For more than forty years, Americans have had a front row seat in watching liberalism, aka, socialism bring her down in to the sewer!

This used to be a great country once upon a time. Would you believe that once upon a time in America, people used to have to actually go to work? There were no excuses, you either worked, or, “You Didn’t Eat.”

What a concept. Nonetheless, It was as simple as that!

There were no exceptions. Besides, there was an up-side to working, “It Made You Feel Like A Worth-While Human Being.” Working also provided your children with role models that they could emulate later in life. Alas, those days are gone, thanks to liberals, who no longer wear their socialist masks!

They understand that it is much more safer now to not only let Americans know who they are, but what their evil intentions are!

Witness the brazenness of Barack Hussein-Obama and the Democrat socialists in the House and Senate. Folks, these people don’t care how you feel or what you think about their socialists policies.

After all, it was you who created this monster. You carefully shaped this monster through your public apathy. Your tacit message was, “We Don’t Care What You Do In Office As Long As I Can Live High On The Hog.” 

 So, this monster grew and grew, because you kept voting for these despicable people time and time again!

Did you know that your Constitution says, “These People Work For You?” Probably not. You have been lull in to the notion that lawmakers are “Your Bosses.”

Why just listen to the way some of them talk to you!

Not only do they talk down to you: They treat you as though you had a working I.Q. of “50.”

The 1960’s ushered in Democrat President Lyndon Baines-Johnson’s  “Great Society.” One component of this debacle was, “Welfare.” This unchecked disease swept the country, imprisoning millions and millions of people, who saw an opportunity to watch other people go to work, while they slept late, engage in promiscuous behavior, use a plethora of drugs and all the time, “You Were Paying Them For Their Decadent Behavior Via Your Tax Dollars.”

What was mainly a malady in the Northeast, this crippling disease eventually reached in to pockets of this country where people at one time worked from one generation to the next.

That made them proud. But, that pride of working and being an independent soul was replaced by the socialists in this country with a new set of words, “A Sense Of Entitlement.”

People came to believe over a period of time that, “They Were Owed A Living.”

This is how welfare changed the mind-set of a once hard charging–hard working people!

In the meantime, the influx of drugs and welfare has caused this country to spiral out of control. Thanks to socialists, welfare has just about destroyed the Black family. Now, we have some on the left who want to take us even deeper into the depths of despair. There are some in California who think that legalizing marijuana-and subsequently taxing it, could help bridge a huge budget deficit.

Never mind the fact that marijuana is considered by those of us in the field of substance abuse to be a, “Gate Way Drug.”

To the socialists, that only means one thing. More victims, which in turn creates more and more people dependent on the Democrat Party!

Our economy is in the tank and we have amateur hour at the White house. America, Barack Hussein-Obama hasn’t a clue as to what he is doing. He is too busy getting even with capitalists and those of us who love democracy!

Surprisingly, he has been able to con a number of people in to believing that he is doing something to help the economy, just because he shows his mug on  television every day, Ala, “Raul Castro And Hugo Chavez.”

The Mexican Drug Cartels have moved into this country, and it is anyone’s guess as to what will be the spark that will set these mad dog killers off–bringing to America the vicious murders and mayhem that is now so prevalent south of the border.

Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Arizona is not with this 1960’s “Loosey- Goosey” style of living. It is this free wheeling, free dealing way of life that has brought us to the brink of moral bankruptcy!

Sheriff Arpaio has not given in to this devil-may care approach to living.

He has this quaint belief.

Obey the law!

For that, Sheriff Arpaio has been told by the Hussein-Obama Justice Department to stand-by because, “We’ve Coming To Investigate You.”

Sheriff Arpaio is not surprised by this mis-use of power. In fact, he has invited the feds to, “Come On Down.”

This man has been in law enforcement probably longer than any of the smarty pants feds who will descent on his town in the not too distant future–have been on this planet!

The feds are investigating Sheriff Arpaio because of “Complaints From Hispanic Groups.”

Sound familiar? Well, it should!

The whole purpose of this bogus investigation is an attempt by the Hussein-Obama/Eric Holder Justice Department–to stop the Sheriff and his deputies from doing their job.

America, can you imagine that?

Memo To Barack Hussein-Obama And Eric Holder: You Have Picked The Wrong Guy!

Sheriff Arpaio is an old-school cop. He is an tough as nails–and will not “Fold-Up Like A Dime Store Wallet When The Pressure Is On.”

By the way, the feds are saying they have received complaints that Sheriff Arpaio and his department has engaged in discrimination and unconstitutional searches and seizures!

Guess who is getting ready to pay back Hispanic groups for their support during his campaign, ah, could it be Barack Hussein-Obama?

I’ll tell you, this guy is stooping to levels that I have not seen in a President in years. His enemies list is, “RIGHT OUT THERE.”

And he doesn’t give a damn if you know who he is targeting!

Anyway, the Justice Department said in its letter to Sheriff Arpaio that the foci of its investigation will involve “alleged patterns of police discrimination based on national origin.”

No specific allegations are cited, just this nebulous statement. Arpaio said his gut is telling him that the investigation has “Everything” to do with his department tactics for combating illegal aliens in Maricopa County.

Maricopa County also includes the City of Phoenix. Arpaio’s department is the single largest participant in a federal program that allows a local police department to crack down on illegal aliens.

Sheriff Arpaio’s guys have gone after these law-breakers like a blood hound tracking down an escape convict. Come to think of it, there is no difference. Many of these people coming to this country are murderers, drug pushers, rapists, etc.

Here is the A-P quote that tells the entire story about this phony investigation:

“Arpaio has also launched crime sweeps in areas around Phoenix with high concentrations of Hispanics. Most recently, Arpaio began to separate illegal immigrants(ALIENS) from other inmates in Tent City, a section of the county jail where all inmates are housed in tents. Those tactics have attracted national attention and have led some critics, including immigration activists, to accuse Arpaio’s department of racial profiling”

This is what this so-called investigation is about. The Hussein-Obama administration is attempting to intimidate a “Chief Law Enforcement Officer” from doing his job.

Protecting Americans!

Obama and Eric Holder are also attempting to be the Sheriff in Maricopa County, Arizona.

Thank God that Sheriff Joe Arpaio isn’t afraid of these jack-booted thugs. In his words, “If they want to come down, let them come. We’ll open our books. We have nothing to hide.”

To that I say, “Give “Em Hell Sheriff!”

Give “Em” Hell!


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