Let me be as clear as I possibly can be. There is “No Way” that I would join today’s Marine Corps with what we have in the White House!

The President is the Commander-In Chief of “All Of The Military.”

Notwithstanding, I couldn’t stomach having to serve under a “Socialist President” who appears to be more of a friend to America’s enemies than the people he was elected “To Serve”!

I watched this man address Marines at Camp Lejeune, North Carolina the other week. I panned the stage looking for “Marines.” What I found were mainly “Female Marines On The Podium With the “Commander-In Chief.”

The Marine Corps has a long and distinguished history of kicking the #@#@%$ out of our enemies. But, here was this disrespectful man surrounded by a group of female Marines on stage with him!

Don’t tell me that this wasn’t planned by the politically correct leftists in the Hussein-Obama administration! 

I don’t know if others caught this slight, but I most certainly did. This was yet one more example of how Barack Hussein-Obama hates our, “Men In Uniform.”

I appreciate the service of women in our military. However, to place them front in center over male Marines, who have won such bloody battles from Iwo Jima, to the battle for Khe Sahn in Vietnam, was an obvious insult.

I lost some good friends in that hell hole known as Khe Sahn!

Yet another reason why I wouldn’t serve under this socialist!

By the way, most of the male Marines were placed in the audience. The cameras never panned this large group, because the camera was constantly on guess who?  

Barack Hussein-Obama!

  What Hussein-Obama is now doing with our enemies is insulting to the thousands and thousands of men and women who have given the ultimate sarifice for their country and freedom!

It is insulting to the Framers who faced certain death, had the Colonies fell in the Revolution to the British. These brave men knew what they were doing when they formed this “Perfect Union.” They had escaped the tyranny of King George the III; And they wanted to never have to face that type of oppression again. They formed this country, with their lives hanging in the balance, so that you and I could enjoy freedom!

I know they don’t teach this in schools any longer because it just may give you a “Sense Of Pride In Your Country,” but this is part of what happened as this great country evolved from its embryonic state into the America that so many of you now take for granted!

Now, because of greedy little men and women who control this country, the freedom that Jefferson, Franklin, Washington Adams, Henry, etc. fought so valiantly for,  is in jeopardy of being lost forever!

There are millions and millions of stupid people in this country who have no understanding of how this country came together. Their only interest is, “What Can You Do For Me.”

Witness what Henrietta Hughes did recently. This brazen woman had the audacity to ask the President of the United States “For A House.”

She was given a “Rent Free Home” by what some people call “Good Samaritans.”

I call them, “Fools,” because this woman and her “Adult Son” are two lazy ne’er do wells. As soon as they trash this Florida couple’s home, they will drive off to another town and live on the dole, courtesy of “Welfare, Medicaid And Other Free Stuff.”

Hussein-Obama understands quite well how to “Rub That Sweet Spot Of Morons Like This.”

The socialists on the left experience an orgasm every time they hear this man blather on “About Nothing.”

Remember, these are the same people who crucified former President George Bush over his decision to enter the Iraq War. These disingenuous people claim that Bush fudged the data: That he and Vice-President Dick Cheney were salivating over going to war with Saddam Hussein!

How any rational human being could conclude this is beyond me. But, this is what these crazy people believe. So, I guess they are not rationale. Also, remember that these are the same lunatics who said that our military people were torturing Islamofascist prisoners in a pell mell fashion. Of course, this was a damn lie. But, they had the socialists press out front leading the charge regarding so-called prisoner abuse across the board!

Now, many of these same idiots are applauding their “King” who announced that he would lift some of the restrictions on “Communists Cuba.”

Let’s see, how many thousands of people has Fidel Castro killed? Yet, these dunderheads are standing up and applauding “The King’s” misguided decision!

I guess despots killing innocent people by the hundreds of thousands is okay with the wacko left, as long as there is a socialist Democrat sitting in the White House!

Iran has threatened to “Wipe Israel Off Of The Map.” So, what does our “fearless leader” do?

Hussein-Obama announced that he will have Secretary of State, Hillary Rodham-Clinton sit down at a negotiating table and allow these jack-booted thugs help “Decide The Fate Of Afghanistan.”

The lunatics on the left are ecstatic!

Here is the latest from a President who is making this country look weak by the minute. Hussein-Obama has announced that he is willing to have this country’s diplomats sit down with “Moderate Members Of The Taliban In Afghanistan.”

Moderate Taliban members?

Are they the ones who throw lye in the faces of their opponents, rather than beheading them, “Like Their Over-Zealous Counterparts?”

Certainly he jests!

I’m afraid not.

As if that wasn’t enough, President Barack Hussein-Obama told an A-P reporter that we, “Are Losing The War In Afghanistan.”

Now tell me something. When was the last time that you heard a President say something that stupid to the media? I can’t think of any other President who would say something that dumb and at the same time disrespectful to our troops who are still fighting these animals!

The man is a disgrace!

He thought that he could get out of saying we were losing the war in Afghanistan by saying our troops”are doing an extraordinary job in a very difficult situation.”

Simply astounding!

So, why did Hussein-Obama say our men are losing the war in Afghanistan:?

“But you’ve seen conditions deteriorate over the last couple of year. The Taliban is bolder than it was. I think in the southern regions of the country, you’re seeing them attack in ways that we have not seen previously”

And this means we are losing the war?

Hey genius, thanks for the morale boost for our men who have to go out on dangerous operations every day. Folks, this is the same coward who sided with Senate Majority Leader, Harry ” The Rat”  Reid, who said, “We Had Lost The War In Iraq.”

Today, we have one of these military haters leading our men and women in uniform. Because of his hubris, this man now believes he is an authority of military tactics.

My heart goes out to the men and women who have to listen to this garbage.

To my brethren in the Marine Corps, think twice about shipping over when your Commanding Officer gives you that obligatory talk!

Things are only going to get worse for you with this, “Commander-In Thief.”


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