America, we have a fraud in the White House. Those of us who have labored in the political trenches for years, tried to warn you, presenting  ample evidence that Barack Hussein-Obama was not qualified to be President of The United States!

Because of the wisdom of the Founders, we continue to live in a free country. I shutter to think where we would be if this man had any wiggle room needed to change our Constitution. Not only has he shown himself to be an outright fraud and liar, he has proved to all willing to open their eyes, that he is an, “Out Of The Closet Socialist.”

Unlike this man, true Conservatives believe in, “Life, Liberty And The Pursuit Of Happiness.”

Although we love a spirited debate, we do not tried to shove our views down the throats of the American people.  We do not try to make people act like automatoms so that we can gobble up more and more power!

There are crack-pots on both sides of the political aisle. But I have to tell you, I have never heard such utter filth come from the mouths of individuals like those on the left.

Case in point, Don Imus has been diagnosed with stage two prostate cancer.

Stage two prostate cancer means that the disease has not progressed beyond the prostate. I read of his misfortune on the Internet. I also read some of the most hideous comments from so-called “Human Beings.”

And Don Imus is a, “Flaming  Liberal.”

 How anyone could wish death on someone because they disagreed with something they said is beyond comprehension: It is beyond the pale!

These are the same people who “Cry Over The Legal Shooting Of A Deer.”

Or, in the case of Alaska, where it is legal “For Authorities” to shoot wolves from helicopters, these misinformed, two-faced hypocrites, have unleashed a furious assault on Governor Sarah Palin. They know absolutely nothing about predation and its harmful effects on residents who live on the Alaskan frontier.

Forget the large numbers of game these ravenous animals slaughter and kill.

Yet, these know it all socialists feel they have more knowledge regarding how to deal with the voracious wolf population in Alaska, then do the “Real Experts.”

So what do they do? Well, with the help of the lying socialists press, these haters of humanity, and this includes “Air-Headed Hollywood Actors,” have “Lied To The American Public About the need to manage the wolf population in Alaska!

However, for another human being, “No Compassion.”

 Just vile comments. The socialists in this country are good at pretending to care about the poor and downtrodden. However, what they truly care about is, “Controlling These People.”

Look at all of the socialist programs that have been put in place over the past 40+ years. How many have been successful? How many have made virtual slaves of millions and millions of Americans?

The problem with these crazy people’s pseduo-altruism is that it costs Americans billions and billions of dollars. Take what has happened in California. That place is a mess, thanks to socialism. Liberals in the Golden State have established “Sanctuary Cities” for illegal aliens.

In essence, they have given these lawbreakers full access to the savings of hard working Californians. Some of this foolishness is about to come to an end, because”The Gravy Train Has Come To A Partial Grinding Halt.”

Californians have no one to blame but themselves for allowing corrupt pandering/politicians to bring them to the brink of bankruptcy. The health care system in California is on “Life Support.”


The  millions of illegal aliens living in California and getting a free ride when it comes to medical care, that’s why. But, starting next month, at least one California County, Sacramento, says it will cut non-emergency health services to illegal aliens. Contra Costa County, located near the San Francisco Bay will vote on whether to take similar steps.

Their decision should be a, “No-Brainer.”

The Associated Press which calls illegal aliens, “Undocumented Immigrants,” is reporting that because of “recession-related budget pressures,” health systems around the nation are looking at similar decisions in regards to playing “Sugar Daddy To Millions Of Criminals.”

America has come to this point because of socialists. They have aligned themselves with a number of Hispanic groups, who couldn’t care less about the sovereignty of the United States of America.  It is all about their culture and in some cases, “Reclaiming A Large Portion Of The Southwest.”

These groups have pressured Mayors in a number of cities around our country to force police to not arrest illegal aliens. So, these people have full access to everything that an “American Citizen” has.


If I can use a boat as a metaphor for a moment, I need you to consider this. America, we are in deep doo-doo: And we are without a paddle!

 There are only so many people who can climb in to this boat. Someone has to be left behind. In this case, we need to stop this lunacy of allowing hordes of illegal aliens, most of whom are Latinos, to not only invade our country, but take up illegal residence as well.  Those who are here illegally, must be identified, and deported, “Post-Haste.”

We need to stop this B.S. of allowing these people to sneek back into this country time and time again. We have a choice. We can continue to listen to the idiots who have placed us in this situation, or we can make the decision to protect this country’s border with Mexico!

Back in the 1950’s, President Dwight D. Eisenhower made it a point to remove illegals from Mexico out of our country. Back then, “White Americans” weren’t being attacked with “Guilt By The Press And Pressure Groups.”

Even if they had been, I believe that White Americans during this time period would have told the media and pressure groups to, “Go To Hell.”

We see the deleterious  effects of allowing some 10-20 million of these people to have their way in this country!

They have helped to literally, “Wreck Our Economy.”

Eisenhower knew that had he allowed some three million Mexican illegals to stay in this country, two things would occur:

* More would follow in the footsteps of their


* These illegals would pose a tremendous drain on our


So, what did “Ike” do?

Something that cowardly Presidents after him didn’t have the guts to do!

Thousands of illegals were rounded up and either driven deep in to Mexico by bus: Thus making it harder for them to return: Or, they were taken back to their country on ship. The ride was not a pleasant one!

Again, they were placed in far reaching parts of Mexico!

To be fair, many of these people come here to work on farms and ranches. They also perform babysitting services for the “Rich Hollywood Types.”

Even some of our politicians “Break The Law” by hiring illegal aliens.

We just can’t be punitive with the illegals. We have to get serious with the people who hire them. Not only should they be fined, they should be locked up. This is serious business, because one day someone is going to cross our border; and that person will have “Deadly Intentions On His Mind.”

You can not see the financial mess that the socialist in the White House has created at the moment. Nonetheless, it is there; and the devastating effects of what this man has done with spending our children’s and their children’s money will be palpable!

He has eviscerated their futures because of his huge ego!

I don’t expect Hussein-Obama to do anything about the illegals in this country. They represent millions of votes for the Democrat Party. This is why it is so important for you to stay on your toes, because at some point, the way that he will come for our guns, this hater of our way of life, will try to place illegal aliens on a “Fast Track To Become Citizens.”

Many including John McCain and George Bush have said we can’t deport 10-20 people back to Mexico. From, several retired border agents said, “of course we can.”

These men know what they are talking about, because they were part of the operation that sent some “Three Million Illegal Aliens From Mexico,” back to their homeland on orders from President Eisenhower.

In order to do this, you “Must” have a President who places his country first, over his “Ambitious Policies And Ideology.”

We don’t have such a person in the White House at the moment!



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