Excuse me, but I just don’t see the level of anger in America that should be palpable regarding how in the span of only a few months, Barack Hussein-Obama and his band of incompetent of “Kiddie Harvard” graduates have wrecked this nation!

It is not as though he has been stealthy about his goals and objectives either. What he has been able to do in order to cover up what he has done so far in the dead of night, is to have the public go off on a wild goose chase, like the “Doofus Dog In The Cartoon Who Was Forever Asking The Question, Which Way Did He Go George, Which Way Did He Go?”

When this nitwit canine was sent in a phony direction, before he left, he would always say, “Gee, Thanks A Lot George, Gee, Thanks A Lot.”

Off  he would go on another, “Wild Goose Chase.”

The person sending this dumbo off would laugh his arse off at him. America, Barack Hussein-Obama is, “Laughing At You.”

Americans bit down real hard on Hussein-Obama’s fake outrage on the AIG bonuses. Even though this pathological liar knew that the bonus money was written into one of the stimulus packages. Hussein-Obama with his big toothy grin was able to convince you, Mr. and Mrs. America that he too, “Was Duped.”

Keep in mind that he had already hatched “Operation Phony Rage,” probably a few weeks prior to the AIG scandal.

Haven’t you asked yourselves, why in God’s dear name would this Chicago thug get angry over a measly 164-million dollars in bonus’s?

Because he had bigger fish to fry!

In other words, while you were out chasing the concocted anger at AIG by the media clowns, Hussein-Obama and his henchmen were somewhere in the White House making sure that you weren’t privy to the alleged billions doled out to such groups as ACORN, a group implicated in a number of voter fraud cases, La Raza, a major Hispanic group which has called for Mexico to “Take Back” the Southwestern part of the United States!

Hussein-Obama didn’t want you to know about the more than “Eight-Thousand Earmarks” handed out to a group known as Taxpayers For Common Sense, an oxymoron if ever there was one.

This group pocketed more than “Seven-Billion Of Your Money, America.”

That came from the latest Omnibus Bill.

Remember that one?

Of course not, you were too busy focusing on mere pittance, the AIG bonuses. You were too busy being whipped up into a frenzy. Hussein-Obama and his socialists pals had you engaging on a large scale, something I never thought I would ever see in America. He had you caught up in “Class Envy.”

Remember folks, you have to watch the magician’s left hand, not his right!

DATELINE FAIRFIELD, CONNECTICUT: USA Today reports, “Payouts by American International Groups, Inc, appear to have put a face on the economic struggles the country faces, and the anger targeting AIG executives living in this ritzy area of Connecticut is palpable. Death threats have been pouring in since the brouhaha broke, the company said, and its workers are taking no chances.”

Let me get this straight. The bonuses that these executives received is what sparked the outrage from America: The people who went to these executive’s homes are “The Faces Of The Economic Struggle?”

No, this is about “Class Envy.” This was staged by Barack Hussein-Obama. I am willing to bet that some of his “Community Organizing Friends From Chicago” had a hand in helping “These Useful Idiots” take out their anger on the wrong people!

Since when is it illegal to earn money in America? These people at AIG who received bonuses, had “Legal Contracts.”

Barack Hussein-Obama knew this, but, he “LIED TO YOU!”

Let’s examine why.

This President is trying to break the back of Capitalism by showing that the greedy fat cats are “Your Problem.”

They represent Capitalism  and this is what has gotten us into this financial mess. He is using the Marxist template. And that is, “We Should All Be Equal.”

Everyone should make the same, live the same way, and on and on!

 What he isn’t telling you is that under socialism, it is people like him who will live in the big mansions, drive the big cars, send his daughters to the finest universities, dine at the finest restaurant, etc.

Remember, he will be keeping you off balance, by pretending to be just like you.

However, that is “Hogwash.”

He is nothing like you. In fact, this man can’t stand Americans like you and me, who love and honor, God, Country, and our families!

With the election of Barack Hussein-Obama, you have helped him to “Throw Open The Door Of Socialism.”

This is how it starts America. USA Today reports that:

“About 40 protesters parked at a cul-de-sac Saturday afternoon and walked to the Fairfield home of Douglas Polling. They were met at the curb by two security guards, one activist read a letter detailing the financial struggles that many Connecticut residents have faced. the group then left the note in Polling’s mailbox.

Shouldn’t these idiots have left the note at the White House? By the way Mr. Polling has said that he would forfeit his bonus check. Not good enough for theses little, “Brown Shirts.”

They want AIG executive to do more for working families.

These Brown Shirts don’t care if these executives spent years in college, earning their MBA’s. They don’t care if these folks are bright, and worked their butts off for their money.

Again, what Barack Hussein-Obama wants is for, “Everyone To Be Equal.”

America, you have a front row seat watching Barack Hussein-Obama take this country into full blown socialism.

Aren’t any of you angry, just a little bit?

What the hell has happened to your fighting spirit? Today, these thugs make demands on AIG executives. Tomorrow, they will demand that you Mr. “Thirty-Thousand A Year, Take A Pay Cut,” to help that welfare mother of ten “Buy More Cigarettes And Crack-Cocaine.”

Republican Senator Judd Gregg who at one time was Hussein-Obama’s choice for Commerce Secretary, but saw the light, is now saying that this unctuous President’s “Massive Budget Proposal Will Bankrupt The Country.”

Gregg said something that a lot of us have been saying for weeks now. He said that “Mr. Money Bags’:”

“Spending plan in the midst of a prolonged recession would leave the next generation with a country too expensive to live in”

There is some good news!

Some Americans are starting to stand up. They are the ones throwing “Tea Parties” every weekend. Of course the socialists press isn’t telling you about them. It doesn’t fit within their template.

If they do tell you about them, they will say they are just disgruntled “Bush Supporters, Or That Rush Limbaugh Put Them Up To Throwing Tea Parties.”

Anything to discredit these “Great Americans.”

And anything to support their “Socialist President.”

Nonetheless, four-thousand people attended a Tea Party in Orlando, Florida this past weekend.  The rally was Conservative in nature, and the theme of the group was its discontent with Washington!

I’m going to tell you folks something. As the weeks go by, and Barack Hussein-Obama and Nancy Pelosi try to put an illegal alien bill on a fast track to make these people citizens, you are going to see anger.

You will see protests, with thousands and thousands of “Non-Violent Americans” in the streets “Of Their Country.”

Here’s why!

This man, Barack Hussein-Obama, is doing too much, too soon. His focus from day one should have been the economy. Day two, his focus should have been the economy.

Instead, he has not only given us one lie after another. It is now clear that he wants to divide this nation along the lines of “Socio-Economics.”

I have been thinking about this.

Should any AIG executive or one of their family members be harmed, their blood will be on the hands of the President of The United States.  He has played a dangerous game of politics with these people’s safety.

Shame on you Barack Hussein-Obama!

A final thought: The leaders of both France and Germany have warned Hussein-Obama that more government spending is not the answer. They say he needs to focus on tightening regulation.

In case you didn’t know it, both of these countries are socialists.

Chances are the always arrogant Barack Hussein-Obama will stick his elitist nose high into the air–and continue to do whatever he damn well pleases!


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