Well, here we are once again ladies and gentlemen.  A mentally ill individual goes on a shooting spree in the state of Alabama; and the omnipresent haters of our 2nd Amendment Rights rear their ugly heads!

Their answer to gun violence is always the same old worn old mantra, “We Need Sensible Gun Control Legislation.” What  is sensible to these haters of the 2nd Amendment, doesn’t make any sense at all to those of us who believe in, “The Right To Bear Arms.”

As much as I love to hunt, I need to tell you something. The 2nd Amendment has absolutely nothing to do with hunting!

 The Framers in their infinite wisdom thought it prudent for the people be protected from someone who might decide one day that he didn’t like democracy. So, he gets the bright idea to ordain himself, “King.” The Framers had been through the draconian rule of King George The III. They did not want Americans at that time nor in the future to ever be subjected to the, “Iron Fisted Rule One Man Ever Again.”

Hence, the 2nd Amendment!

The thinking of the Framers on the subject of “Citizens Having The Right To Arm Themselves Can Be Found In A Plethora Of Writings During Their Period.”

Come to think of it, a host of Framers talked about the right to bear arms, and their belief in “God.”

Because of their hatred of free men and women, the socialists in this country either outright lie about either the 2nd Amendment: Or, the closeness the Framers felt to the Almighty!

It is downright arrogance of power that causes these vile individuals to disdain our Constitution and God Almighty!

When four Supreme Court Justices ruled last year that the Framers meant for the 2nd Amendment to apply to, “The Military Only,” that scared the living hell out of me. These Justices are not ignorant people. Yet, they crafted some convuluted argument that if given their way, guns by now, would be out of the hands of the “Average Joe.”

Did these socialist Judges not research the writings of Thomas Jefferson and his contemporaries, on why these great men gave us the 2nd Amendment? Of course they did. However, because of their hubris, they simply don’t give a damn about your rights in this area, or any other area of our Constitution, that stops socialism dead in its tracks.

Legal guns in the hands of an American, sends a cold shiver down the spines of would be despots in this country!

This is why the socialists left is working so hard to “Outlaw Guns For You And Me.”

These people have plans for America. And it doesn’t include “Democracy.”

If they can ever wrest the 2nd Amendment away from the people, on that day, you can “Write America’s Obituary.”

The gun grabbers forge together groups with such benign names that the average American wouldn’t think that these groups ultimate aim is to make us all defenseless slaves of the state, save, “The Police And Military.”

So, when you hear the term, “Sensible Gun Control Laws,” you know exactly what these odious people are really talking about.

 Gun Confiscation!

Imagine an America with only the Police and Military with guns?  How many millions of people do you think will die if the United States is formatted this way? And die they will, because Americans love freedom, and will speak in a loud voice of their love for freedom.

The problem is, if you lack ordinances, that is to say, “Firearms,” it wouldn’t take long before whoever is running things, order that the “Troublemakers Be Taken Away In The Dead Of Night.”

Earlier this week, twenty-seven year old Michael McLendon of Samson, Alabama, shot and killed ten people. Police say McLendon used a semi-automatic pistol and a military style weapon to end the lives of his victims, which included his “Mother And Grandparents.”

A three month old baby was also shot and killed by this animal!

Apparently, this man was a ticking time bomb, waiting to go off. The exact trigger that caused him to abandon all hope, and murder ten innocent people remains unclear as of this writing. Police did report that McLendon was upset because his boss “Did Not Like The Way That He Cut The Pork Chops At His Place Of Employment.”

This deeply troubled young man ended up taking his own life when police closed in on him!

Now, the small town of Samson is reeling and asking, Why?

I watched Alyson Camarata of Fox News as she questioned a Psychologist about this heartless shootings. She wanted to know if there is anyway that Americans can spot someone who “Is About To Snap?”

The answer that this Psychologist gave her astounded me. He said that we need to be more proactive in our communities. If we notice someone who is a loner, we should seek to embrace this person, and get to know him.


I wondered, doesn’t this idiot realize that we still live in a “Free Country.”

That there are multiple reasons why people isolate. That is their right in a free society. I wondered to myself, “Who Is This Man, And Where Did He Receive His Training?”

A first year Psychology Graduate student would know that you haven’t a right to impose your views on someone else. Secondly, any Psychologist worth his or her salt will tell you quickly, “Psychologists Can Not Predict Violence, In The Future, Or Otherwise.”

We are not “Gods.”

We can not read minds!

Any good Psychologist will respect a person’s right to individuate. In other words, we do not impose our views on others. If we followed the Fox Psychologist advice, we would be attempting to “Violate The Boundaries Of An American Citizen.”

If he pulled such a stupid stunt and got bopped in the nose, he would deserve that type of response!

I Knew this guy was a liberal from his response. It was all about “Control.”

Had he said, it is important to identify these people during early childhood, I would have been in total agreement.

But, he didn’t

What happened in Samson, Alabama is a horrible tragedy. What’s worse are those who come up with easy answers for solving complex problems. 

Saying, “Let’s Imposed Even More Harsher Gun Laws Is Not The Answer.”

Again, I understand the agenda of people who advocate such a parochial approach to dealing with gun violence.

By the way, there was a mass killing in Germany by a lone gunman this week. Guess what? Germany has some of the strictest gun laws that you will find anywhere. Yet, a seventeen year old kid gained access to a gun and murdered eleven people!

Europe “Went In To A Wholesale Panic” over the shooting!

The country of Finland said that it would establish tougher laws on firearms, including raising the minimum age for handgun ownership from 15 to 20. Finland has witnessed two school massacres during the past year. In each case, lone gunmen have opened fire on students and teachers.

Swiss citizens have truly hit the panic button. The Swiss are calling for a referendum to be voted on which would confine “Army Weapons” to military compounds, and outright banning the purchase of pump action rifles and automatic weapons, “By Citizens.”

I’m still stuck on the “pump action rifles” thing. I have heard of pump action shotguns, but not a pump action rifle. The panic stricken Swiss can not be talking about “Pellet Guns.”

By the way, I didn’t know that the Swiss could own, “Automatic Weapons.”

I’ll guarantee  you that this is the writing of an over-zealous, “Liberal.”

People, People, People, “Do Not CompoundThe Problem The Way That England And Canada Have.” Both of these countries tried to create a Utopian world by taking guns out of the hands of “Legal Citizens.”

Criminals ended up being the ones with the guns and crime has gone up exponentially in both of these countries.

Of course, you will not hear about this from the socialists press here in America.

I understand that you are sick and tired of the gun grabbers as much as I am. But, America, “They Aren’t Going Away.” So, roll up your sleeves and understand that we are in this for, “The Long Haul.”

The actions of one mad man should not be a litmus test to call for “Sensible Gun Control Laws.”

Personally, I wish these people would do us all a favor. 

Start enforcing the laws that we already have on the books. That should keep law enforcement and judges busy for the next 2-3 hundred years!


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