A few months ago, my local paper announced that it was going to have to let several of its best known reporters go. The paper also announced that its entries would have to be curtailed. So, what happened to this paper?

For starters, it is “Ultra-Liberal As Hell.” Case in point, this paper has the audacity to print a weekly column of an admitted lesbian who discusses issues involving, “Homosexuals.”

The paper didn’t stop and think that maybe, just maybe this type of pandering would anger those of us who are tired of having the left shove their agenda down our throats. No, this paper simply assumed that because they don’t find anything problematic with homosexuality, “Everyone Should Feel This Way.”

You know, be tolerant and all of that other good stuff. Otherwise, you are a, “Homophobic Bigot.”

This same paper also has to devote every week, something having to do with Blacks or Hispanics. Its entire focus is on supporting socialists causes. Yet, these dunderheads wonder why has its readership deteriorated.

It is not rocket science, this paper offends those of us on the Right. And, we too “Spend Money.”

This used to be a predominately Conservative area. Today, it is a 50-50 split, with the inner city being overwhelmingly liberal. It didn’t matter to the socialists at this newspaper that it projects disdain for Conservatives. At the end of the day, this paper learned that its readership of socialists couldn’t keep it solvent with the staff it had.

Hence, the termination of some of its reporters!

What is happening in this upstate New York community is taking place all across America.  Conservatives are telling socialist newspaper publishers, “We Aren’t Interested In Your Pro-Socialist Democrat Point Of View.”

These publishers would have you belief that it is the Internet that is causing them their myriad problems.  While it is true that the Internet provides us with a wealth of news and information, there is nothing like your morning newspaper: Providing that paper has something in it for, “All Decent, Hard Working Americans.”

I don’t need to tell you that we are a divided nation. We have a socialist sitting in the White House who has worked oer-time to increase this chasm!

His motives are quite clear!

The motives of America’s newspapers and the socialists press in general is also transparent. Again, this is why these two entities are losing ground every day!

At www.finance.yahoo.com, it was reported recently that:

“The newspaper industry has seen ad revenues fall in recent years as advertisers migrate to the Internet, particularly to sites offering free or low cost alternatives for classified ads. Starting last summer, the recession intensified the decline in advertising revenue in all categories”

You’re not going to make me believe that the newspaper industry is in trouble because Americans won’t dig into their pockets and pull out .50 or .75 cents each day.  I want you to think about this for a moment!

If it is the recession that has caused newspapers to suffer so mightily, how is it that “Gun Sales Are Going Through The Roof?”

What about the cost of a box of ammo. That too has sky-rocketed. Those of you who are gun owners understand all to well what a Benelli shotgun will cost you; or a Smith and Wesson, 38 Special!

Yet, Americans have the cash for both guns and lots and lots of ammunition.  No, we aren’t buying these rags, mis-named newspapers, because they are mainly “Pro-Socialist Democrat.”

I’m not going to have someone insult me, and then say, “Come Back, Because I Want To Insult You Some More.”

This is what America’s newspapers do to those of us who are Conservatives. Yet these idiots don’t realize that they are, “Biting The Hand That Feeds Them.”

So-called “experts” are saying that it will only get worse for socialists newspapers, this despite the fact that they are cutting back!

The Rocky Mountain News shut down its printing presses on  February 27, 2009. This after a “150-Year Run.”

 From what I’ve been able to discover as to this paper’s demise, it was that the Rocky Mountain News was just another left wing, socialist propaganda mouthpiece. Now, there is only one newspaper in Colorado, The Denver Post!

I lived in Denver back in the late 1960’s. I had just gotten out of the U.S. Marine Corps. This is where my wife is from. When she moved back to Colorado from New York City, she offered me an ultimatum, “Marry Me In Denver, Or You’ve Seen The Last Of Me.”

I married her in Denver!

Back then, Denver was a “Republican/Conservative Strong Hole.”

This included the city as well as surrounding towns, villages etc. Transplanted Californians would move to the “Mile High State,” from time to time. However, the big push that changed Denver’s demographics took place in the late 1970’s/80’s.

Barack Hussein-Obama carried Colorado last November. Trust me, there is no way that this socialist would have carried Denver if it wasn’t for people not native to this great state!

I’m sure that the erstwhile/defunct Rocky Mountain News, helped this socialist get elected!

So, you won’t see me crying over the closing of this paper!

When you get a chance, read some of the comments of liberals at, “Media Matters Or The Daily Kos.”

I think these people are “Brain-Dead.”

It is just simply “Mind Boggling” that these people not only “Worship” Hussein-Obama, they are in deep denial over his socialist and possibly “Communist Past.”

Then the papers that I wouldn’t “Wrap A Dead Fish–Or Pad Your Bird Cage” with, are in the same proverbial boat.

I say good-riddance to every one of these rags “That Bites The Dust.”

They can’t drop fast enough, if you ask me!


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  1. Posted March 16, 2009 at 11:02 am | Permalink

    i did not read certain newspaper due to partition or bias to to certain group. So there must another info source.

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