As a Vietnam Era War Veteran, I must tell you folks, I am disgusted with Barack Hussein-Obama!

I saw a lot of damn good Marines shot up in that Arid/Sun drenched country. I also saw some of my buddies receive wounds that would make “Hussein-Obama Toss His Cookies.”

I had a manure filled punji stick puncture my left leg. Today, my leg will exprecienc  numbness if I happen to sit in a tight place. I didn’t ask for a Purple Heart, like that “Great Vietnam War Hero, John Kohn-Kerry Did.”

Hell, I was doing my job as we swept a South Vietnamese village one hot July day in the Summer of 1966, when that punji stick pierced through the side of my jungle boot!

We were searching for the VC cowards who had attacked an ammunition depot around two in the morning. I had a front row seat, from hill 32 in Da Nang, sitting in a fox hole with a fellow Marine. Flares lit up the night sky: As well as machine gun fire and rockets from two Huey Helicopters, that hovered in place, “Kicking Ass–And Taking Names.”

The little Bastards had ran into the compound, shot a sleeping Marine, point blank between the eyes!

He was on guard duty, but fell asleep. These little men, farmers by day and soldiers by night, blew up some “Stuff,” but they had no clue what awaited them on their way out of  the compound.

The Marines had set up two M-60 Machine Guns in a cross-fire manner. This in addition to the aforementioned Huey Choppers.

As these sneaky little bastards ran from the compound, probably laughing their asses off, thinking they had pulled one off on the finest fighting force ever assembled, “I would Have Paid Money To See The Looks On Their Faces, When They Heard Those M-60’s Bark.”

Sixteen Viet Cong were killed that morning. Their sorry asses were stacked up in a pile, and pictures taken as a reminder to would be VC, “Thinking On Taking On A Marine Unit.”

Still, some of the VC managed to escape, hence, our sweep. I was so proud of our guys. Those of you who served in combat know what I’m talking about. And, I’m  not talking about someone like Al Gore, who served in Viet Nam, but was tucked away safely in a Command Post, as a “Typist,” and with a body guard to boot: “Thanks To Daddy’s Money And Influence.”

Today, that clown who sits in the White House and who calls himself, “the commander in chief,” would probably have those brave Marines arrested!

This is how this man thinks. Again America, “Stop Getting Hung Up On His Rhetoric.”

Look at his actions!

I knew all along that this socialist hated our military, but now, he is showing America just how much he loathes our men and women who have been wounded, many severely, while fighting to give this Democracy hater a chance to destroy this country.

To my fellow Veterans and all Americans who truly love this country, fasten your seat belts, because what I’m about to take you on will be a bumpy ride!

Barack Hussein-Obama is floating an idea that would have Veterans who need treatment for service-related injuries, “Use Their Private Insurance To Pay For Their Own Treatment.”

If you are active duty or inactive, and you voted for this guy, how are you feeling right about now? Did you buy all of that crap that he spewed out of his lying mouth?

If you voted for him, apparently you did buy what he was selling.  I don’t like John McCain’s politics, but I have the utmost respect what this man had to endure in North Vietnam. McCain would “Never” in a million years propose something as hateful as this!

The current policy regarding Vets say we have to pay for services that are not related to our time in the military. I’m okay with that, because I receive excellent care at the VA. They are super people who work at these places.

Like the weasel that he is, Hussein-Obama had the nerve to speak to Veterans at their 20th anniversary of the Department of Veterans Affairs this week.  During “Mr. Wonderful’s” speech, nary a word came from his lying mouth about his nefarious plan to bill private insurers for service-related medical care.

He did promise to fund the VA ovcr the next five years to the tune of twenty-five billion dollars. So, why has this socialist proposed such an ugly idea?

Money, My Man, Money!

He wants to add the monies from Veterans to the government coffers. This after these good people, both men and women, have given arms, legs, eyes, etc.

What a despicable character this guy is!

The good news is that even candy-butt liberals are ticked off at Hussein.  Take the case of Senator Patty Murray of Seattle. You can’t get any more liberal than this woman. But, she said of the idea, “Dead On Arrival.”

And she rightly added:

” When our troops are injured while serving our country, we should take care of those injuries completely”

Did you hear that Mr. Barack Hussein-Obama?

But, you know what really pisses me off?

Eric Shinseki, the Secretary of Veterans Affairs, a retired General, “Went Along With This.”

What a rat fink this Shinseki is!

Speaking in the language of a weasel, Shinseki said, “The Plan Is Only A Consideration.’

Hey moron, I don’t give a rat’s butt. You have sold out our guys, in order to kiss up to your socialist boss. End of story! 

Have you no dignity sir?

Veterans are saying that if they are forced to pay for their treatment, their insurance costs will surely rise, and the increase will be passed onto their employer.  Some Vets are quietly worrying that this “Idea” could hinder then from finding a job.

Leaders of a number of Veterans groups have written to “Mr. High And Mighty.” They are saying there is no rationale for “Screwing Veterans.”

But, I wonder if they ever thought that the rationale is to punish our men and women for engaging in combat in the first place.

After all, in the “Messiah’s” “Marxist World,” there is no place for war. There is no place for those “Evil, Big Strong Men With Guns, Jet Fighters, Battleships, Etc.”

I can assure you that the Islamofascists have heard this coward, loudly and clearly!

America, when will you learn: Socialist Democrats, “Hate Our Military?”

If this doesn’t prove it, well, I wash my hands of the idiots who keep voting for these military haters!


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