You don’t need me to tell you that we are living in hard economic times: Yet, “King” Barack Hussein-Obama is focusing daily on how much more money he can throw away in his nonsensical bid to help an amorphous economy regain its footing!

I’m not an authority on the economy, but neither is Hussein-Obama. If he was an expert in economic matters, he would know, “You Don’t Dig Yourself Out Of A Recession By Throwing Money At The Problem.”

And you damn sure don’t tax the rich, thinking that will stop this economic rubicund. These are the people who create jobs: So when you go after the people who make 250-thousand dollars a year or more, what do you think they’re going to do?

Right, the jobs will quickly dry up, and these people will look for as many loopholes that they can find in order to save their hard-earned money. Hussein-Obama is not interested in listening to advice like this, because he is much to busy “Spending Our Grand-children’s Futures Away On His Crazy Socialist Programs.”

Folks, its all about this man’s “Over-Sized Ego” : His quest for “Total Power And Control Over The American People.”

In the meantime, even the great financial wizard, Warren Buffet, an Obama supporter and adviser, is telling “The Chosen One” that his focus should be on “Job Creation, Job Creation, Job Creation.”  If and when this hard-headed man gets around to paying attention to the average, “Joe And Josephine,” “ILLEGAL ALIENS” are going to make out like, “Banditos.”

Bet you didn’t know that, now did you?

Here is how our unwelcome guests will tap into the “Golden Goose That Lays The Golden Eggs.” In this case, the golden goose is Hussein-Obama’s stimulus programs!

The Center for Immigration Studies, a watchdog group, is waving a huge red flag at this hour. The CIS is screaming as loudly as it can that:

” As Many As “300-Thousand Jobs, Or Maybe More Could Be Gobbled Up By Illegal Aliens Who Work In The Field Of Construction”

That’s right, “Three-Hundred Plus Jobs Could Go To People Who Should Be Arrested And Deported.” But we know, “that ain’t going to happen.”

The CIS crunched some numbers; and came away saying that about “Fifteen Percent” of workers employed in the construction field are, “Illegal Aliens.”

Great job at maintaining our sovereignty guys and for upholding the oath that you swore to!

Remember that “little pledge you made, President Hussein?”

Americans are being laid off to the tune of more than “500,000 Every Month,” yet, we have fifteen-percent of our construction workforce made up of “Criminals.”

And get this!

It is estimated that some two-million jobs will be created in construction from the stimulus money. Illegal aliens will snag ,”O.15 Percent Of These Important Jobs.”

While this number may not seem like a lot of jobs to the socialists on the left, we must remember two things, (1) These are “American Jobs,” and (2) The people vying with Americans for these jobs should be in jail or sent packing back to their countries of origin!

Steven Camarota, the author of, “Dropping Out: Immigrant Entry and Native Exit from the labor market, 2000-2005,” says Americans should be hopping mad at the Congress. He said it was Congress who refused to write legislation into the stimulus package saying, “Only Americans Could Apply For The New Jobs,” which by the way will include work on, highways, schools, and public housing.

So again, the American taxpayer is getting screwed, because it’s “Your Tax Money That Is Funding These New Jobs.”

I’m sure the government of Mexican President, Felipe Calderon, “Thanks You–Because A lot Of The Money From These Jobs Will Be Sent To These People’s Relatives In Mexico.”

By the way, Camarota said that the ACLU along with business groups fought hard to make sure that Congress didn’t add a proviso in the stimulus package calling for “American Workers Only.” Camarota said this was a political move.

You Think?

This is all about the Hussein-Obama administration shoring up its support within the Latino community. And the message to Americans?

 “Bend Over And Grab Your Ankles.”

Remember, this is the man who says he cares so much about you. I keep telling you, “It Is Not What Hussein-Obama Says–It Is What He Does That Matters.”

What he is doing to the unemployed “American Construction Workers Is Criminal.”But hey, he can calm you down with one of his “Tingling Up the Legs Speeches.”

The problem here is, those phony speeches aren’t going to put food on your table or place a roof over your family’s head, or put clothes on the backs of your children. If you are reading this, and you foolishly voted for Barack Hussein-Obama, you need to ask yourself a question.

Is this the change that I voted for?

I realize that I quoted the CIS as saying that fifteen-percent of the construction work force is made up of illegal aliens. To that end, Camarota said:

“The March 2007 CPS shows that the illegal share of construction workers may have grown to 18 percent, but we use 15 percent in the figuring to be conservative”

Oh Good. That should make you feel so much better as you sit in your home, scanning the paper looking for a construction job!

One last thing on this depressing news. Camarota was asked what happens if some of the stimulus money is released to states for in-house construction projects. Would these states have their own safe-guards in place to prevent illegal aliens from taking jobs from, “Real Americans?”

Camarota said “states do not always have safeguards against hiring illegal aliens.”

Just amazing. You can’t make this stuff up folks!

This is not a laughing matter. Peoples lives could be put in danger because of scheming politicians and businessmen who are placing illegal aliens, “Smack Dab In The Middle.”

I say it is high time to clean this mess up before innocent people are hurt or killed!

If it happens, and I for one am praying that it doesn’t, it won’t be the first time.

When the Irish emigrated to America in the 1880’s during the Irish Potato Famine, many of these innocent people were met with violence and discrimination by indigenous people, who felt threatened that they would lose their jobs.

Keep in mind that the Irish came to these shores, “Legally.”

In the Summer of 1863,  Irish and Black Americans clashed over, “JOBS.” When the fighting ended, “Eighteen Blacks Lay Dead, And Business People Lost Million Of Dollars–Due To Damage To Their Property.”

So, we have a historical precedence for possible violence. Is there anyone listening?

I don’t think so, because they are too busy playing politics and dividing people!

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