The global warming fanatics are getting desperate. At one point, Al Gore and his band of lemmings had convinced a large part of the world that, “Man Was Destroying The Earth.” He said the earth would eventually over-heat and all would be lost!

“Professor Gore” asked the world to follow him to the, “Promise Land,” because he had an answer to the coming of this Apocalypse!

The “Professor” was given an Oscar for his documentary, “An Inconvenient Truth.” Next, he received the, “Nobel Peace Prize” for his, Ahem, “Body Of Work.”

There were other award, too numerous to mention, besides I don’t want to swell up Gore’s head any larger than it is right now!

Gore and his band of “Bought And Paid For Scientists” were confident that they had hit the, “Mother lode.”

Stupid, brain-dead people by the, “Millions And Millions.”

I can hear Gore laughing now, like the arch-villian, “Snidely Whiplash.”

“A Round Of Drinks For Everybody, The Bloated Ex-Vice-President,  probably said!

A funny thing happened to “The Professor” and his band of liars. Americans “Started To Wake Up.”  This past winter saw snow in places that it hadn’t snowed in years.  And Cold?

You betcha!

Just like a witch’s, well, you know what I mean!

Add that to a downturn in our economy, and “Presto Chango,” the sale of global warming “Crap,” well, they just weren’t selling. There was something else that wasn’t selling anymore.

Al Gore and his B.S.!

These liars went from global warming to climate change. They felt that would provide them cover for any occurrences in the weather. Incredibly, these arrogant bastards thought they were talking to children. Although you only got one side of the story from the socialists press, and that was Al Gore’s side, the American people had empirical data that they could refer to.

Nothing beats tangibility!

Al Gore persisted. He basically said, “Who Are You Going To Believe, Me Or Your Lying Eyes?”

The people said, “We Are Going To Believe Our Eyes.”

Curses, Curses said the “Fat Vice, AKA, Snidely Whiplash.”

Meantime in London, England, James Hansen, the director of a Nasa space laboratory was, “Hopping Mad.”

Seems “Old Jimmy” is ticked that people are telling this hustler to, “Go Play On A Highway With Razor Blades.”

This Bozo reportedly “Led,” thousands of sheep who believe in “climate change,” through the city of Conventry!

 Here we have an American citizen telling English politicians how to run their country. Like most in the media,, of London is neatly tucked in the hip pocket of these doomsday sayers:

“Hansen plans to use Thursday’s climate change day of action to put pressure on Gordon Brown to wake up to the threat of climate change, by halting the construction of new power stations and the expansion of airports, with schemes such as the third runway at Heathrow”

You couldn’t have written a better “News Release.” Folks, this is a newspaper telling its readers that global warming is real!

By the way, Hansen is calling for “Global Protests” because “We Aren’t Listening To These Charlatans Anymore.”

Listen to this, and I’ll let it go:

“We can no longer allow politicians and business to twist and ignore science”

Who said that? Why James Hanson, of course!

A man who is not only a liar, but a person who has twisted the facts on climate change time and time again. Yet he has the nerve to lecture the world on “politicians and business twisting and ignoring science?”

Whose science, James?

Why the science of phony, arrogant, greedy pseudo-intellects!

I told you that these people are desperate. They are seeing their “Grant Money, Their Research Money, The Fame, The Glory,” going right down the, “Toilet.”

Time to get a new hustle, “Jimmy Boy.”

Dr. Roy Spencer is a straight shooter. He is also a “Climatologist.”

Did you know that the “Second International Conference On Climate Change” took place in New York City on March 8-10?”

I didn’t think so.

And you know why? Dr. Spencer and the thousands of Scientists who attented this conference aren’t being led around by people like”Professor Al Gore, And James Hansen.”

They are laying out the facts for you to see, and allowing you to do something that Gore says you don’t need to do.

Dr. Spencer is respecting your right to, “Be A Free Thinker.”

Dr. Spencer said the large gathering came to this consensus:

* Climate sensitivity is much lower than the United

Nations claims it is

* Nature, not humans, dominate climate change

Dr. Spencer noted that:

” There was considerable anger and frustration over the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) political hijacking of climate science, and the taking over of most of our professional organizations(e.g., the American Meteorological Society) by environmental activists with strong political connections”

Dr. Spencer is concerned that scientific research is being turned into a political process.

I refuse to end this column without mentioning the “Three Stooges” who got trapped by “Snow, Ice, And Freezing Weather,” as they trekked to the North Pole to, “Measure The Ice Level.”

Yes, they are global warming zealots!

 Anyway, these “Three Idiots,” were stuck for three days, and were down to half rations.  They faced a certain death if they weren’t re-supplied. By the way, their “Tents Were Also Filled With Ice.”

Luckily for them, they received the much needed supplies of, food, fuel and equipment, needed to continue their trek. Explorer Ann Daniels:

“After being stationary for what seemed like a very long time, given the minus 40 degree Celsius temperatures, it’s great to feel the snow under our feet again.”

It’s like the title of this column says, “You Can’t Fix Stupid.”



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