I’d be the last person to cry crocodile tears over the decline in popularity of America’s socialist President. “YES,” I want this guy’s socialists policies, “TO FAIL.”

Here’s Another Bulletin America: I want Barack Hussein-Obama out of office in 2012. I will do all that is within my power to have Americans come to know who this dangerous man truly is. Furthermore, I will do all that I can to alert the American people as to the types of people this socialist has hired to supposedly work for us!

For example, there is this woman in the Hussein-Obama administration by the name of Carol Browner. Of course the average American has  no knowledge of this “Socialist.” They have no knowledge of Browner, because the socialists press is protecting Hussein-Obama  and Browner!

Carol Browner is the former head of the Environmental Protection Agency under Bill Clinton. She is now the Assistant to her socialist boss, Barack Hussein-Obama for “Energy And Climate Change.”

Despite the warnings of hundreds and hundreds of credible scientists that global warming is nothing but a hoax, this hard-headed man is determined to ram this contrived phenomenon down our throats.  With this draconian man, it is all about power, control and Americans being obedient to him and his parochial policies!

Do you smell something odios coming in the near future?

Well, you are right!

Up until the the first of January of this year, this America hater, Carol Browner, was one of “Fourteen Leaders Of A Socialist Group’s Commission For A Sustainable World Society.”

These disgusting people have called for “Global Governance.” But, that’s not all!

These dictatorial pieces of human debris say, “Rich Countries Must Shrink Their Economies To Address Climate Change.”

As this piece unfolds, you will learn that Hussein-Obama is all about getting you to focus elsewhere as he institutes one socialist program after another. He has proven that he and his minions are good at getting the American people to focus on the left hand, while his right hand is “Screwing You, And In The Process Setting Up A New Style Of Governance.”

America, we are on the road to socialism: The next stop, if he gets his way is, “Communism.”

Most Americans are probably demonstrating their frustration with what is going on by, “Yelling At Their Television Sets.”

That is not enough!

You’d better wake up, because this man, Barack Hussein-Obama, “Hates Your Freedom.”

His goal is to slowly tweak our Democratic system of government until it looks like something Hugo Chavez has assembled in Venezuela!

Take for example all of the so-called “Anger” coming from this phony over the 165- Million in bonuses handed out to employees of AIG. where was Hussein-Obama’s outrage a week ago? Please do not tell me that the President of the United States was unaware of the bonuses.

Of course he knew about them!

He is a micro-manager. 

By the way, this fraud received more than a “Tenth Of A Million Dollars In Campaign Contributions From AIG Last Year.”

Shouldn’t he give this money back?

Please Barack, “Stop With This” factitious Anger!

Again, Hussein-Obama is using the old magician trick that is called, “Sleight Of Hand.” You know, while you are paying attention to the magician’s right hand, his left is busily setting you up for the, “Big Con.”

In the case of this socialist, Hussein-Obama wants you to concentrate on the “Paltry Sum Of Money Given To AIG Execs.”

He doesn’t want’t you to question why did “The American Taxpayers” bail out European banks. That’s right, your tax money has gone to bail out the following European country’s banks:

* The United Kingdom, 13-Billion

* Germany, 17-Billion

* Switzerland, 5-Billion

* France, 19-Billion

I have yet to hear an explanation from this socialist as to why he spent our money to bail out European banks.

Have you? Well, you should be demanding to know why has this man been lying to you.  America, “HE WORKS FOR YOU.”

but, this explains the need to manipulate “Your Thinking,” with this political hack telling reporters that, “I’m Choked Up With Anger.”

What a load of bull crap!

He also doesn’t want you to ask him any questions regarding his “Urgently Needing ” billions in bail out money. “

 He lied when he said that if he didn’t get these “Porkulus Bills” to his desk ASAP, the country would end up in the economic toilet. Recall how he was talking down the economy up until a few days ago?

Now, everything is lovely with America’s economy. Well, maybe not “lovely,” but according to this fraud, America’s economy isn’t as bad as he had projected.

Smoke and mirrors, folks. Smoke and mirrors!

Both are needed to set up programs that will turn this country in to a socialistic nation.

I need to mention that Carol Browner isn’t the only socialist in the Hussein-Obama administration. The current Labor Secretary, former Congresswoman, Hilda Solis reportedly has not only socialists ties, but communist connections as well. If you want more information on Ms. Browner, you can goggle, www.youtube/carolbrowner/socialist.

Her name used to be prominently displayed on the web site of “Socialist International.” However, all information related to this “Commie Lover” was removed once the other socialist nominated her for her current position!

What the hell has happened to our country. Remember when we were kids? We were proud of our country. There would have been “No Way” that a socialist or communist would have been welcomed in our community.

Today, we have them sitting in “The White House.”

Maybe Americans are starting to figure this brazen man out. A Rasmussen poll that was recently taken shows his approval numbers have taken a major hit. According to the WSJ, (Wall Street Journal) “This Is A Substantial Degree Of Polarization So Early In His Administration.”

The “Chosen One’s” disapproval numbers stand at “Forty-Three Percent.”

It is like at I stated at the outset, you will not find me crying over Hussein-Obama’s falling popularity.

I truly hopes “His Socialists Policies Fail.”

I will do my damnedest to send him and his socialists cronies packing in 2012!

Then, “We Can All Pitch In And Fumigate The White House.”

Next, we will need to do some serious inventories of ourselves as Americans. We must never, ever allow socialists or communists to sit in the White House. Too many good people have died so that we can enjoy the liberties that we currently have.

Electing this man President was not only a slap in the face to our Founders, it was also a slap in the face to the thousands and thousands of those who died on the battle fields around the world.

Study those who ask for your vote. Do not ever give your precious vote to someone because they “Give Good Speeches.”

We need to know first and foremost, does this man or woman love this country? Not by words, but by deeds. Once they are in office, we need to follow their every move.

Finally, we need to have “Term Limits For Both Congressmen And U.S. Senators.”

Let these people find a “Real Job” after they have served in legislative office!


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