you know about the Civil Rights movement is what you read: Or what some socialist or communist stuff between your “Ample Ears.”

 It is obvious from your uninformed statement, you were not instructed in the correct manner!

Now, I hate to say this. I agree with this socialist when it comes to Northerners not dealing with the issue of race. These “White Liberals” have had their heads up their arses regarding race for years. But, these are the same people who have the nerve to dictate to others how we should treat people of different colors or genders!

These “Country Club Hypocrites” were comatose during the Civil Rights Movement. They were oblivious to this movement because like all liberals, “They Wanted To Keep Their Blacks, Puerto Ricans, Mexican, Asians, And, Indians On The Democrat Political Plantation.”

Witness how Hillary Rodham-Clinton and former Vice-Presidential candidate, Geraldine Ferraro played the race card against Hussein-Obama during the Democrat primaries last year. It wasn’t pretty!

Guess what? Both are “Northern Whites.”

These are the same elitists that our socialist President has surrounded himself with.

So, Mr. Hussein when you start preaching to us about how America needs to look at the “Painful Legacy Of Slavery, Jim Crow And Discrimination,” I would suggest that you call your entire administration together and “Lecture Them, Because This Is Where The Real Problem Is.”

I doubt if this guy has any “Southern Conservative, White Or Black In His Administration.’

America, you truly need to wake up and realize that this man uses words in order to have you experience a visceral reaction.

In other words, this scoundrel is constantly playing with your emotions. H wants you to “Keep On Feeling Good, While He Pillage The Country And Aquire Power.”

Meantime, you are in a deep sleep state, and Hussein-Obama is wrecking your country.


Are you now feeling “All Goose Pimply, NOW?


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