By now, a number of Americans have figured out that all of the soaring rhetoric that Barack Hussein-Obama preached to the masses during the campaign was nothing but mostly, “LIES.”

Yet, I continue to hear good people say, “Give Him A Chance.” These are honorable people that I’m talking about. They are not your dyed-in the wool socialists who applaud every time this socialist President “Steps On The Constitution.”

They really believe that in the end, Hussein-Obama will as Spike Lee said, “Do The Right Thing.”

These people are just too trusting. For them, they haven’t figured this charlatan out. They still get “A High” from listening to him speak. What other Conservatives and this writer hope to do is to speak to these people with the printed word. We can also discuss with “Honorable People” the dangers this man present to our freedom as Americans!

Again, forget the Kool-Aid drinkers like, Chris Matthew’s, Rachel Maddow’s, Matt Lauer’s, Meredith Viera’s, Ann Curry’s Al Roker’s, Keith Olberman’s, and so on. I truly believe these selfish people would embrace socialism in a heart-beat, as long as they can hold on to their “Beloved Riches.”

To hell with everyone else!

Barack Hussein-Obama chided Black parents for not stepping up and involving themselves in their children’s education last Fall. This fake tried to emulate the actor and comedian, Bill Cosby.  Again folks, it is not what this man says that you should focus on. It is what he does, because at the end of the day, the issues that can pull all of us together as Americans, Barack Hussein-Obama will opt to please those in his political family, socialists/leftists!

I have been asked by some, why are you so partisan? The answer is simple. If you are a Conservative, what issues do you agree with Hussein-Obama on? Is it the hoax of global warming? What about “Talking To Moderate Members Of The Taliban In Afghanistan?” Do you agree with Hussein-Obama and his Vice-President, that we are losing the war in Afghanistan? Even if we were, do you think it proper for the “Commander-In Chief” to dishonor his men fighting in the Afghanistan theatre? Do you side with Hussein-Obama who is willing to give a seat at the table to to Iran to discuss the future of Afghanistan? Do you agree with him attacking a private citizen, who happens to be Rush Limbaugh? Or what about Hussein-Obama ending school vouchers for those beautiful children in Washington, D.C.?

Tell me, do you agree with this guy on any of the above salient issues?

If so, you may want to consider changing your political affiliation. You see, Socialist Democrats make “No Apologies” for being partisan.

And neither do I!

So, to those of you who ask Conservatives why are we so partisan, I have to ask, what is your problem?

The future of our country is at stake. This is not the time to be cutting deals with someone whose ultimate goal is to put you in to chains and fetters!

To those of you pushing this bi-partisan nonsense, haven’t you heard that Barack Hussein-Obama has America on a fast track to, “SOCIALISM?”

You’d better wake my friend!

As you know, the Obama children attend private school in Washington, D.C.. They are guaranteed they will receive an “A + Education.”

There is nothing wrong with that!

But, what of the poor children in the nation’s Capitol? Shouldn’t they have the same opportunities as the, “Rich Obama Kids?”

For many of these children, they were on the same level playing field as the Obama children. That is until Barack Hussein-Obama signed the “410 Billion Dollar Omnibus Spending Bill On Wednesday.”

This bill does not have monies in it that would reauthorize the federally funded private school voucher program past 2010. So, for nearly two-thousand children, “It Is Back To Dangerous Public Schools, Or Their Parents Will Have To Work Two, Or Three Jobs So They Can Continue Their Private School Education.”

I’m willing to bet that many of the parents of these kids who live in predominately Black Washington, D.C., “Voted For Mr. Hope And Change.”

Now, he hands them their reward!

Do you still insists that we give this lying skunk a chance–or do you start speaking up against Barack Hussein-Obama and say, “We Hope Your Socialists Programs Fail?”

Remember America, “Socialist Democrats” control both the House and Senate. These are the same people who tell African-Americans how “Racists Republicans And Conservatives Are.”

America, the real racism lies deep within the Democrat Party–and people like Democrats, David Obey and Daniel Inouye know it. They are the ones who are trying to “Kill The Voucher Program.”

What “Your So-Called Main Stream Media” isn’t telling you is that not only does this bill signed by, “The First African-American President,” not funded beyond 2010, the legislation would grant “New Veto Power To The D.C. City Council.”

In the end, the bill could be killed by either Congress or the D.C. City Council. What would you like to bet that this bill was designed by Hussein-Obama and his thugs in Congress, to take the heat off of him.

So, when the bill is “Vetoed By The Rats Sitting On The D.C. City Council–Hussein-Obam Can Say, I Had Nothing To Do With It.”

It was a local issue!

He’s hoping that you won’t remember how nasty he is treating these children!

The teachers union in D.C. is probably popping the corks off of champagne bottles as I type this column.


FYI: Congressman Obey has reportedly advised D.C. Public Schools Chancellor, Michelle Rhee to get ready for the return of students who took part in the voucher program!

What a rat!

Speaking of rats. White House Press Secretary, Robert Gibbs is promising that:

“President Barack Hussein-Obama Will Reverse The Provision In The Omnibus Spending Bill To Terminate School Vouchers For Underprivileged Students in Washington, D.C.”

Yeah, and if you buy that, would you be interested in some beach front property along the Arizona–Mexico border?

Barack Hussein-Obama has proven that he doesn’t care who you are. He’ll throw you under the bus in order to further his goals.

Poor “Little Black kids” are no exception to this socialist!


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